Diet Plan Review: Best Ways to Lose Weight

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Help me out please-------Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig vs EDiets
These trials had to last for at least 12 weeks. That explains why Weight Watchers has impressive short-term results. Customers that stick to our calorie restricted plans have reported weight loss of up tp 2lbs per week. The oldest national weight-loss program, its members rave about the encouragement they get at weekly meetings led by former Weight Watchers dieters. I am on Jenny Craig. Phil and The New York Times. We are a Compensated Affiliate of the weight loss diet programs listed here.


A Comparison of 32 Weight Loss Programs

Do you have the time to buy and cook and prepare the healthy foods? If you work, are these foods accessible? However, my setbacks are my long commute and being busy at work and not being able to think and plan my meals.

I go to a center and meet with someone face to face every week when I am being good. Helps keep me in check. The Jenny meals are much lower in sodium than Nutrisystem. They are also lower in sodium than Lean Cuisine's. I took a nutrition class last quarter and had to track my nutrition levels for a week while I was on Jenny Craig and I did a report on low carb diets and found that the Jenny diet met the daily guidelines of the food pyramid much more than the low carb diets did.

When I gain weight back on, it isn't the diet's fault. I have learned what portion sizes I should be eating. What to eat when I am hungry as "free food" etc. But I am a stress eater, and no diet out there can help me with that. I say try Jenny out. See if they have a special going on or a money back guarantee if you do not like it. For me it is cheaper than eating on my own because I would eat out a lot.

LoraJ , Apr 26, Mar 19, Messages: Nutrisystem is cheaper but the food is not good! ANd no matter what you order they send whatever they want. They say it was out of stock or whatnot, i think they use it as a means to get rid of the gross stuff. They kept saying send it back, and they will fix it, so I would pack it all up send it all back and then get another box of stuff I didnt want. It was an awful pain in the you now what, and got stuck eating yucky stuff.

You never get exactly what you request. ANd they never actually fix the order. Jenny Craig is incredibly expensive, but the food is much better. And no hassle with returning stuff. Both work if you stick to them. It was harder to stick to the one with gross food. Oct 14, Messages: I am on Jenny Craig.

I find it no different than Weight Watchers as they teach you how to live a lifestyle. After the 1st 4 weeks you don't have to follow their menus and food. Using their food helps you learn portion control because you can see how much a serving is You can do meals on your own I tried WW, but I am not good about planning my food out and measuring it and stuff This is the second time I am on it I was on it for 9 months last year and just started up again However, if you are not going to put in the time and learn what they teach you, then I agree it would not be a good choice because if you don't continue with the healthy choices and guidelines, you are going to put the weight back on As far as cost It can be costly, I choose to pay because of the convenience.

If you are good about measuring food and counting points, WW would do the same thing and be cheaper. JC food is very good. There are a few things I don't like, but that is because I am a very picky eater! Just my two cents! Aug 27, Messages: My friend lost about 20lbs on Jenny Craig. Honestly, I think counting calories and pumping up the excercising does just as good though! Nutrisystem offers the Nutri System Advanced weight loss program that is based on the Glycemic Index, a system that ranks carbohydrates by their effect on blood sugar levels.

They offer meal plans with meals, desserts and snacks that are low in fat and contain good carbohydrates and protein.

Nutri System is simple, easy to follow and effective, and they have distinct programs for Women, Men, Over 60, Type 2 Diabetics and Vegetarians. Medifast makes it possible to lose up to 20 pounds in a month with no counting, shopping or cooking. The Medifast diet plan provides healthy food with 5 Medifast meals per day over 50 meals to choose from like shakes, soups, oatmeal, bars, drinks, chili, pudding and more and one "Lean and Green" meal with lean meat and either salad or vegetables.

Since you are eating healthy foods every hours, you don't needing to worry about getting hungry or running out of energy. Weight Watchers offers Weight Watchers PointsPlus, which combines their unique approach with the latest nutritional science to create an effective system for making healthy, satisfying choices.

So far it has worked for me! Most of the meals are grain based. Many are wraps that are thick, tough, and tasteless. I opened them and scraped out a spoonful of filling. There is not nearly enough protein or healthy fat and way to [sic] much carbohydrates. However to make this plan work you still have to provide most of the food yourself.

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