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Air Fryer French Fries
At least, we now know what to try new this weekend. Megan October 24, at 6: Suzanne Eagles October 25, at Thank You for experimenting with the Air Fryer. I would love to win this!!! But honestly, I usually just toss any herbs and spices I feel like with the chickpeas along with some salt and oil.


Kambrook Air Chef Air Fryer Oven Review and Recipes

Then I would try fried chicken so I could make chicken and waffles at home. I loved reading all the suggestions! The Airfryer sounds like the perfect appliance! I second the tempura comment above. Mmmmm sweet potato fries! I also deep fry latkes and veggie fritters. Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway. My husband would be a very happy man to eat those again! I also love how versatile this fryer is because it also has other cooking capabilities as well! I also add some squash and broccoli.

I finally figured out how to use my mandolin and have been making those like crazy. One of my fried weaknesses! That and southern fried chicken. I used to make my own potato chips but hate the mess and calories in oil, I also LOVE shrimp tempura. Those wold be my very first trials in an Air Fryer! These fries look awesome! I would definitely try to airfry falafel. I never fry but this sounds interesting. I would love to try jerusalem artichoke chip or fries.

I usually roast them or eat them raw, but I bet nice crispy chips would be delish!!! I would also try fried artichoke hearts when the little ones are in season! Oh, I would fry lots of veggies, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, squash rounds, potatoes, and so much more!

I hate all the grease associated with normal deep frying, and this type sounds so much better. Thanks for the chance to win it! I would make cauliflower bites in this airfryer.

This would be a great way to have my family eat more vegetables. These looks so delish!! But the first thing I would try is beets! I love roasted beets so I think they might turn out well. This is so cool! I would love, love, love to make chicken wings in this! I would love to fry those lovely long string beans. A nice crunchy veggie treat! I would like to try fried cauliflower. French fries and fried sweet potatoes would also be high on my list.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. I would love to make some healthy, vegetable based sides similar to this post for my dad when I am home for the holidays. As a nutrition student, finding alternatives to less healthy food options is important.

Olie Bollen Dutch doughnuts. My uncle made them when he was alive ….. Infinity more crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside…. I would love to demonstrate to my husband, our chef, that there is a healthy alternative to deep fried chicken. Wow lots of comments today! I am in love with sweet potato fries! We do very little frying and they are not crisp when baked.

This appliance sounds like the solution. I would also like to try other vegs in one. Has anyone tried frying squash or green beans? I could have fun with this. This would be great to make beet chips or kohlrabi fries.

Could you make kale chips in there? I would make fries, lots of fries for my allergy ridden kids. And gluten free egg less egg rolls. I would love to use it to make healthy chicken and veggie dishes when I am home from school next month! Your fries look amazing and easy. My next choice would be home made Chinese egg rolls, family recipe. Lots of work but worth all the effort. Always invite friends or family to share in the experience.

Making me hungry… Thank you. Sun chokes and zucchini fries would be right up there. Or maybe some romanesco covered in pancetta. Otherwise, I love sweet potato fries, covered in any plethora of herbs and spices. Sumac is great for that…. Not sure if it will work in the air fryer, but if it does, then I can have them more often and not feel guilty. That would be the first item that I would make with this healthy kitchen appliance.

I would love to make some sweet potato fries. Fried pickles have caught my attention too! I would make anything French fried sweet potato, potato, carrots etc ,and fried cheese sticks. I love sweet potato fries but I would love to try to fry a hard boiled egg like the Irish do. I am not found of some of the spices they add Irish restaurant we like to go but with some creative spice blends I know I could create a mouth-watering deep fries hard boiled egg.

Kale chips might turn out as light as dandelion blossoms if done this way. I would love to find ways to get my kids to consume acres of leafy greens, all the the guise of crunchy snacking. I would airfry spiralizeded everything: Also harissa and honey glazed carrots, and naked broccoli and cauliflower.

I found a recipe for a roticerie chicken that cooks and in an hour! I would probably make that! So many different things you can make with one roasted chicken! All served with a non air fried salad. Also saw yummy Indian recipes and veggie recipes and even cakes! These look very delicious! Too much work lol. Oops I forgot to answer the question.. I would love to try to make the veggie fries!! And maybe some mozzarella sticks haha. Your fries look delicious. One of my favorite things.

I do double fry with Michael Symons recipe. Actually baked then fried…so good! But, my Christmas wish list is an air fryer because we eat healthier than my southern roots and I miss frying.

First up for me would my fave a captains platter of fresh fried fish, shrimp, lobster, scallops and oysters.. This entire giveaway is me me me.. Hmmm, I remember having some deep fried pickles at our Minnesota State Fair and they were so good!

I would love to try and recreate them along with a killer sauce to dip them in. Maybe a sour cream Chipotle or a creamy mustard ranch.

I am so excited by this. I would make allll the veggie fries! So nice of you to offer this. I would love to make shrimp and vegetable tempura.

I only eat them out where they are deep fried but if I could make them healthier, I would make them at home. Bacon because, come on, bacon. Fish because steamed is good, but fried is great. I would definitely try my hand at some classic buffalo wings or crispy fried brussels sprouts. Stuffed avacados for me!!!! Well, they are divine. Onion rings would be amazing, I would probably make fries with it and stuffed jalapeños too. A girl can dream! I would fry up every vegetable that I like and see how great it would taste.

Then I would move on to popcorn, potatoes and maybe even bananas! But I would also fry sliced apples drizzled with honey. This might be a little experimental but I would love to be able to make latkes without all the oil! I would make sweet potato fries! I make those every week and the thought of fried chicken strips sound appealing too! I am also a fan of shortcuts of the good kind. I am seriously smitten with this device! However, I imagine freshly ground Cambodian peppercorns might just send the whole dish into overdrive!

A slight pop of heat from the black pepper just drives the play of saltiness and understated sweetness from the potatoes up a few more notches.

Caramelization is all about getting the finer points right. Too much is a burnt mess. I can safely say that air frying French fries is my new preferred method. Deep fat frying is the industry standard. The air fryer method is kind of a hybrid of the preceding two methods. But I was floored by how much the air fryer French fries tasted like their deep fried brothers! To start, I peeled about a pound of Yukon Gold potatoes. I like to use Yukon Golds because they have a slight sweetness that just plays so nicely against the salt and pepper seasoning.

Then soak your cut potato sticks in cold water for about minutes — or longer if you like. This step is said to leech some of the excess starch from your spuds, which prevents the potatoes from sticking together during the cooking process and results in crispier fries. This delicious salt and pepper dusted French fries recipe has got to be one of the easiest air fryer recipes of all time!

After peeling, cutting, soaking and draining your potatoes, just toss with a tablespoon of good quality extra virgin olive oil. A word of caution: Once your fries are golden brown, plate them up, add a tiny bit more salt and pepper to taste.

An oversimplified answer of what an air fryer does is that it uses a fan to circulate super hot air around your food at a high rate of speed. A heating element is at the top — and a fan circulates mega heated air around the cooking basket. Thank you very very much for your post. I will wait for your next post. Do the fries taste deep-fried? If u donr want the bbq look try wrapping in foil. Gives me some ideas for my cooking blog. I will be putting as many recipes on it tha tI can find.

I am surprised by your results, as mine have not been this great. I used my air fryer yesterday for the first time and made chicken wings and sweet potato fries. I am a pretty good cook, but felt like everything took forever. The wings tasted great, but had to cook for about 30 minutes at to get crisp and my sweet potato fries never got crisp I cooked at for 25 minutes.

Do you not notice that things take longer than the recipe books state? I am determined to figure this out! I am new air fryer lover and trying to prepare food my own and for the delegates.

I have used it a couple of times so far and I am pleased. I made barbecue ribs in it and chimichangas. I have also used it to reheat leftovers. There is definitely nothing wrong with reheating in a microwave. If a MW with crisp plate similar to airfryer results could be achieved faster, as it uses microwaves for crisping and cooking. I am still trying to figure out what temperatures to use and cooking times for different things. According to the users manual I guess your supposed to reduce the temp by 70 degrees and decrease cooking time by half.

Trial and error I guess. But still very pleased. Does anyone out there have any tips or know of any websites that offer any help in this area? Great reading and i would like thanks Jennifer Lam Jenius for this great cooking recipe. I am very new in air fryer cooking and i think this page will guide me to be a great fryer cooker.

Philips has got its popularity in In that year they have launch revolutionary Viva Airfryer. The consumers said that they liked to have an air fryer that would require no oil.

Now the Philips has come to the point. They now invented a modern air fryer. This air fryer can cook food without using any oil. The oil inside the food helps to cook outside itself. The Airfryer has Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air details- http: It cooks food eighty percent faster, and the taste of the food is very good. And also reduces the cooking time. It produces a crispier result as heat is lead to the cooking chamber forcefully. For its performance, versatility and capacity the AriFryer XL is the most popular air fryer to the people now.

Air fryers are definitely healthier because they require less oil. I wrote an article about air fryer. Wow, thank you for the recipes. Love air fryers in that they are very versatile! Air fryers can be expensive although they are worth paying for. There are some good reviews of best analog, digital, XL and budget air fryers on http: I have been using this model for six months, and I really liked it.

I use this as my daily driver to make a variety of dishes like french fries, kebabs, potato chips, cutlets, Gobi Manchurian, and pastries. We need to learn how to make better use of ours. Just bought my Phillips air fryer so decided to give it a try, I am a hopeless cook.. I personally love my air fryer. I always love to cook chicken wings on my air fryer! I am using the Eblusmart air fryer now, I use it to cook beef, cook chicken and french fries, I think it tastes great!

I am using air fryer often. Its really very important to learn how yo use an air fryer. You can find some trick from here… https: This is a fantastic job, I must confess. But did you use air fryer for these?

I solely select this website for you as an appreciation. People now launch out for them, you might love them. Once gain, thank you for this information. At least, we now know what to try new this weekend. Here is the website: From our humble roots as one of Australia's longest running food blogs, we started as Jenius. Both brands joined forces in to truly embrace the potential of online to simplify the process of finding where to go and what to eat. We're inspired by the provenance of food and the untold culinary stories behind street hawkers, cafes, eateries, bakers, breweries, producers, manufacturers and markets.

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