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Kuvings NJEU is the lightest juicer among our top list which makes this juicer easy to take during traveling. If you want a pulpy juice, you want the Omega Vert, but if you want a less pulpy juice, then the NC is what you want. This juicer is much heavier than other slow juicer because its weight is 23 pound. Auger of this machine is made up of plastic which ensures that all juice from vegetables and fruits is extracted. It comes with 6 different nozzles including pasta nozzles , cleaning brush, 2 juice bowels 1 for juice and 1 for pulp and filter. It is a bit big for my counter, but I'm pretty sure most good juicers would be big.

Both juicers are somewhat capable of self-feeding, but the Omega Vert is slightly better at it since the feed chute is larger. The Vert HD has a larger feed tube so you may need to do more cutting of your food and using the pusher if you're using the NC Still, if you stick a huge carrot in either one, it's going to jam it and you're going to have to take it out and make it smaller. Both juicers will jam on about the same size of food, so even though the feed chute is larger on the Vert HD, I'm not sure that it really matters all that much; I find I cut the food into the same size regardless of which juicer I am using simply so it won't jam.

If you are committed to having a horizontal juicer, then the NC has the largest feed chute of the horizontal juicers that Omega makes. It's not uncommon to stop juicing and get the included tool to pry out pulp from the port. The ejection port on the NC has never clogged, and if it ever does, which I think is unlikely based on how large it is, it could be cleared in a matter of seconds.

This setting does not exist on the Vert HD. It is especially useful for leafy greens and means they stay in the juicer longer enabling you to get more yield out of the item. It does take some time to learn how to adjust the end cap with regards to each food, but it's not hard to learn. We see more foaming with the Vert HD than with the NC, and we know that when more oxygen is mixed with the juice, there is more oxidation, which is not desired.

The Vert HD produces considerable foaming with greens, and unless you are also juicing something else like a carrot, the greens will spin and spin inside the auger causing more and more foam. This is a huge problem if you want to juice a lot of greens. The NC also produces foam, but it is much less, especially when juicing leafy greens. The NC ships with an added piece called a blank plate.

This blank plate allows you to create things like nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk, frozen banana puree, healthy ice cream, and a variety of other healthy snacks. None of this can be done in the Vert HD. The NC takes up more counter space, however, we have found it much easier to store and use since it is not as tall. Because the NC is shorter, it fits easily on the counter underneath kitchen cabinets, and can be used without having to move it.

The Vert fits underneath the kitchen cabinets, but you can't use it unless you move it out from underneath the cabinets. We feel that the quality of both juicers to be very high. We have no complaints here at all. We much prefer the NC over the Vert HD since it has greater flexibility of use, is easier to clean, produces much less pulp, and creates much less foam with leafy greens. If you want to make pulpy fruit juices, you can't go wrong with the Vert HD.

If you want to juice a wider range of fruits and leafy greens, create nut butter and other healthy snacks, then you really can't compare, the NC is the juicer for you. If you have any questions about the juicer, just ask in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them promptly. By Empty on August 14, I bought the omega brand solely for it's 15 year warranty. Now first off, let me say that using this juicer is pretty simple and easy to clean up and I was loving it, until I went to get a replacement auger.

I bought this juicer in early February of this year I am doing the super juice me challenge, by Jason Vale. So I am making a lot of juice throughout the day, and the last juice recipe I was making was extremely frothy, and it was not advancing the contents as it should. But I finished and cleaned the unit and upon cleaning the auger, I got stuck with a sharp point in the curved area, towards the back of this piece.

A noticeable size piece had come off. So I called omega and realized it was a saturday, and they are closed friday-sunday. I went to their website after that, to leave a message on a contact us form. I got a response from them on tuesday via email, with a copy of their warranty. You pay for shipping no matter what. I did not have time to go thru this ritual, and was going to order the part on Amazon. But after complaining to a neighbor about this setting me back on this juice cleanse, after making a point to do this during the period I am.

It was just plainly a very bad time for this to have happened. My neighbor says I could use her Kuving juicer. So I'm back on track, but will always be weary of the warranty promises. I did not understand upon checkout at Amazon, when I bought the unit, how others would be selling insurance for the item, when it had a 15 years warranty, I mean you have to go through omega to get the part, wouldn't you?

Maybe they have much faster turn around time with helping you, omega did. Another thing that peeves me is that they moved production to Korea. Anyway, I really do not think I would buy from them again, even though I really liked the unit while it worked. But if you are like me and the 15 year warranty catches your eye; it is nothing to be impressed by. I gave it a single star, because I feel, if you can't stand behind your product all the way, I think that is wrong.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By Erich Sauer on March 22, This juicer is absolutely incredible. The adjustable pulp knob creates back-pressure which helps to squeeze every last drop out of the produce you run through it. I just keep it set on 5 tightest and loosen it to 4 or 3 if too much pulp backs up into the feed chute. After I go shopping, I unload everything into the sink, wash, sort out any questionable bits and then chop things into 2" lengths with the exception of cukes and carrots which can just be sliced lengthwise.

I try to do this for 3 or 4 days' worth of veggies and then stick all the chopped pieces together in a cloth bag in the fridge. Everything stays perky and crisp until I run it through this bad boy. It will even pull in uncut sprigs of parsley and cilantro, squeeze every last drop of juice out and then eject an almost powdery pulp. I purchased this as a replacement for a Champion juicer I purchased as a replacement for a very expensive Hurom Slow Juicer vertical masticating.

The Hurom was fine but a pain to clean, and the Champion did not perform well with leafy greens and celery. This juicer is both easy to clean and has tackled anything that I've run through it so far. Highly recommend splurging on this newer model over the if not for the larger feeding tube than for the adjustable pulp ejector alone!

Cut up into cubes, I can run a whole lemon through this juicer and extract not only the juice but all of the powerful antioxidising and alkalizing lemon oil from the rind.

Just drink through a straw so you don't strip the enamel off your teeth! I juiced a few fingers of turmeric and the plastic didn't stain. Note that I did wash it promptly, but still. By Andrew Grant Foster on November 30, Powers through everything we have thrown at it, from frozen fruit to whole key limes and everything inbetween. I've owned both a Jack Lalanne Juicer and a Bellevue Juicer don't remember which specific models , and this outperforms both.

If you plan on juicing oranges, limes, lemons and other fruits exclusively, this juicer might not be for you. This juicer was designed to juice leafy greens. It handles oranges, apples and other juicy fruits, easily, but only when used in combination with some leafy greens.

If you want to add fruit juice to your daily juice, then no problem, just use some leafy greens to help "push" it through the juicer. Cleaning - Compared to every other juicer I've owned, cleaning this is a breeze.

The Lalanne Juice was such a pain to clean, it discouraged me from using it. With this juicer I can disassemble and clean the entire unit in about 45 seconds.

Other juicers have a huge wire mesh screen that takes forever to clean, this juicer has a tiny mesh that can be cleaned in about 10 seconds. And the little tiny mesh still outperforms every other juicer I've used. Build Quality - The beauty and strength of this juicer are functions of its simplicity.

Its built like a rock, and weighs about as much. This thing has some serious heft, but I'm not worried about it flying apart and spraying juice everywhere. Cons - We broke an extractor nozzle running frozen bananas through the unit.

It was probably our fault, so I can't justify taking off a star. Plus, we like making our ice cream in large fluffy tubes instead of extruded like toothpaste.

Bonus - If you do vermicomposting, your worms will absolutely love the leftover junk fiber and pulp that you produce.

Just be careful not to over feed. Arias on June 22, I love my juicer. Yields plenty of juice and leaves the pulp pretty dry. I have used it to make nut butters and pasta as well. Unfortunately, one of the heads for pasta came apart as the dough was pushing through so I can't make linguini anymore. It worked just fine with all the other heads Hmm, I should write them about this. Anyway, I did some pretty extensive research before my purchase and finally decided on this model since it was within my price range and a very versatile juicer.

It's a slight upgrade from the model that has been a best seller for ages on amazon but for very little price difference at least when I purchased it almost a year ago.

No other juicer comes with 3 stage advanced technology. This machine has 3 stage juicer which comes with jumbo twin gear advanced technology while our 1 machine is dual stage juicer. This machine is good for leafy products , hard and soft fruits and for sure pasta. You can grind and make butter from nuts. Its technology makes it easy to grind any hard and soft fruits. Tribest Gse is little noisy then omega j but quitter then other juicers. There is no other juicer who comes with 2 plunges even our top pick omega comes with one single plastic plunges.

This juicer comes with less accessories than omega j Gse comes with 12 year warranty which is less than omega j but more than other juicers mentioned in our top 5 list. Only 2 color variant is available for this juicer. This machine comes with only 2 color. All other juicers in our top 5 list comes with 2 colors except our 1 omega j which comes in 8 colors. Champion Juicer G5-PG is most suitable candidate for 3 rd position because it gives value for money.

There are plenty of reasons to select it in our top 5 list. If you love ice cream or frozen food then this juicer will never disappoint you. Best part of champion masticating juicer is that this machine is ideal machine if you want to make ice creams regularly.

It works perfectly well with frozen foods like frozen bananas etc. This juicer makes less foam then centrifugal juicer but little more foam then our top 2 juicers omega and tribset.

Champion Juicer G5-PG does not makes clogging so you should not be worry about clogging. This juicer work well with hard fruits and vegetables like cucumber etc. Customer who bought this machine are pretty happy as they give reviews which is better than our 2 best masticating juicer tribest. Main reason that customer gave this machine good rating then tribest is less price with good features.

Champion Juicer G5-PG gives 10 year warranty which is good for such long time. This juicer comes with only 2 color which all other juicer comes except omega who gives 8 colors. If you are looking for good juicer with less price then you will not think about colors. This juicer is much heavier than other slow juicer because its weight is 23 pound. So this heavy weight will not affect you. Kuvings NJEU is also popular among juicer lovers. There are many good reason to select it for our top best slow juicer of list.

Best thing is this machine is cheaper than our top 3 best juicers with less weight and good performance. Difference is huge but it works well for juices. Kuvings NJEU is good in many ways, one of the main reason is that this is the cheapest juicer in our top list with list. Our top juicer omega is also behind on giving such number of accessories. Only our top best juicer omega j gives such low rpm. Low rpm means this juicer extract each and last drop from fruits and vegetables slowly.

Low rpm also makes this machine less heat up during juicing process and gives juice full of nutrition. This machine comes with less warranty time period which is 5 years lowest among all juicers. Besides less warranty this juicer is durable more than 15 years.

Kuvings NJEU is the lightest juicer among our top list which makes this juicer easy to take during traveling. Its weight is 17 pound which is less than our top 1 st best masticating juicer omega j This juicer can be easily placed at 2 if it does not have some drawback which pushes its ranking down to 4 position. Its plastic body is not as strong as others like omega j or tribset. But you can purchase these nozzles again on amazon.

Another thing which we observed during our research on top rated masticating juicer is that this machine wastes some of the pulp during juice processing. Omega is best company in producing juicers that is the reason which makes another omega juicer Omega NC in our top 5 position.

Omega has many others models of juicers who is good but omega j is better than many models. Many good models which omega has made are , etc. Slow rpm allow juicer to extract last drop of juice from carrots, apple, cucumber, wheat grass, leafy grass etc. Omega NC ensure that pulp is dry so that all enzymes and nutrition remain in the food.

A good feature which j does not give is its larger feeding chute. If you want to make juice from orange without cutting and you want to cut extract juice from cucumber with less pieces then this omega model give you best result. If you are looking to grind, chop or extract juice without cutting the fruits then you need this juicer which has larger chute than any other juicer in our top list. This machine is costly then its j variant. This machine is less popular among people because omega gives a better version omega j which is best value for money.

Its customer reviews are which is less than its better omega model j Consumers who bought this model is happy to have it and they say it is durable. Efficiency of this machine is very good it does not heat up and makes less foam and clogging during juice processing. Omega NC is good machine than centrifugal juicers and many other top juicer when we talk about foam and clogging. Another difference between j and Omega NC is colour option. Omega NC comes with only 2 colours while j is still dominant on color option.

While we were doing research on top juicer we found that many people wants to buy best juicer but they have very tight budget.

So people with tight budget can decide which best possible option available in their budget is. Quality is our top priority. We divided budget into two broad categories. It has almost all main feature that our top 5 models. Argus Le is lightest juicer with 7. This light weight juicer makes this machine easier to travel. All other 2 models gives 1 year warranty. It shows that argus le is committed about its after sales services. Argus le slow masticating juicer does not produce more noise because its rpm is 65 which makes him slow juicer with less noise.

All our top 5 masticating juicer are 80 or above 80 rpm but this machine has lowest rpm then top 5 juicers. Another benefit of low rpm is that this juicer extract last drop of juice from fruits and vegetables.

Another nice feature that helps us a lot to make it on 1 st position in under is that this machine comes with large 3 inch chute. This large mouth makes this machine to extract juice from a tomato, orange without cutting into piece which no other juicer gives. If you are worried that your children will injured while cutting orange into pieces then this juicer is for you.

Lowest rpm makes machine to run without heating up. This juicer can run for 15 minutes without heating up.

Argus Le comes with large number of accessories including brush, filters, pulp cups, bowl, pusher etc. People give this juicer pretty well reviews. You can make butter from nuts after little effort. This machine comes with 3 color option while all other come with 2 or single colour. In our top 5 juicer only omega gives 8 colors while all other juicer come with 2 colors. Vermi is better in giving color option. A nice feature we found that it has reverse function.

This juicer often clogged for which reverse function makes it more easily to get rid of clogging in seconds. This machine is easier to clean then other. Due to vertical shape and sloppy surface it can be easily cleaned. This machine is the cheapest but come with good quality. People who bought this juicer never regret because in such cheap price this is good value for money.

Its weight is 11 pound. This juicer is still lighter than our top 5 best masticating juicers. We did not compromise on quality. Chefmos is good value for money and more durable juicer. Trend of people to buy Chefmos is increasing day by day. This juicer comes with 80 rpm which makes this machine slow masticating juicer. A good thing about Chefmos is that this machine is quietest machine with 60 db sound. If you are looking for a juicer to extract juice in the morning so that other wont disturb then this juicer is for you.

Another good thing about this juicer is that it comes with 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support which no other juicer in this category provides. Lifetime technical support is not provided even in our top 5 best masticating juicers.

This juicer comes with normal accessories like filter etc. Aicok is almost on the same price but features are little different. Aicok slow masticating juicer is also good value for money. It is the best cold press masticating juicer Aicok gives 3 year warranty which are better than cefmos. Aicok is little heavier than cefmos.

People found it little heavy for traveling but it is still light weight than our top 5 best slow juicers. We found its 2 feature better than chefmos which we can compare with our top 5 models. A nice feature is it has lowest rpm of Our top 5 best rated masticating juicer having more than 80 rpm.