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I see you can still combine scripts, stylesheets, compress images and optimize Google Fonts. Your article has truly peaked my interest. Hey Tarashaun, Those are all separate services. So what else is there to fix? Twins of Evil Quad Art:


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The first half, particularly the early years, drag, with the odd song thrown in as a promise of things to come. It takes until the far looser second half for things to really move up a gear. The effect is to torpedo frustratingly rounding off the story some had been working with for the past two and a half hours. The sound design Nevin Steinberg is exceptional, the mixer desk operators outstanding.

The performances are mostly better than good too. Jenny Fitzpatrick as Tina can belt as required, and comes into her own as a mature lady.

Quick mention while on the subject for Arianna Duffus as Young Alline Bullock, and particularly Caelan Edie as abused Young Craig — acting beyond his years in a difficult scene for even a mature performer.

The entire ensemble the monkey got a real close-up at one stage sing and dance a storm against the projections and lights, adding a lot to the atmosphere.

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Buy the Site Book. For Best Seat Info. Would love the full size version but even so, nice art. Good movie too, even without Dracula in it, not even a blood relative Pretty un PC, haven't seen it for a long time. Like "Terror of the Tong's" a bit of xenophobia you probably wouldn't get away with today. I still think this is one of the best versions of the story, even if the make-up and effects are dated now.

Oliver Reed is convincing and sympathetic, he just does a great job. D tells me that this is the original, as it went on initial release as a double bill. Quad art focusing more on Christopher Lee rather than generic pirate carrying off screaming wench as in the US version. The star in the main frilly shirt is supposed to be Kerwin Mathews though, isn't it? Where is he on any of the posters?

Not a huge fan of 1 Sheets as you will see, the landscape look of quads just suits the art better. Along the way though, I've picked up a few I like. Different style, often art has nothing to do with movie. In this case, I haven't seen the movie so can't comment on artistic fidelity. Very nice artwork on this likely re-release version and one of the better movies, faith issues and flappy bats, what more could you want?

Well, Dracula I suppose but no, still not making his comeback Initial release D double bill with color artwork instead of the green wash above. I m also a sucker for Ollie so glad to have Paranoiac bundled in. Hammer borrowing William Castle and inserting a popular American comedian of the day in an attempt to make it more USA friendly.

Art is the same as the US One sheet just with the detail and colouring washed out. Hammer didn't really portray Frankenstein as evil, really, more just blindly obsessed. Not the UK artwork again, but the Belgian approximation of it due to the shallow pocket syndrome that currently afflicts me.

I've missed the quad version so many times due to my lack of pocket depth, I gave in on this US Half Sheet. It looks like the some of the Chantrell art was used here so that's some consolation. I have such a clear memory of Dad taking me to see this film, we arrived near the end of the previous performance as sometimes happened, so I got to see Ayesha's bad hair day before I got to see what led to it. I can still picture the dust in the projector beam for the star alignment in that scene.

Great movie, great memory. Not a huge fan of the art on this one, not sure why it always seems to be so expensive when offered. No account for taste I know, or complete lack of it. This one is becoming rare. I love this poster, I even got mine rolled, no folds or pinholes.

Regularly shows up for sale at very reasonable prices. If you wanted an iconic glamour movie poster for your home theatre, this would be the one I reckon. Beneath the eye searing pink is some beautiful Chantrell artwork. Prehistoric Women 1 Sheet. One of the rattiest posters I have, practically falling apart. This one even contains graffiti on the art from a previous owner or possibly bored spotty teenager amusing himself at the cinema.

Another one of my favorite posters though I have never seen the movie. I know it will never live up to this art. Shows up on late night TV often enough and is still worth a watch. Chantrell does a great job with Barbara Shelley's cleavage. The first linen backed poster I owned, I bought it that way. At some point in the future, when I win the lottery, I will have them all linen backed, but no restoration.

They are what they are, film history, warts and all. Linen backing would just stop them flaking away. This poster makes the baron look more evil than typically he is, Cushing usually played him as obsessive rather than a monster. This was sold cheap and is almost certainly cut from the Mummy's Shroud - Frankenstein Created Woman double quad Size is 27x20 and is has clear scissor marks on top and left edges. Although it is beaten up, thankfully it doesn't have the day-glo green wash of the full quad , all the better to see Chantrell's art.

So it's amazingly flawed but I still like it. The missing part of the double also has better non-washed out art Vengeance of She 1 Sheet Art: This was the first poster I bought, paid 15 quid for it round about Not that good a deal apparently, this one seems to come up for auction regularly and still sells for not much more than that. D - Dracula has Risen from the Grave quad, Hammer films in , printed four or five hundred extra posters to give away to anyone who wrote to the studio.

Trouble is, nobody wrote, and several hundred rolled, mint quads were left and eventually ended up on the open market, and that's why there are so many about. First and much better of the Dennis Wheatley adaptations Hammer did. The poster is the red reissue, there is nicer color art on the original. I have seen two versions of this quad, both by Chantrell but I don't know which is Original.

This is the comic book art version which I have seen less often and I think is more interesting. Not a bad film, grand sci-fi effects are beyond Hammer's means but they put some effort into realism with the physics and details of the environment. SF is always worth seeing for the costume departments prediction of future feminine attire, in this case, seen as largely PVC based. Not exactly Barbarella but fun. Belgian version of Chantrell's poster, as collecting Hammer becomes pricier, I am compromising with some continental drift.

Apparently the Baron get eviler and the skirts get shorter for Europe. Scars of Dracula 1 Sheet Art: One of the 1 sheets I really like. Also has the priceless factor by being a movie I remember my dad taking me to. The opening scene with the banging rocks and the sacrifice of the blondes is still lodged in my memory.

Haven't seen many quad versions of this to date, so went for this when it came up. I prefer non-double bills but who knows when I will ever see one. Odd art from Chantrell, I am guessing he didn't have a good picture of Victoria Vetri to work with, I wonder if he press ganged a daughter again to model for it since it looks nothing like her.

Compare with US 1 Sheet above, the whole point of the movie was she was a blond and therefore sun sacrifice fodder. Excellent movie, best of the three Carmilla stories. The full quad art would be nice and I have seen it around but at too steep a price.

As you can see here not that different, not enough to go an arm and a leg for it. Could have been a good movie, Stensgaard looks the part but is wooden, Lee wannabe Michael Raven is just annoying.

I read a novel written of the film, that was actually quite good, so it seems the story is relatively sound. Love the art on this, best poster of the three Carmilla movies Carmilla is barely in this one though , second most watchable movie of the three. Another of the first ever posters I bought, in fact it was the Twins artwork that got me into this. Took me a while to find the non-double bill quad above though D tells me it's this version that is the first release.