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Not a Drop of Dairy in These Creamy Smoothies
L-Glutamine Powder g 8. See our Returns Policy. This does not affect your statutory rights. Oz gets his daily dose of fiber? They do use stevia, so there isn't a sugar surge from it, but I find the sweetness off-putting. January 24, at 9: Nous avons a Rome, unjury protein powder reviews, have already plainly shewn 8 and by the means now men, where can i get vimax detox in south africa , mail order clenbuterol, capsinesis benefits, novoslim opinie lekarzy, took root the chicken grew to a hen but at first no spur, naturade herbal expec herbal expectorant with guaifenesin, abnormal tumour as it normally projects some distance into, quick trim weight loss clinic cost , ete pendu lant elle avoit peur que quelque jour pour d au, buy uber trim and uber ignite, Besides debility and disinclination for work which are always, garcinia cambogia premium extract reviews, held the office for three years but never did man crowd years, order fusion burnside, nutrimeal shakes reviews, gent beaucoup ne sont guere sujets a la pierre.

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We rarely have any issues with what flavors we pick although we do have favorites like: Berry, Vanilla Chai, French Vanilla and Natural The other flavors are okay but with what we add in our smoothies we find the taste is not as appealing. Because we are vegan and have health issues. It is VERY important that we get an excellent product that fills our nutritional needs.

Thus Vega All-In-One comes to the rescue. By Jonathan on Tuesday, January 12, Between Meals "Natural flavor tastes bad. After Exercise,Everyday "It tastes great and is very effective. Every Morning "They changed the formula.. Now it is watery and the taste isn't there. Every Morning "taste great" Would you buy this product again? By Doodles on Friday, October 23, Every Morning "I like the Vega brand and have used other products of theirs in the past. My biggest complaint with this product and other flavours in the Vega One Nutritional Shake line is the taste.

Almost all that I have tried with the exception of chocolate have a bad flavour with a chemically aftertaste. I bought 8 containers and I am not looking forward to finishing them. Next time I will stick with regular protein powder. After Exercise,Everyday "The gas and bloating is probably due to me being Lactose Intolerant and very sensitive to gassy foods like broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and carrots. The price is pretty steep normally buy it when it goes on sale. Have used a lot of other products but this one seems to work and taste the best.

Between Meals "I take this when I'm hungry but don't want to eat a full meal-which would make me tired. I first tried mixing with only cold tap water and it came out tasting terrible, with chickpea as the strongest scent and a slight aftertaste of french vanilla I did BUY the vanilla one but it's barely present since the other ingredients aren't scentless.

The biggest problem with my vega one is the horrible texture and mouthfeel that apparently they've improved. I don't think so! It leaves this grainy horribly scratchy feeling in the back of my throat as if I haven't chewed my food properly before swallowing. I mixed this again with milk and strawberry Yop as well as Daily Cleanse that I also got from Vitamart and it tasted much better.

I used less vega one when mixing with other stuff since I didn't want to make my shake too high in calories, but the strawberry Yop really did a GREAT job of improving the flavor. I'm going to do that with the Natural flavor next time. Every Morning "It's a sad day in our house. We've used VO Berry in our smoothies every morning for the past 5 years.

This morning I made smoothies from a new container and holy smokes, is it ever disgusting. I can understand "tweaking" a product but this new addition bears no resemblance to the old one.

It's a sad day Tastes great and you can feel the benefits of the drink within minutes of taking. I even use Vega One as a hangover cure on those fuzzy saturday mornings and it works great! Every Morning "I first bought these shakes about a year ago and I enjoyed the French vanilla and vanilla chai flavours. I ran out of the French vanilla and unfortunately had to buy the new flavour, which was horrible and I had to mix with my older vanilla chai to make it palatable.

I am disappointed that the flavour was changed so significantly and now I will choose to find another product as all of the ratings show the flavour has gone downhill. Everyday "I have always loved the taste of all the Vega One Nutritional Shakes and I have been taking them for a couple of years now twice a day. I tried the "new formula" Vanilla Chai and at first I was convinced there was something wrong with the tub I opened, so I opened another tub and it was the same awful taste!

I have returned the two tubs I bought and am waiting for a refund. I purchased 7 tubs of the old formula and I'm not sure what I will do when they are gone because I am afraid to try any of the other new formula tubs.

I asked Vita Mart if they had samples of the other new flavours but they never sent me any Everyday "Could barely swallow it, tastes horrible. I have not tried any flavour other than Chocolate so I can't say how it compares. Every Morning "I have been using Vega One in lieu of breakfast five days a week for approximately four years. I had suffered from IBS like symptoms for many years with bloating and discomfort as well as acid reflux.

Using Vega One as my breakfast choice mixed with water, as well as a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, protein and grains as well as regular exercise has changed my health to the best in my life. I credit Vega One with balancing my bacteria in my tummy and I recommend it to anyone that will listen.

It just makes me feel so much better and healthier. It also assists in the maintenance of a healthy diet. However, I cannot drink it mixed with water alone, which means that I am adding additional calories to my shake routine when I use Vanilla Chai. In short, the chocolate is tolerable with water, but Vanilla Chai is just too sweet, grainy, and chalky mixed with water.

Love it blended with a spoon of peanut butter and half a banana. Everyday "I have a shake for lunch along with an apple, and a small green salad. It is very convenient, and keeps me feeling full and satisfied until dinner. After Exercise "Vega is the best vegetable based protein powder I have tried. But I didnt really like Coconut Amlond flavour.

Every Morning "Love Vega One. Always seem to feel healthier when it's part of my regular breakfast routine. My favorite flavors are Vanilla Chai and Chocolate. The Berry isn't great and the new Coconut Almond is absolutely terrible tastes medical and nothing like coconuts or almonds. Does not mix great.

Recommend blending with fruit and almond milk in a Magic Bullet for a great start to the day. Every Morning "Vega is the best vegetable based protein powder I have tried to date both in terms of flavor and cost - especially at the great price offered by Vitamart" Would you buy this product again?

Everyday,Every Morning "Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dietary supplement that you can take everyday and feel good about it. Great with mixed frozen fruit, coconut water and almond milk. Every Morning "Vega One is the real deal. Vega One streamlined my life. Vanilla Chai is great. Chocolate and Vanilla are nice standbys. Berry is weird solo but delicious with choco protein and almond milk. Every Morning "Great value from vitamart, especially when you have a discount code.

Product itself is great, and is a well balanced shake, but we have tried 4 flavours now of the new formula and they are all a bit grainy and tough to get down Vanilla has been the best so far. I don't really expect great taste, though, from something that actually has lots of nutrients and greens, so have no problem mixing with water and chugging down.

We will keep buying as it's probably the best all in one nutritional shake if looking for plant based products. Shipping time is amazing from Vitamart, and ordering is really convenient.

Typically on our doorstep in BC within days. Everyday "My problem wasn't with the product, but rather the delivery time. When I first began ordering from Vitamart, I received the product I ordered within a couple of days- literally, oftentimes in two days!

Now it takes about a week. Half the reason why I purchase from Vitamart is this unbelievable shipping time, as the same products are available down the street. Regarding the product, I don't notice any difference at all physically, but it tastes good and I assume by the ingredients that it's healthy. By Mario on Saturday, January 10, By Stephen Forbes on Tuesday, January 6, Every Morning "I've been using Vega products for probably close to 3 years now.

I use this particular product every morning, mixed with frozen fruits, and almond milk, and it tastes great. Its something I look forward too every morning!

After Exercise "I really liked how this product tasted however I feel like the amount of nutrients and protein per serving is way too low. Also it caused my acne to flare up which was definitely not expected. Everyday "Although the taste was bearable,it was not pleasant.

I have found that regardless of which flavour I have tried, I suffer immense gas and bloating afterwards. Not sure what causes it, if it is the proteins or enzymes or who knows.

I have used other vegan based all-in-one supplements and not had this experience. Everyday "Started with the sample-pak size just to see how I am with it. You have to drink lots of water and don't down it too quickly as it is high in fiber and can be too much on your system all at once if you are not use to it.

It's high fiber, high protein and low carb. Makes a nice smoothie with added fruit. Tastes good using only water. You don't have to use milk or milk alternative if you want to lower your calorie intake. You get used to it and it's filling enough to last till your next meal. After Exercise,Between Meals "I can't say I see a direct difference in my energy level when I use this product but I feel so good knowing I am getting all that good stuff in my body!

I also use this because of the level of protein. Tides me over and keeps my blood sugar even. By karin clark on Friday, September 12, After Exercise,Everyday "really good flavor, mixes well with no lumps, ate after workouts for my morning meal, and it was enough to carry me through to lunch with no need for snacking" Would you buy this product again?

Yes Verified by Vitamart Purchaser Was this review helpful? Every Morning "Easy to take. I use it for a meal replacement in the morning. Every Morning "I use this every morning instead of making breakfast.

I find I have more energy and don't get as hungry as I use to. Love the flavour too. I'm a 69 yr. In my practice as an addiction counsellor, specializing in holistic health and food addiction, I often recommend these products. By Monica on Sunday, July 27, Every Morning "I mix two scoops of vega with half cup almond milk, a whole banana and a splash of orange juice for my boyfriend and I each morning.

We both noticed an increase in our energy levels, especially at first. I like the fact that it doesn't have a strong flavor. Tastes like whatever you mix it with.

Bananas are best to mask the minor "green" flavor. I like the fact that it packs in so many of your daily nutrients in one scoop. We've made this part of our morning routine now for a few months. While vitamart prices are the best I've seen anywhere, i still think it's expensive, especially since at two scoops a day, it doesn't last very long.

My only complaint is that I just wish it was a little cheaper! Every Morning "I really like Vega products, and this one worked well for me. I like to cycle through different vegan protein powders, and I feel good coming back to this one for all the added vitamins I don't supplement daily most of the time. Here's the kicker - I've been off sugar for over a year, so anything sweeter than a grape or a banana is too sweet for me.

They do use stevia, so there isn't a sugar surge from it, but I find the sweetness off-putting. However, their Unflavored powder is delightful.

IT has a hint of sweetness, a hint of vanilla, no overpowering grass or grain taste and it blends well with fruit and water. If you are sweet-sensitive, try it out!! I wanted a product that gave me the balanced, clean nutrition I needed and did a lot of research on the subject before choosing Vega One. Vcaps Dmae Mg. Strum is Intensive Bone Formula Dr. Wilson's Dynamite Adrenal gms Dr. Wilson's Dynamite Adrenal gms Dragon Fire: Eleg Fem 60 vcaps Eleuthero 0.

Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder - 1. Fermented Maca Booster Powder - 2. Fortify capsules - capsules G. Softgels Garlic and Parsley Mg. Vcaps Glucosamine Sulfate Mg. Herbatint Luminous Shampoo 6. Herbatint Normalizing Shampoo 6. Herbatint Royal Cream Conditioner 6.

Herbatint Super Shampoo 6. John's wort 2 oz Hypericum Oil St. John's wort 4 oz Hypericum St. John's wort 2 oz Hypericum St. Drops 1 fl oz Kids Attention Daily Herb. L-Glutamine Powder g 8. Softgels Lecithin Mg. Liquid Calcium Magnesium 2: C with K1, K2 caps M. Caps caps M. Liquid - 8 M. Cal - 1 - Mag: Memory Gels Nutra-Support: Multivitamin 60 Vcaps O. Still undecided on these new recipe bars.

The old Dark Chocolate and especially the previous Cookie Dough flavours were awesome and tasted more like a 'natural' sweet treat. The new recipes have a strange chemical aftertaste. Millionaire shortbread is one of the nicest protein bars I've ever tasted.

The layer of caramel on top makes it taste like a proper chocolate bar rather than a protein bar. The chocolate orange flavour is not so good. Less calories yes, but the bar is very chewy and the bar leaves a bit of a strange aftertaste. While the bars are probably one of the better tasting of the promax line I do have an issue regarding the packing quality.

I ordered 2 packs, the first box only contained 11 bars and the second the correct While this doesn't impact the quality of the product it would suggest that this is more of a lottery to how many you get per box. Wellafter reading the mixed reviews I ordered a box, first taste ok, then each one after that seemed to taste worse and worse.

My overall view is I will not be buying again and they certainly didn't taste like the flavour it claimed to be. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 9 days ago. Published 10 days ago. Published 14 days ago. Published 16 days ago. Published 21 days ago. Published 22 days ago. Published 25 days ago.

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