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Those were the days, huh? These two films are the only ones Reeves made in the United States where his actual voice was used; Reeves acted in Italian-made films for the remainder of his career, where all dialogue and sound effects were added in post-production.

Reeves played a well-built office employee whom Wallace sees in the company of Wallace's girlfriend, Susan. Pictures of Reeves' costume test for the lead in Li'l Abner can be easily found on the web. He then decided to quit acting and worked for American Health Studios in public relations, opening up fitness studios.

In Italy, director Pietro Francisci wanted to make a film about Hercules but could not find anyone suitable to play the role.

His daughter recommended Reeves on the basis of his appearance in Athena and Francisci offered him the role and a plane ticket to Italy. Reeves at first did not think he was serious but eventually agreed and flew to Italy to make the film. Hercules was a relatively low-budget epic based loosely on the tales of Jason and the Argonauts , though inserting Hercules into the lead role.

The film proved popular in Europe. What made it an international sensation where when US distribution rights were bought by Joe E. The first of these was a sequel to Hercules , Hercules Unchained , again directed by Pietro Francisci. Reeves was paid the same fee, although his wage would double from then on. This film was another huge success, being the third most popular film in Britain in He played Hadji Murad , a 19th-century Chechen chieftain who led his warriors in a fight against the invading Russians.

During the filming, Reeves had dislocated his shoulder when his chariot slammed into a tree [1] [2] ; he re-injured it while swimming in a subsequent underwater escape scene. The injury would be aggravated by his stunt work in each successive film, ultimately leading to his retirement from filmmaking.

Reeves followed this with The Giant of Marathon where he was cast as Pheidippides , the famous wartime messenger of the Battle of Marathon.

By now Reeves' success was such that his films would use Hollywood directors: Marathon was directed by Mario Bava and Jacques Tourneur. Reeves had a change of pace in Morgan, the Pirate where he played pirate and self-proclaimed governor of Jamaica, Captain Henry Morgan.

Andre De Toth and Primo Zeglio directed. He co-starred with fellow body builder Gordon Scott in Duel of the Titans , playing Romulus and Remus respectively. Reeves played Sandokan in two films, both directed by Umberto Lenzi: Sandokan the Great and Pirates of Malaysia Reeves reportedly turned down the James Bond role in Dr. No [1] because of the low salary the producers offered. Reeves also turned down the role that finally went to Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars because he did not believe that Italians could make a western out of a Japanese samurai film.

The Man of Bronze , the first of what was meant to be a film series , but when filming was about to begin a Hollywood writers strike put the film on hold with Reeves and the original director replaced. Reeves decided to retire for several reasons: He had earned enough to retire and moved to his ranch in Oregon,w which he purchased from Chandler Knowles. Arnold Schwarzenegger — Flex Appeal. Freelance writer Rod Labbe interviewed Reeves, and the article appeared in Films of the Golden Age magazine, summer LeClaire conducted taped interviews with Reeves up until the actor's death in Spring Worlds To Conquer is published in both standard book bound format, as well as electronic eBook Kindle version.

Later in his life, Reeves bred horses and promoted drug-free bodybuilding. He bought a ranch with savings from his film career and lived there with his second wife, Aline, until her death in On May 1, , Reeves died from a blood clot after having had surgery two days earlier.

He died at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, California , where his second wife had also died. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the bodybuilder and actor.

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