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Twenty Twelve, an exhibition curated by Kiki Valdes and presented at Miami Art Space, taps into the stream of ideas about this particular year. He asked a number of local artists whether they were thinking about Not what they were thinking, necessarily, or how it was manifesting in their work, just whether it was somewhere in their thoughts.

This was the selection process that generated the exhibition. The assumption is this: The year then functioned here as an organizing principle — a way to sample groups of related ideas without imposing a rigid structure on them. It also provided a meeting ground for an unexpected group of artists, many of whom are not represented in Miami galleries. Based on the title, this show could have been filled with new-age metaphysical regurgitations.

But in this show, thanks to a quality selection of artists, there are no clichés. None of the works directly addresses the question, and none is limited by it. Due to the diversity of styles included, aesthetic continuity is somewhat lacking. Yet there are surprising patterns of thematic resonance that bounce from work to work, across the show. This is where 20 In general the most interesting aspect of this exhibition is the light it sheds on what lurks beneath the surface of day-to-day reality.

Extreme situations bring exaggerated psychological depths to the surface, and this exhibition serves as a partial map of our collective unconscious: So I skied up to the ski instructor, and I told him of my great day. You know what the ski instructor said? I thought the objective was to stand up on these boards, not fall down. Nothing is ever done perfectly the first time someone tries it—not in games, not in school and most certainly not in soccer.

Instead, I advocate learning. Work on them in training and when you feel ready try them in a match. I encourage you to push yourself in your training sessions to learn new things and gain new experiences. The increased physical speed of play will force you to also increase your mental and technical speed of play. Boys go practice with an older team for the same experiences once in awhile.

Solace stylists exclusively use Aveda hair color, which is up to 99 percent naturally derived and helps improve the condition of damaged hair with protective plant oils.

Solace stylists are also required to maintain a high level of ongoing training and education, keeping up with all the latest trends, products and treatments. These plush units have pipe-less, stainless steel tubs to guarantee the utmost in sanitation comfort by allowing the guests to remain the same chair for both manicure and pedicure.

The spa offers guests, spa enthusiast and corporate clients an escape from the rigors of everyday life by focusing on their inner and outer wellness. Foot soaks and customized aromas are a few of the added experiences Solace guests can expect in the spa. The spa has a private entrance, which leads to the relaxing treatment rooms and a wet-room with a six-spray body shower.

An Aveda Advisor can take you on a sensory journey and explain the history and benefits of Aveda hair, skin, and body products, as well as makeup and candles sold in the retail boutique. Guests can also create their own aromas to customize bath and body products, including color enhancing shampoos and conditioners at the Personal Blending Bar.

Her goal was to build not just a salon and spa, but an experience…an escape where beauty and well-being converged.