Hell House (Ellicott City, Maryland)

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Once i tried walking with a friend, but at the point I had stopped before, we were gripped with parylyzing fear and could not bear to go on. There is another section that looks caved in, but you can climb under the rubble to get to a large arched store room with graffiti covering the brick walls. But hope you found it all intresting. There is an old insane asylum the subject of other true stories and an overall air of energy and the supernatural. He is no longer there he died.

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Thanks so much to LEAFers for buying their tickets early. Attendance s are limited due to the rental agreement with Camp Rockmont. He did keep dogs up there, records state that they were Rotties but many people who claim to be chased by them say they were german shepherds.

Hudson lived there for over 20 years, trying to make sure no one vandalized the grounds. He did have a gun, but from what i understand it did have real bullets. In fact, he was arrested for shooting a trespasser in After a fire burned hell house down in police were called to investigate a skull found in the rubble.

Hudson let his dogs loose on the police and they shot and killed both of the rotties. I am really not trying to discredit anyones storys or personal experiences. I have just done a lot of research into the rich history of the building.

And above all else i must say that there is a strange aura around the grounds. They do hold a secret that i am still trying to uncover. And, the fact that a fire was started twice… the first one was started a year before it was completely burned down. Only two rooms were damaged though, and the cause was never found. I am hoping to get some information on the legends of the crazy priest… wheather they prove the story to br wrong or right.

Wednesday, August 27, I unfortunately never got to see it before it burned down. Two times my best friend and I got the courage to go up at night. The second time was at sunset and I had bought a brand new flashlight for the occasion. We heard dogs barking, but it was very far away. As soon as we started to walk around to the back of the building, it seemed to get dark very quick. We started to get scared and then my flashlight stopped working. It was brand new with new batteries. We ran back to our car and as soon as we closed the door, it started working again.

Another story is when my best friend went up there and they saw a man with a gun chasing them and she fell down the main stairs near the train bridge. Saturday, December 20, Then there is a hill go up the hill and move towards the railroad tracks and while your walking to the railroad tracks look on your left for steps then everything else is self explanatory.

It looked like nobody worked there the windows are all broken doors boarded up and everything so we looked saw old foot prints in the snow and left. So we go farther up the road past the bridge and something told me to look right. So we got out of the car and walked up the hill and sure enough I found steps. Hell House Horror Date: Wednesday, December 17, 5: I finally have enough courage to share this story with all of you. I never realized how many people have had so many paranormal experiences.

So here goes nothing. I was seventeen years old and was living in Catonsville, Maryland. I had just moved to Maryland from North Carolina in I ended up meeting this guy and we started dating.

Next thing I knew, things were getting worse at home so I decided to move in with him in his apartment. We both were into paranormal activity and stories.

He had a horrible experience with an Ouija board before he met me. He was dating this girl and she was always messing with the board. She was contacted by a spirit and the spirit wanted to talk to him instead of her.

The girl ended up being possessed by the spirit and was later exorcised. The spirit vowed he would come back for him later in time. That was the beginning of the problems. He thought that it would be really cool to take me there and show me what it was like. So, one evening, we set out with a couple of friends to go and explore this place. Now, you need to know a little about Hell House to understand why people were so intrigued by it.

There are a couple of versions of this story, but this is the one that I know. It was a college for Catholic girls. The school was running well until the Priest started having unholy lustful thoughts. He tried to repent and still could not satisfy his hunger. The Priest started sexually assaulting the nuns.

The nuns were to afraid to go against Priest but begged him to repent his sinful ways. The Priest did not listen and kept assaulting the nuns. Well, one of the nuns finally stood up and went to the Archbishop and told him what was happening.

The Priest was then thrown out of the college but vowed that he would return and that all would repay. Well, one night there was startling screams coming from the dormitory. When that nuns arrived to see what was wrong they found five of the school girls dead. The girls had been placed in the shape of a Pentagram. Authorities tried to find the Priest, but he was never to be found. Reportedly, the nuns were then possessed by demons.

It is said that the nuns later massacred the rest of the students. Shortly after the college was closed.

It was said that screams and laughter could be heard throughout the premises and in the tunnels underneath. It was around eleven at night when we arrived at Hell House. Hell House sat on the top of a hill and there were three ways to get to it. Two were blocked by iron gates and one was a steep staircase entrance.

We parked the car by the stairway entrance and stepped out of the car laughing. It was such a thrill to be there and the pure notion of seeing a spirit or hearing the screams was terrifying…yet exciting. The stairs were very steep and broken beer bottles lay on every other step. Foliage was growing within the cracked stone. All in all, it was a very scary sight. I watched as my boyfriend started ascending the stairs.

A horrible feeling came across me and settled in my gut. My boyfriend noticed I was uneasy but insisted I come up. Our friends were lagging behind and talking amongst themselves. Very cautiously, I started walking up those stairs. So, I said what I had been taught that would help me.

I quietly muttered those words. Now let me tell you, it is really hard to run down steep stairs in the pitch black night, but let me tell you, I ran like hell. I reached the bottom and got off those stairs and my feelings started to ease. At the same time, I was mixed with fear and a horrible emotion. My boyfriend came down and said that a voice had told him he had heard me, and that I had made him very angry. I asked my boyfriend to repeat what I had said and he told me every word.

There is no way my boyfriend could have heard me. He was too far up those steps and I had said it coming short to a whisper. There is more to this story, because that spirit followed us home. I later found out that my boyfriend had run into this spirit before. If you want to hear the rest of the story, I would be glad to finish it. Just email me and let me know. As for the boyfriend, he is not necessarily of a good origin or character. Which took me some time to figure out.

Needless to say, I am now happily married to another man, a good man. Monday, November 24, 2: I went to what we thought was Hell House with a few friends. I was visiting, and we thought it would be cool to check it out. I wanted to figure out which one I went to. I believe it was the Old St. On one wall that was still intact, a decorative cross was in the wall made of bricks.

The stairs up to the place were overgrown. The paths hard to find. Lots of smaller buildings besides the main one, all of which were overgrown with forest. The one thing i do remember quite well is a very hidden path in the forest off to the side. We followed it and came into the remains of some kind of altar. In the car, down a twisty-hilly road that seemed to be so dark covered by trees overhead, we were listening to some music on CD.

At the beggining of a track of a song i thought i knew pretty well, there was this deep, throaty, rumbling noise that lasted less then a second. She said she did, and that it was strange. The funny part to the story is this. We got to the bottom of the hill and path up to the place. Parking our car, we got our flashlights out, and a walkie-talkie. Suddenly a VAN drives by, turns around, and pulls up and parks.

There were other people in the back of the van the windows were tinted but could see a kinda freaky looking face in the window. Now, these dudes reeked of POT. It was hilarious cause they asked if we were going up, had flashlights, and could tag along for a bit. So here we are, five of us, and two stoner kids, heading up this hill to this pretty scary place.

I turn to Lisa and ask her: I mean, we have all the characters right here. These two stoner kids will be the first to get killed off. Once the stoner dudes were gone, we continued around the main structure. We followed what seemed to be a path deeper into the woods. We came upon two small houses that were very overgrown with forest.

For this whole time, i had the feeling of something behind us, and it was unsettling to be at the back, behind everyone else. A path off to the side that was mostly covered in trees and forest.

We pushed through it all, and found a wall, and followed that to steps and an entrance to the wall. This place felt much diffrent then everywhere else. Quiet and safe somehow. We stayed for a bit. I noticed that the ground under us, under the cross, while dirty, was some kind of brick pattern if i remember correctly.

Jumping on it moved it in a way, and sounded like it was hollow underneath. We continued through past the altar, and found our way down to another path. Eventually this led us to a strange wall thing in the side of the hill. What looked like a firepit or something built into the wall in the side of the hill.

We turned back here, and tried to find our way back to the car. At this point i immediately felt something close again, and it was there that Lisa and I heard the same deep breathy grumbly noise we heard in the car. This time our friend Jim was sure he heard it too, and we obviously picked up the pace. The noise sounded very close behind us. From there along the way back, we saw probably the same overgrown house we saw from the other side.

We also got our last look at everything, and also our discovery on how easy it was to get turned about down there, and how hard it was to find the way we came into the place.

Eventually we just went down a path and ended back at the car. We left, pretty creeped out, but satisfied. No dogs, no old man. Just two stoner kids. I think my original point was to find info to clarify where is where. But hope you found it all intresting. I would like to write about the rumor of Hell House in Ellicott City, Maryland after reading articles on your website.

I live in Ellicott City maryland. I went to school there, and the historic Ellicott City has been my back yard. There are two parts to Ellicott City. The new one is not the original city that was built long time ago. Now the historic city is mere tourist attraction and shops. The haunted house use to be Saint Mary College.

From all these time growing up in Ellicott City, I did not hear any thing about girls being murdered. I have been to the Hell House countless times, during the day and night.

Once you get used to it, its like a play ground. There are also a lotta trashes and liquor bottles as local teenagers take the house for partying. The house did burn down in , but for unknown reason. I would just like to clear the rumor that the house is nothing super natrual but an old burnt down ruin.

About Hell house in Elkridge Date: Saturday, October 09, 6: I have visited Hell house more than once. Everytime I have went there, there have been other teenagers with me and even some other people who just came to see about the spoof. Water from rain and storms have accumulated and many people refer to it as the pool. Alot of people go up to hell house and try and scare other people visiting.

Each time I have went there I never seen anything out of the norm. I have went in both daylight and in nightime. Its just an old abondened building.

The story about the girls being killed may be true, however I do not think that there is much to go and see. Its just your mind playing tricks on you. I do believe in ghost and hauntings and things, however, nothing was spooky about Hell House besides the fact that I knew of the story and heard many things and was questionable about what would happen. One true thing is however, cops patrol the streets there.

The property has been taken over and is owned by someone. Therefore if you are caught parking there or caught trespassing you are likely to get a warning and you are likely to get a ticket.

So if its worth the trouble, to go and see some house supposively haunted, based on a semi myth, go ahead, just make sure you get dropped off and then picked up because otherwise, you will get into trouble. Good luck and Have fun…?? Tuesday, May 11, I have been to hell house within the last couple of days. And we have some real great pictures of the pool and the greenhouse.

And the pavilion with the cross which still stands. The grounds stretch for ever. And it seems the farther you walk the more things there are to find. If you would a copy of the pictures just email me back and I will gladly get them too you. I have been there when the caretaker was alive also. And the stories of the dogs and the rubber bullets are true. My name is Nancy. Please let me know if you would like copies of the pictures. Tuesday, June 29, 3: Yea, I heard the place burnt down too.

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