How much sugar do we eat?

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‘Traffic light’ food labels gain momentum across Europe

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This means that 39 percent of marketers are deploying ineffective strategies. Online grocery shopping in the UK is also quite popular, as 7 percent of all grocery shopping is done online. Now, Cadbury's has announced that it has to pare down the size of its chocolate or raise prices, after Brexit.

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But pressure on credit spend is a significant local risk. Back then, the more heavy machinery they had, the more value was produced. Now, things are done differently; with less material. The difference is information. Growing exports help widen trade surplus to R However, they need to be thoroughly researched, meticulously written and skilfully designed to be effective and boost brand visibility. In Africa, the demand for better quality and more sophisticated products and brands is increasing as populations grow and living standards improve.

Here is a quick look at the top 10 retailers on the list: This forms part of the R2 billion redevelopment of the centre, which began in Due for completion in November this year, the shopping centre will become the largest centre in Africa, with over shops and a trading area of m2 on offer.

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In this age of globalisation, with huge demands on land, water, food, raw materials and energy, we cannot continue with a linear economy that in essence creates, uses and disposes, assuming resources are unlimited.

A different approach is needed. The Consumer Goods Forum: Their mission is to improve industry efficiency, build consumer trust, and advocate for practices that improve the world at large.

They not only address issues facing retailers, but the entire value chain, from manufacturing to advertising. It was a milestone year, because not only was it the 60th anniversary, it was the first time the Global Consumer Goods Summit was held on the African continent.

Now an industrial hub much has changed in the area over the years, but the original façade of the building and the faint smell of melted chocolate wafting through the air remain a constant in the precinct. With a clear mission and value statement, the multi-national organisation is leading the world on a journey to greater employee engagement. Gabriel Ayisi — from the Washington Post. November retail sales quicken to 3.

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The application is suitable for many items, for example for fast-moving consumer goods containers for liquid, powder or tablets, which are present in millions of stores worldwide. Molded parts are heavily used in toys, footwear, home appliances, circuit breakers and many other products in industrial and consumer markets. Retail September trade growth seen at 6. Spar Group reported a 3. This occurred despite the industry having a rough ride in , as a result of rising prices in the wake of increasing raw material costs, particularly for cocoa and sugar.

AVI] on Monday reported a R, the new labelling regulations, requires all food endorsement logos to get approval from the DoH. Exciting news is that an internationally renowned judge has joined the formidable South African judging panel. At the retail level Walmart will see to it. At the product-supply level two new foreign entrants, Iffco Worldwide and Diplomat, aim to do the same, reports The Financial Mail.

Are private label brands a threat to national brands? Quote CEO Irene Rosenfeld ended her victorious five-month battle for British chocolatier Cadbury last year saying she wanted a good night's sleep. For this reason, front-of-pack colour-coded nutritional labelling is proven to be the best way of informing consumers at a glance, noted BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation. But it also pointed out that a higher tax may do nothing more but encourage consumers to go for cheaper products.

This was confirmed in Hungary, which imposed a sugar tax on food products in Four years later, research from the National Institute of Food and Nutrition Science indicated a significant change in consumer habits towards cheaper and often healthier alternatives. Specific taxes on sugar, salt or fat do cause reductions in consumption, the European Commission found in a new report.

But higher taxes may also merely encourage consumers to go for cheaper products, it warned. However, the industry does not share this view. Referring to the examples of Denmark and Finland, the industry believes that food taxation distorts the market and brings negligible public health results. Denmark was the first country to introduce a fat tax on foods that are high in saturated fat.

France is raising the tax on all high calorie foods in an attempt to tackle its increasing weight problem. Wouter Lox, managing director of the EU salt association, said the ultimate goal was to have well-informed consumers but stressed that changing consumer behaviour could only be achieved through education, starting at school. Lox also pointed out that there is a difference between an autocratic governmental approach that lifts any responsibility from the consumer, and an approach that provides consumers with enough background to help them make informed choices.

Europe will face an obesity crisis of vast proportions by , according to new World Health Organization projections, with many countries likely to see far more than half of adults above the healthy weight limit. Taxation should indeed be considered as part of a wider range of tools and the complexity of its effects calls for careful consideration and design, a Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.

Faced with alarming childhood obesity cases, the European Commission is calling on member states to take action in the procurement of healthy food for schools. The action plan, which was a top health priority for the Maltese EU Presidency, focuses on promoting healthier environments, especially in schools and preschools, restricting marketing and advertising for children, encouraging physical activity and increasing research.

In addition, the EU spokesperson said that reformulating food products to contain less salt, fats or sugars was another initiative being explored by member states in the High-Level Group on nutrition and physical activity, chaired by the Commission.

The family environment is not able to overcome childhood obesity without governmental support, a new report has found.