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The single is rechanneled. Achilles Last Stand 9: Cam Voice …… Live! All from original RSR plates. POS Standard ……a K

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Deluxe black and white cover with red lettering. Made as original Atlantic but it isn't. Black Mountain Side Side 2: Excellent mono professional FM broadcast. Deluxe color gatefold cover. Limited edition to copies. In My Time Of Dying medley incl. Guitar Solo medley incl. Over The Top medley incl. Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio Apr.

Not from Seattle Aug. Not from same plates despite same matrix number. Available as a box set or with a unique plastic carrying case which holds the box set. Some copies available as a picture disc. Black Country Woman medley incl. No Quarter Side 8: Very good to Excellent mono audience.

Black Mountain Side Side 6: Available with two different slicks. Bouree - Whole Lotta Love 8: Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan July 12 ' Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan Jan. Sick Again is listed as Call My Name. All My Love 5: Just A Little Bit Recording: Luxembourg bootleg with deluxe color cover, which is the same also for CD issue.

Song order incorrect - the cover doesn't mention it. Boogie Chillun Side 3: Reissued by US label Box Top on black vinyl from original plates. European bootleg with full color cover. Trampled Underfoot medley incl. EP matrix is Turtle Dazed And Confused Side 3: Rock Me Baby Side 4: Superb mono professional FM recording.

German bootleg with deluxe color cover. ARC Side 1: Very good to Excellent mono. European bootleg with deluxe color cover. Some songs not listed. Cover date wrong - not from Montreaux Stairway To Heaven Recording: Very good stereo professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Comes in file folder. Approximately numbered copies. This is probably the most amazing and collectable Led Zeppelin vinyl collection ever made! The title of this great recording is very appropriate for this very ambitious collection of Led Zeppelin - or any artists' - material ever assembled.

Similar to "common" version, this set has similar vinyl pressing details. With only numbered sets made, this marvelous collection now is very rare. Reissued in on The Swingin' Pig Records in a form of acrylic box white splash vinyl without two extra records available on the original issue. The box consist of the following recordings: What more could you ask for? There are also two sets of the 'Options' with 72 records in a mirrored plexi-glass case.

Some songs listed on cover do not appear. Cover date wrong - not from Marquee Oct. Date wrong - not from May. Not made in Japan as cover claims. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You continued on the last side. Since I've Been Loving You 8: Black Mountain Side 7: Bremen Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany June 23 ' LZ Side 1: Going To California 5: Black Country Woman and White Summer not listed.

Some copies does not include Black Country Woman. Rereleased from original plates with deluxe color cover. LZ 7 Side 1: No Quarter Side 2: Good mono audience, crackles.

Fresh Garbage, Bag's Groove Side 2: Killing Floor medley 4: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 5: Limited edition of 50 numbered copies on purple vinyl. The title refers cover.

Dusseldorf Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf, Germany Mar. Side Superb mono professional radio broadcast; side 4 Excellent stereo soundboard. Deluxe glossy gatefold sleeve. Trampled Underfoot listed as The Wanton Song.

Dazed And Confused medley Not from LA Forum. Available on colored vinyl with numbered labels. At last there are also another two TMOQ pressings. One with deluxe cover with depicting band on a flying pig and another with insert and colored vinyl. Rereleased on US label Box Top on colored vinyl. San Francisco, Superstition Side 2: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany Mar. Excellent to Superb stereo audience.

O2 Arena, London, England Dec. Deluxe glossy tri-fold cover. Multi-colored vinyl housed in glossy paper sleeves. Limited edition of copies per each color apart from the picture disc, which ran to copies. This is not a real Trade Mark Of Quality label but faked one.

Not made in Belgium as cover claims to be. Made from original plates with Rock Solid 'pig' labels. Not a RSR release. I Can't Quit You Baby medley incl. Organ Solo medley incl. Excellent stereo audience not soundboard as cover claims. The Train Kept A Rollin' not mentioned. Stairway To Heaven 9: The Rover Instrumental 2: Ten Years Gone 9: Cover not mentioned some songs, some dates are incorrect. No Quarter is only last half.

That's The Way 6: Municipal Gymnasium, Hiroshima, Japan Sept. Also available on colored acetate. Rare Japanese metal acetate. Moby Dick Side 2: Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland May 30 ' Going To California 4: Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp Side 2: The Song Remains The Same 4: Four color slick and deluxe label. No Quarter and The Rain Song are incomplete.

Fair to Good mono audience. Deluxe cardboard inserts with a blank LP cover in a plastic slipcase. Limited to 11 copies. Each copy individually numbered. Some songs are separate. San Francisco Side 2: Whole Lotta Love 1: That's Alright Mama Side 4: Very good stereo audience except Side 4 Excellent stereo soundboard. Tulsa Time not listed. Woman You Need Love Side 3: Falkoner Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark Aug. Not from Copenhagen 8 ' White Summer medley 8: Some copies may have speed variations due of valid pressing.

Fool In The Rain 6: Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden late ' Some songs do not appear. The Wanton Song 3: Labels are white with 'Test Pressing' in black. Limited edition of 50 numbered copies in a white box with a brown T-shirt and the album cover's stamp in black. Limited edition of copies - 30 copies on multi-colored vinyl. Available with several different slicks and titles. Cover says limited to numbered copies. Cover mentions Heartbreaker which is not on the record.

I Can't Quit You Baby 5: Shapes Of Things Side 2: Very good mono audience sound is unbalanced but clean. Two color cover with artist's name and album title on front and full size label logo on back.

Sheet with song listing inside. I Can't Quit You Baby fades in. Trampled Under Foot 5: Ten Years Gone 6: Travelling Riverside Blues medley incl. Travelling Riverside Blues listed as My Rider. BBC material not from June 9. Switzerland material not from Montreaux Jazz Festival White Summer medley 6: Reissued on Al Capone mono.

Side 1 has song separation. Immigrant Song - Heartbreaker medley incl. Bring It On Home 7: Organ Improvisation - Thank You Rock 'N' Roll 3: Some cover dates wrong. Very good to Excellent stereo audience. Not from June Japanese bootleg in a brown record mailer. Very good stereo pre-FM soundboard radio recording. Not from LA show. Reissued on US label Monomatapa. Color slick on front. Limited edition of 1, copies.

Reissued on German label Red Coat. Same quality as original. Achilles Last Stand British bootleg with full color slick. Reissued with a regular slick. Not from their Windsor Sept. Black Mountain Side - Kashmir 8: Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria Mar. European bootleg comes in white jacket with title in black on it. In My Time Of Dying Songs misnamed on cover. Compact 33 stereo singles and jukebox stereo singles with small hole are covered in part 2 of this discography.

Releases outside the United States are added as noted, but the non-US list at the bottom of this discography is not meant to be comprehensive.

Items in the discography below with " U " after the number are unconfirmed as to their actual release. They have been listed in Billboard or other guides as a stereo 45, but we have not verified their actual release. We would appreciate your notifying us if you can verify they actually exist.

The Billboard designations of stereo single availability was, shall we say, somewhat less than fastidiously accurate. Whoever did the listings, it was apparently an "other duties as assigned" kind of thing. Mistakes were made, and once the mistake was made, it followed that song every week until it left the charts; they were never corrected. For example, Columbia, who put out only stereos, was listed some weeks as having stereos.

Weeks would go by with no new reporting, then all of a sudden lots of "new" singles would appear. And I suspect that some of the "phantom" stereo singles are mistakes from misreading the reporter's notes. For example, King Records reported Ruby Wright's "Three Stars" availability as a stereo single it was not indicated as such on the Hot , but the availability being assigned instead to Tommy Dee's bigger hit of the same name.

Ella Fitzgerald's "Mack the Knife" stereo was accidentally reported as a stereo- 45, and on and on. After chasing phantom singles for over 50 years, sometimes you just conclude it was a mistake. That said, because of the really small numbers of each of these singles released, especially starting in , some actual releases may never turn up today. For that reason, we have not listed the singles with the designation " U " even if we've never seen a copy, unless there is a compelling reason to believe they were not issued.

We have turned up few copies of the stereo 45s of other than those released on RCA or Mercury. Songs noted as " E " in the list below are known to be rechanneled on the stereo single. We would also appreciate notification if any additional songs on stereo 45s are rechanneled.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below.

We have no association with any of these record labels. Should you be interested in acquiring the stereo singles listed in this discography which are all out of print , we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright by Mike Callahan. Both sides of the special stereo sleeve are shown at left.

The Cliff Richard stereo single "Living Doll" was announced in a pre-release advertisement, but was probably not issued, possibly because the master ABC-Paramount got from England was unexpectedly mono. The stereo 45 of "Lady Luck" might be the only place to get the song in stereo, but nobody we know has ever found a copy.

All the ABC-Paramount stereo singles are quite rare. Abner Grey label with black print, like Abner stereo LPs. The singles are true stereo. Ace The standard mono label is shown. The single below was reported to Billboard as available as a stereo single, but we have never seen a copy.

Ace actually did record in stereo in , so it's not impossible that this could have been a stereo single; we just haven't come across a copy. Alhambra Yellow label with black print. The single below had two different artists on the two sides of the record. Andex The standard red mono label is shown. Like its sister label, Keen, the stereo single released in was issued on blue vinyl. Atco Blue label with silver print. The version of "Plain Jane" on the stereo 45 is not the same "ping pong" stereo mix on the Bobby Darin album, but a 2-track mix with vocals and instruments separated and reverb added.

A rumor that "Poison Ivy" was also issued on stereo 45 is unsubstantiated. Bel Canto Black label with silver print. These were actually issued before September, , and were considered the first stereo singles by any label.

Bel Canto June, Bethlehem Yellow label with black print or blue label with silver print. The Dick Stabile sides were recorded in , and the single was released on the yellow label. It was also in stereo on an early stereo LP. A constant cymbal brush sounds very much like surface wear on this record, but it is not. Big Top Black label with silver print. Although the first single was rechanneled, the second is true stereo and very collectable.

Furthermore, "Paradise" exists in true stereo from an unknown source, presumed to be a stereo 45, but its existence is unconfirmed. Brunswick Black label with silver print, like the stereo LPs.

Brunswick used the EP stereo label blank for the single, the only one issued by the label. Buena Vista Standard black mono label with silver print shown.

The two singles below are from Walt Disney movies. Cameo Orange label with silver print, mono label shown at left. The single below was listed in some catalogs, but it was unlikely to have been actually released in stereo. Cameo did record some things in stereo as early as , but Bobby Rydell's hit recordings were generally done at Reco Art studios, which only had mono equipment at the time.

Capitol The first stereo single releases by Capitol, issued in late April, , had a red label with silver print, with Capitol logo on top. The label had the same design as the old s purple label, but with a different color. After the first six singles released, SS below, Capitol released two more soon after S, S , then waited until November, , to release three more.

Most or all of the first batch of Capitol stereo 45s were also issued as stereo DJ singles, using a white label with black print. Three more stereo single releases came out in November, They had a gold label with black print, with the Capitol logo on the left side of the center hole. This resembled the new Capitol purple label design introduced about that time. Stereo DJ versions of these three had silver labels with black print.

Carlton Standard tan Carlton label with black print. Special stereo sleeve shown at left. At least some copies of are not marked stereo on the label, but play in true stereo and have "ST" in the runout groove area. Carousel Standard blue Carousel label with silver print: Chancellor Early issues used the standard early pink Chancellor label with black print: Chancellor stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo.

Later Chancellor issues used the new standard black label with silver print. Concert-Disc The Concert-Disc label was gold with black print. Concert-Disc, located in Wilmette, Illinois, was originally a stereo tape label Concertapes.

A May, , advertisement promoted ten stereo 45s drawn from their albums. No artists or song titles were listed. Colpix Standard gold Colpix label with black print. The single is true stereo. Command Standard grey Command label with black print. Contemporary White label mono copy with black print is shown. Counterpoint The Counterpoint label was dark red with silver print.

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