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I hv been on portion control n mostly hv ghar ka khana.. Rebecca — 3rd January When the energy level was low, one individual commented that she knew instinctively that she needed to taper off and recycle herself. I was born on 09th October , An ardent fan now. Also, if you can avoid rice completely for a few days, you would be able to see a drastic change.

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A Delicious Way to Maintain the Atkins Lifestyle All Through the Day.

Sophie — 2nd February Recently ordered the weight loss kit. On my 2nd day and enjoying it. Though ive been putting 10g of hot slim in my mug. Deffo prefer the sculpting whey with milk though!! Just had my first Nutribuddy breakfast and its so delicious.

Cannot wait to start seeing results. Amy — 19th January Results are amazing, I feel like they have helped my portion sizes aswell! The chocolate shake is amazing! Hey, so i purchased the weight loss products, and its amazing the vanilla sculpting whey taste so good! I have that for my lunch. Also i did find the breakfast shake a bit bitty, so now i just put it in a bowl and eat it instead of drinking it… but still does the trick!!!

Abbie G — 10th January I bought it as a kickstart to healthy eating In January and this is my 5th day results! My stomach is smaller and this is only in 5 days! They taste good, it tastes like a normal protein shake with almond milk, however with normal milk it taste like a vanilla milkshake! Miss Preeto — 9th January Ordered the weight loss kit — love the products. Whey shake is lush, great packaging. Preet — 6th January Ive received my weight loss kit, excited to start using it.

Cant wait to use it…. Really great way to lose weight! The hunger tablets helped me stop craving snacks inbetween meals!! Elle Dobson — 20th July I received my order yesterday morning, I got the sculpting whey in chocolate flavour. I mixed it with water. I also tried the breakfast shake in chocolate brownie. Nicky — 13th July Harry — 31st May Im currently using the sculpting meal replacement shakes and ive loved the results!

I take them for breakfast and lunch as part of my gym routine and noticed results within a few days of starting. My girlfriend loves them too and so my next order will be a much bigger one. Really nice taste and really filling with the supplements, im almost out now and im keen to get my next order in so that i can continue enjoying the great results.

Harkiran — 1st May Rachel — 10th April Alex x — 4th April Chanel — 21st March Betty G — 17th March I just started using it today and it is great so far.

The recipe book is very helpful! Lets hope it works! Alexandra — 8th March I received my package on Thursday last week and I started it on Friday. Lorena — 6th March The vanilla shake tastes fab and them hunger tablets are a gift from god?? Olivia — 22nd February Absolutely LOVE how it tastes, really satisfies my sweet cravings! I usually have it with water and milk almond, soya, oat or coconut.

Aimee W — 31st January Monique — 16th January Emma — 14th January I am doing really well. Nutribuddy sculpting whey has been the only protein shake I can actually drink and enjoy. Stephanie — 14th January I have started on Monday and feeling great. I will try using it tonight as a meal replacement. Would you recommend mixing it with water or with milk? I personally like the taste of milk better but it would be good to hear what the difference would be.

Nutribuddy Support — 14th January However, lots of customers seem to love taking it with water so I guess it really is personal preference. You can also try it with milk-alternatives. I also enjoy taking it with coconut milk and soya milk.

Scarlett T — 14th January Rosie — 14th January Rebecca — 3rd January I feel less bloated and have more energy. Love the whey powder in my shakes and the hunger fix is fab. Will continue to use these products. Wendy — 30th November Paula — 2nd November Merelda — 2nd November The hunger fix tablets are great And the choc flavour milkshake is so yummy! Would be great to try a strawberry flavour. Chloe — 23rd September Ive just started using it and i defo prefer the shakes with milk rather than water!

Claire — 13th September So good so far. Feel less bloated and hunger seems satisfied with smaller amounts. Claire — 8th September We care and are eager to see you successfully achieve your weight loss goals. We provide 5-Star customer service and the fastest shipping available. We ship 6 days per week - Monday through Saturday. We make every effort to ship your order the same day it is received.

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