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Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?
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a foodie's guide to healthy living

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Our bodies just run a lot better on other things. Fossil records indicate a massive increase in tooth decay around the time of the Neolithic Revolution, this is because grains contain high amounts of phytic acid. Phytic acid contributes to mineral deficiencies, which in turn contributes to host of other issues including, but not limited to, tooth decay, rickets, and osteoporosis.

Obviously our bodies can digest grains for energy, they are just not very efficient at doing so. In addition, each serving contains a large amount of carbs, and one serving is not that big; most people eat quite a few in one sitting.

When you finally feel full, your body experiences massive insulin spikes—refined grains do this too—clearing the sugar from your bloodstream, leaving you hungry and craving more sugar. This roller coaster really screws up your insulin system after a while, messing with your pancreas, and leading to diabetes. As a bonus, un-burned sugar gets stored as fat around your organs too; awesome. What does that leave for carb intake?

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Fruits contain moderate amounts of fiber and sugar. One serving of fruit contains around 20 grams of carbs, which is mainly sugar. Two caveats about fruit; try to keep it to one or two portions a day, and steer clear of fruit juice. Juice is stripped of the fiber of fruit in its natural state, allowing the sugar—usually in higher amounts—to rush into your system, making it practically like soda.

Vegetables contain varying levels of carbs. Root vegetables generally contain more, but usually have a higher glycemic index number too; use them sparingly. You should eat leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables to get a significant amount of your carbs. You should also receive a modest amount of your carbs from nuts, an ounce or so a day. You also need to employ a bit of timing for your carb intake.

If you decide to avoid grains and sugar, this should be fairly simple. However, there are root vegetables with high to moderate carbs such as carrots, beets, and potatoes; also non-root vegetables such as squash, peas, and corn, among others.

If you were to eat a lot of fat, with a bunch of carbs simultaneously, your body would primarily burn the carbs. Found out the hard way what happens when you try to cancel. Hi Kerry, your last comment says you tried to cancel your membership.

Is there a reason why? There seem to be a few negative comments on that on your site. Were you allowed to attend classes in that window where you were paying for them? Was it an injury only that made you want to stop or was there another reason. Hi ER, I no longer go. I have scoliosis and one leg is longer than the other, so all of the running was straining the side of my body with the longer leg and it was causing bad back and hip pain.

My doctor advised I stopped any high impact exercise. I have since began going to small group circuit training classes. Still the fast-paced weight lifting component like OTF, but without the running aspect. But I still highly recommend it!

I am so tempted to try after reading all the reviews. I am sure this program would be beneficial to me. Any recommendation for beginner? Times are tough for a lot of people. Plus this is a fad, it will pass. The first class I went to, my heart rate monitor was malfunctioning on me.

It was discouraging so they said I could come back another day and they will strap me with one on the wrist and chest too. We will see how today goes! I really enjoy the classes. But instead of doing the unlimited, I do the basic, four times a month, membership. They open in upper scale shopping strip centers in medium to large cities and are quite beautifully decorated with the promise of the latest workout shaking up the fitness world by storm that will make you slim, beautiful, with boundless energy.

There is a reason this happens. It is based on sound evidence. I have a normal gym membership have had it for a long time, 20 bucks a month is not motivation enough to go. I can drop that in slot machine. Honestly, Orangetherory has a better class schedule than most gyms were I live and much more intense.

Great post, and thank you for including the video and estimated prices and that they might differ based on location. I love your humor, too. That made the read even better…icing on the cake of your post. However, you do notice improvement very quickly if you stick to it. OTF will probably tell you otherwise because they want you to sign up. I am severely out of shape. If not, well, I only have to sign up for two months quitting after the first then having the 30 day notice.

I work out here and there…played sports with work team…Zumba…and home workouts. I even did Crossfit for a year. I like the Orange Theory concept. I can tell a difference in my endurance. I burn at least calories each workout. I also get a discount because of where I work…so make sure you all check for that. I would like to say that I was scared to start OT, but I tried one class and I liked it, so I went to another class and kept going. I weighed lbs when I started and yes, I was probably one of the biggest but I said to myself that I need to do this for me and no one else.

Well, like you said no one pays attention which is good because I just kept going. It is pricey but worth it if you commit.

I went from a size 24 to size I really am doing this for my health and to feel better. Try 1 class and I know you will like it. I can only imagine how great you must feel.

Sorry about you not being able to continue with OT. For those of you afraid to try OT, Kerry summed it up pretty well. I am 38 years old lbs and 5. Your review is great and gave a base understanding what I am signing up for. I am sure you are doing well. If I survived I ill come back and post again my results and achivements. I have been going to Orangetheory Fitness for 4 years in 3 different cities.

I am not bored. Prior to joining, I went to a standard gym times a week. However, being with OTF taught me that there is a big difference between going to the gym and working out. The trainers take the time to get to know you and your personal fitness level and goals. Or you can pay a little more and get your butt kicked for an hour and walk out feeling great about it. For people that can motivate theirselves, im happy for you and you may not need OTF.

Then college came and I got lazy. Now im 28 and have never been able to stay motivated in a gym by myself. Long story short is its not for everybody.

Now they have wrist ones, finally, why not before?! Nor did I get contacted about them having the wrist bands after many conversions about my frustrations with the staff. If I was in charge I would have been the first customer called.

The place is pretty much a sham. Personal trainers make sure you do every single correctly,I find at OTF you have to ask a lot for guidance, and sometimes even for options if you are limited I am.

Today I completed my second class. I joined and am happy. Thanks for a great post. I plan to keep going but need to wear my glasses being nearsighted to monitor the screen and the color zones.

I ended up with a 42 in the red area and had I been able to see my numbers I would have paced myself better. It could have been many factors including need drink more liquids. I also belong to another gym, but this one will push me to intervals. They have several different kinds of classes including a core blast out workout. OTF will work out great for me.

The other gym membership is a chain, and cheap price. Both great and will keep both memberships. I think a few intro for beginners classes would be great for newbies. I exercise tons but this was a whole new world to me. Aiming to get my way out of red now. Highly recommend this club if you want a hard workout and results.

No time to socialize here. Get it done in an hour and then socialize. I have been stuck in my weight loss for a few months, and I need that extra push. I went to my free trial and signed up for the elite package so I can go 3xs a week.

The hours of the classes are great for me and my rotating schedule. Very intense, but a great push, in my first class at least. I am excited to see how it all goes! I tried the class randomely and my heart monitor didnt work, so they offered me a second class for free. I invited a friend. Now im ready to join, i like the fact that you have a variety of different exercises to do in the 60min work out.

You are never bored doing the same thing. The trainer keeps everyone in tuned with what the need to be doing and the music is great!!!. Im a new member starting tomorrow. I have been going to Orange Theory since the beginning of January when the one near me opened. I think I just finished my 50th class. I was going times a week and now I go 5 times a week.

I only planned on doing OTF for a month or so to get motivated again but I am now addicted and I love it. Of course I HATE the treadmill dreadmill but I find myself pushing myself and running faster and uphill better than I could have ever imagined in the past. This might be the first year I will ever feel ready for a bikini. I suggest trying a few classes. Thanks for your review.

I am going for my first class free tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. I am in a challenge that because I am a procrastinator I have 51 lbs to lost in the next 3 months and 1 week. I am hoping that this place can help me with this. I stand to lose a lot of money so I am desperate lol. Can anyone explain this? I plan to get the unlimited and within a month be working out 7 days a week in this class as well as incorporating my normal heavy weight lifting a couple times a week.

I absolutely love Orange Theory! I just started going two weeks ago going 5x a week. Is this pretty normal?? I am really curious to see what happened? I have the same problem. I will appreciate any feedback. Our studio is a pressure, just motivating environment to fitness. Our first class was free and we got hooked. You can be day one learning or and experienced fitness person looking to add a new dimension to your work out. Apparently it is not. By reading this makes me wanna go exercise now!

Thanks for the article. I got really inspired by the article so much that I have decided that I will consistently do exercise everyday, starting with today. Really thought provoking and I think you are right, being consistent is key to maintaining success. Consistency even when times are tough is even more important, and probably why so many people give up.

Its very interesting and useful and non-intimidating to see how consistency is about getting stuff done everyday, rather than the tall order of doing it brilliantly.

It takes the pressure off. Consistency is definitely an important factor is being successful, just as much if not more than, innovation, uniqueness, learning from mistakes and broadening our horizons is. I only clicked on the article cause I thought the girl in the picture was hot. But really enjoyed that article also.

I was one of those crazy people who got all excited at the start, only to abandon any project after the first sign of a flaw. Until about three years ago, it seemed like I was always starting something new and never following through. Knowing this helped me start my business and lose 75 lbs. My mental hang up was just that — mental. I made it ok not to execute perfectly.

What a great written article.. I too related to your points and can happily say that I am a consistent person.. Thanks mate… It was very helpful. You have given me some tricks to solve my problem. This article is just spectacular. Took me a while to admit the fact that I am a starter and not a finisher. This article has all the right information to help me transform my life.

So greatful to have found this post. Thank you so much for the great post! I finally realized the root of my problem. I have been trying to become a finisher even though I still have a starter mentality.

Having the mismatched goal and action make me frustrated and stressed. I will try your tips to be a consitent and a better person. But I am afraid about my emotion which tends to dominate me all the time.

Thanks again for your post! Thank you for opening up to us. Let us know how you go with the steps mentioned. By the way, you may want to check this post I wrote on pro bono life coaching. I have to confess that I need your advise big time.

I am a great starter… I guess the red triangle method sounds good. Also I realize that often I bite more than I can chew. I guess i get too enthusiastic about new things more than i should. And then I end up getting disappointed. I love this article. I have always been a good starter but not a finisher. It made me realize that what I did was totally wrong. It is time to change by using your tips and tricks! I enjoyed this article a lot! Being in the personal development and social media arena, consistency is the key to success in whatever I and my clients do.

I feel like hanging up on life but reading this article gives me some kind of hope to try in a different way. Thanks for your detailed study. Thanks for sharing, The start a routine bit always gets to me! I realized that I did have the problem you stated though, setting an outrageous goal date for something that requires time to achieve.

Patience is one virtue that I lack, so unfortunately it has been a major pitfall when it came to setting project goals. I just had an epiphany, and I just realized that my life has just been about starting projects and not finishing a lot of them, specially the ones that require long term objectives.

Do we really not know this? Is it just the fact that we want to make more in less time, or fear of the fact that we have to do it everyday? Consistency is doing what you set out to do when you want to, and more importantly, when you do not want to.

Very true…I do have the habit of hopping from one task to another…Which is why I am an inconsistent person! I was looking up consistency and what to do to become more consistent and ran across your page. Anyway, love the insight and tips you gave! I will now go out and get a calendar and red marker and put a half triangle on the days I blog!

Seeing something visual will help I believe. I should be blogging everyday for my business. Get twice-a-month updates from the blog and occasional subscriber-only tips and giveaways. Work Awesome Work Better. Sustainability Instead of Speed The reason I struggled with consistency was that I cared more about speed than sustainability.

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