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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Koch's natural, alternative and anti-aging formula with bonus Antioxidant ingredients In recent years however, LYCOPENE has been shown to have major protective effects throughout the body from prostate to brain, and is one of the nutrients suspected of being behind the Italian low heart disease while consuming high levels of fat paradox. All of these maladies are correctable by raising brain serotonin levels. Quercetin Bromelain tablets - Douglas Labs. Both are naturally occurring substances that are found in virtually all cells of the human body and represent important factors in metabolic energy enhancement.

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This means that many of the supplements sold at Whole Foods, the vitamins sold on Amazon. There is no existing supply chain of certified organic, non-GMO ascorbic acid available anywhere in America at least not to my knowledge.

Rest assured that all those cheap "vitamin C" pills sold at retail are derived from genetically modified corn. Anything from China should be double checked for metals content just to make sure it's all clean. This is true across the board for all food products from China, not just brown rice protein. We have consistently found nutritional products from China to be contaminated with worrisome levels of metals, which is why I personally won't put my brand name on anything from China other than a few exceptions that are well-tested such as goji berries grown in the Himalayas.

The Axiom company says their brown rice protein tests completely clean, but until I run those tests myself, I can't say for sure whether I concur with the claims.

What the industry really needs right now is a U. If Axiom would find a certified organic U. Texas, by the way, produces a lot of organic brown rice.

Surely there must be a way to extract the protein in America and not have to go all the way to China to find this. On the issue of soy protein, no one disputes the fact that it's routinely extracted with hexane. Here's a list of many of the protein bar brands currently using soy protein: Hexane is a highly explosive chemical. It is not only extremely hazardous to the environment, there may also be trace amounts of hexane left remaining in the resulting protein products.

My understanding is that hexane extraction is not allowed in certified organic proteins, so if you have a choice, go for certified organic instead of just "natural" which means nothing anyway. Hexane extraction, by the way, is also used in the manufacture of textured vegetable protein TVP. Read more about TVP here: The manufacturer of this product, Adya Clarity, intentionally and knowingly deceived consumers by mislabeling the product and not mentioning the ppm of aluminum it contained.

The FDA seized some of the products and ran its own lab tests, confirming the high aluminum level as well as identifying multiple labeling violations.

Adya Clarity is just one of many so-called "detox" products containing alarming levels of aluminum and other metals. Ingesting these in order to "detox" your body may be harmful to your health. This experience also proves you can't always trust health products sold through online webinars , where manufacturers can ignore labeling laws and fabricate false claims. Buyer beware when it comes to metals in detox products that claim seemingly magical results.

High levels of lead and arsenic are routinely found in various food, supplement and herbal products from China. I'm not concerned about 1ppm or lower, by the way, of heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Even aluminum isn't necessarily a problem when found organically grown inside foods that test at higher levels such as ppm. But when lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium get to high saturation levels or are present in inorganic forms , it makes the products potentially a source of heavy metals poisoning for consumers. Astonishingly, many of the small and medium-sized companies that import and retail products from China conduct no metals testing whatsoever.

I know this as a fact because I've talked to people doing this. For the record, everything packed under my own brand name Health Ranger Select and sold at the Natural News Store is independently tested by us to ensure full product safety and regulatory compliance.

The majority of people don't know that most of the cheap vitamins sold today are made with iron filings. The calcium found in cheap vitamins is often just ground-up seashells, and magnesium is often sold as cheap magnesium oxide which may be completely useless to your body's cells.

If you're buying mineral supplements, you may be wasting your money unless the minerals are in the right form: Magnesium orotate or malate, for example. When it comes to mineral supplements, you'll often find trace levels of scary things like barium and lead in liquid supplements, but these are typically at such low levels ppb that they are no real concern.

If you really want to boost your minerals, feed 'em to sprouts or garden plants, then eat or juice those plants. Your body wants "organic" minerals from plants, not inorganic minerals from rocks. The Cornucopia Institute, a highly-effective food activism group that we've long supported, recently published a warning about carrageenan in foods. Cornucopia says carrageenan is linked to "gastrointestinal inflammation, including higher rates of colon cancer, in laboratory animals.

Personally, I have never had any problem with carrageenan, and given that it's derived from seaweed, I also didn't mind the source. I actually consume quite a lot of carrageenan in Blue Diamond almond milk, which I drink when I'm too busy to make my own raw almond milk. And I've never had a problem with it whatsoever. So from my personal experience, I don't see carrageenan as a worrisome ingredient, but I do understand that some people experience it differently, and it may be troublesome for people whose digestive systems are more sensitive than my own.

Fried snack chips, for example, contain acrylamides. They don't have to be listed on labels because they are technically not "ingredients.

Consuming acrylamides increases kidney cancer risk by 59 percent. The FDA has published an extensive reference guide on acrylamide levels in foods , revealing that french fries have the highest levels of all.

But they are also present in prune juice and even breakfast cereals. A bag of organic snack chips can have just as many acrylamides as a bag of conventional snack chips.

This is why fried snack chips should be eaten only sparingly, or never at all. I'm guilty of eating some of these chips myself from time to time, but I limit the quantity and make sure I'm taking chlorella or other superfoods at the same time to counteract the acrylamides.

Interestingly, it turns out that vitamin C blocks acrylamides from causing damage to your body. But if your vitamin C is from a GMO source see above , you may want to rethink that strategy. Natural citrus juice, rose hips or even camu camu berry powder is a much better choice of natural, full-spectrum vitamin C. If you eat fried foods of any kind, make sure you ingest a lot of vitamin C, astaxanthin and chlorella before and after your meal or snack.

Pick up almost any veggie burger, and you'll find it's made with yeast extract , a hidden form of MSG monosodium glutamate. Yeast extract is unbelievably prevalent in the food industry because it looks nicer on the label than "MSG. Just because a food says "vegetarian" doesn't mean it's healthy. Hidden MSG is also labeled as "autolyzed yeast extract" or "torula yeast" or even "hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

This is frustrating, because green tea is phenomenally good for your health. Taurine has been shown to: It also decreased exercise induced DNA damage. These hormones are typically produced during moments of stress on the body and provides a boost of adrenaline, giving you that fight or flight feeling.

It also works synergistically with agmatine sulfate. We do not believe in using fillers in our protein powders; we suggest using milk or milk substitute for better taste. This level of purity is achieved through a cold, cross-micro and ultra-filtration process that removes the larger, less absorbent protein molecules; while also filtering out fat, lactose, and ash.

People who want only the highest quality of proteins should stick with a whey isolate. It can also be consumed throughout the day or between meals to meet individual protein requirements. Health and Fitness Coach. However, the cell wall binds to heavy metals, pesticides and carcinogens such as PCBs and escorts the toxins out of the body, making it a particularly valuable supplement.

Chlorella has less protein and a fraction of the beta-carotene than spirulina, but more than twice the nucleic acid and chlorophyll. Insufficient nucleic acid causes premature aging and a weakened immune system. Chlorella is also abundant in iron, zinc and vitamin A, which helps boost the immune system. Wild Blue-Green Algae Aphanizomenon flos-acquae Whereas spirulina and chlorella are grown in man-made tanks, wild blue-green algae grows naturally in Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon, making it a particularly unique whole food supplement.

This single-celled micro-algae was first discovered over 15 years ago in one of the most diverse and rich wetland habitats in North America. It is harvested at the peak of its bloom in summer, and then quickly freeze-dried to preserve its nutritional profile and enzymatic activity.

Upper Klamath Lake has an average depth of about eight feet, yet the algae feeds on mineral rich sediment that is believed to be at least 35 feet deep. The chlorophyll content is twice as high as that of spirulina. Aphanizomenon flos-acquae AFA is a nutritional powerhouse. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and muscle tissue , and AFA contains all eight essential amino acids, in the correct profile for optimum absorption.

It also has high neuropeptide concentrations to help repair, rebuild and strengthen neurotransmitters in the brain so that neurons can communicate optimally with the rest of the body.

Omega-3 fatty acids support the immune system and build the white fatty myelin sheath on connective neural fibers in the brain. People who eat AFA on a regular basis report an overall increase in mental alertness and stamina, improved short and long-term memory, enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities, as well as a greater sense of well being. AFA has a full spectrum of naturally chelated minerals and trace minerals, as well as a wide range of vitamins.

The protein rich cell wall of AFA is a source of glycogen, used by the liver for energy, which is one reason people often report an increase in energy after adding it to their daily diet.

There are at least different species of micro-flora that live in the human gastrointestinal tract. There are billions of these microbes, amounting to approximately three pounds per adult! Some of the most important of these bacteria are acidophilus Lactobacillus acidophilus , which inhabit the small intestine and bifidus Bifidobacterium bifidum , which inhabit the large intestine.

The small intestine is involved in the digestion, absorption, and transport of food. After passing through the stomach, food is further broken down in the small intestine; and vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat are absorbed. Acidophilus helps to keep the spaces between the microvilli clear so they can function efficiently.

Thus, acidophilus helps to promote normal peristalsis movement of food through the small intestine. Acidophilus plays a role in the prevention of and defense against disease, especially of the gastrointestinal tract and vagina. They also attach to sites otherwise preyed upon by pathogens.

Other benefits of acidophilus include: Acidophilus also helps maintain bowel regularity. Acidophilus supplements have been shown to help reduce or eliminate intestinal, vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Because this friendly bacteria promotes healthy intestinal functioning, it has been found to be useful in helping overcome many other diseases. Bifidus helps repopulate the large intestine with friendly bacteria, creating a favorable environment for large intestine health. Bifidus lowers the pH of the intestines, manufactures specific B vitamins, ensures regular bowel movements, and can help stop gas and bloating while promoting proper immune function and overall health. Finally, eating a diet rich in plant foods will help to naturally cultivate a healthy balance of probiotic organisms.

For this reason, they are said to possess life force energy. These energized protein molecules play a necessary role in virtually all biochemical activities. They are required to digest food and to repair cells, tissues and organs. In fact, they regulate and govern all living cells in plants and animals, and are responsible for providing the energy for all biochemical reactions that occur in nature.

Fruit ripening, seeds sprouting, flowers blooming and people healing are all examples of enzymatic activity. Enzymes cannot be made from synthetic non-plant sources, as many vitamins and minerals are made.

Enzymes and coenzymes molecules that help enzymes do their job work together to either join molecules together or split them apart by making or breaking chemical bonds. Most enzymes are composed of a protein coupled with an essential mineral, and sometimes a vitamin, which act as the co-enzyme. There are three major enzymatic classifications: Processing or cooking food above degrees destroys food enzymes. All our cells, tissues and organs function because of these enzymes. They are responsible for chemical reactions within cells, such as energy production and detoxification.

Metabolic enzymes cannot be supplied through supplementation. Our bodies manufacture and secrete about 24 different digestive enzymes depending on the type of food we eat. Digestive enzymes break down food particles for storage in the liver or in muscles. This stored energy is later converted by other enzymes for use by the body when needed.

These vital helpers predigest our food and aid greatly in the absorption of nutrients. Without them either from food or supplementation , the natural process of full digestion is lost, which puts an undue strain on the digestive system.

The three major food enzymes are: Protease is also used therapeutically for digesting viruses and bacteria, and for eliminating allergies. Some foods that contain lots of enzymes include avocados, papayas, pineapples, bananas and mangos. Sprouts are one of the richest sources of enzymes. Many companies process these foods into enzyme supplements.

Many pickled or fermented foods, as well as miso paste, also contain enzymes. Essential fatty acids are considered essential because they are needed for normal cell structure and function, yet our bodies do not manufacture them. They are categorized as omega-3 n-3 and omega-6 n-6 the number describes the place of the first double bond in these poly-unsaturated fatty acids PUFAs and are required for proper functioning of nerve cells and cell membrane walls.

All our cells are enveloped by a membrane composed mostly of essential fatty acid compounds called phospholipids, which play a major role in determining the integrity and fluidity of the membranes. The type of fat we consume determines the type of phospholipid in the cell membrane.

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet S. Instead, it is high in animal fats, which are high in saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and trans-fatty acids also formed by chemical extraction or high-heat processing and hydrogenation of unsaturated plant oils , giving our cells the wrong ratio of fatty acids. This imbalance leads to cell membranes that contain less fluid, making it difficult for them to perform their primary function: Without a healthy membrane, cells lose vital nutrients, electrolytes and their ability to hold water.

They also lose their ability to communicate efficiently with other cells and respond appropriately to regulating hormones. Diminished cellular function is one of the primary causes of degenerative disease. A diet high in animal foods, combined with improperly processed oils, puts us at great risk. On the flip side, research has shown that diets high in omega-3 fatty acids help prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, reduce allergies and inflammation, relieve or reverse symptoms of multiple sclerosis, offer anti-cancer properties, and may help combat a host of degenerative diseases.

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