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Bogart was, of course, not Jewish. I remember Good Food grocery, Oscar Krieger's butcher, and the printing store where my mom worked with Connie Najmark. The film was based on a screenplay written by Colin Higgins and published as a novel in Some of the less religious Jewish youth began to align themselves with the Zionist movement, the Russian communist movement, or the Bund. The Cecil Alexander Amdur Tree.

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Her father who taught at Vanderbilt tutored Dinah and attended a seder at her home. Dinah graduated from Vanderbilt. We have confirmed some visitor info. Not only is Ms. Elaine May - Actress, screenwriter, director, comedian. Elina Lowensohn - Rumanian-born daughter of a concentration camp survivor. Film and TV actress: Elisabeth Bergner - Born Elisabeth Ettel.

Began career on stage in Germany with Max Reinhardt. Clarifying what we know. We believe she was raised Jewish. Our source is not precise on these last points. Pretty to look at, Jewish, but she needs some real help with the acting part of being an actress. Elizabeth Taylor - Converted when she married film producer Mike Todd. He died in air crash; and Liz the widow was comforted by soon to be hubbie 4 , Eddie Fisher. So, sports fans, 3 and 4 were Jewish.

Ron gives a lot of money to charity, but his personal behavior is usually described as somewhere between atrocious and awful. Barkin is the 4th Mrs. Elsa Zylberstein - French actress who is becoming an international star. Her father is Jewish; it is unclear whether her mother is. Her married name is Estelle Gettleman. Estelle Harris - Best known for playing Mrs.

In a published interview, Jerry Stiller Mr. One very memorable film role: Born and raised Lutheran. Her husband of 32 days who was in her weight class was Ernest Borgnine. Apparently some list floats around the web that says he is Jewish. His real name is Ermes Effron Borgino, and he is the son of southern Italian immigrants.

Especially from the south of Italy. But, in a weird way, we stand corrected. Jewish origins unadmitted until proved recently. She is a convert to Judaism. Her brother was actor Billy Halop. Unlike her character, she is actually married to a Jewish guy. We may write a short piece. Griffin is not Jewish in real life.

Infrequent parent appearances and very minor characters excluded. She was born in America of Greek Jewish parents. Gertrude Berg - No surprise here. Karyn was murdered in The case has never been solved. Gilda Radner - Actress and comedian. Wife of Gene Wilder; died of cancer far too young. Her half-sister is the much more famous actress Shari Belafonte. Her husband since is actor Sam Behrens, who is Jewish.

We do not know if this has any significance as to her formal religious affiliation. Hence its popularity as a pendant among Jewish and some non-Jewish people. This is a quite well done, if somewhat slow moving story of an American Jewish woman meeting a sister who was long thought killed in Europe. Great cast, worth seeing. Her mother is Jewish, her father is not.

Goldie has said she was raised Jewish. Unclear whether Kate was. Father, Bruce Paltrow, director, is Jewish. Mother, actress Blythe Danner, is not Jewish. Her brother was bar mitzvah, so we assume she was confirmed as well. Her mother was head of the Jewish Home in the Bronx.

Born Hedwig Kiesler, it is unclear from the sources whether she was Jewish by faith, or was the child of Jewish parents who converted. Hedy referred to herself as Jewish in a few interviews, however. Incredibly, this toad, an arms merchant, supported the Nazis. Hedy left him and immigrated to the United States. Via a source very close to Ms. Real family name is Schlacter. Hermione Gingold - English Jewish stage and film actress who had a delightfully wacky persona and voice. Ida Kaminska - The last great Yiddish actress; tried to keep Yiddish theatre alive in post-war Poland.

It was made in Czechoslovakia during the brief thaw before the Soviet invasion. Ione Skye - Actress who seems to be getting increasingly better parts. Her mother is Jewish. Her brother is Donovan Leitch, an actor. He and Ally Sheedy recently hosted a Manhattan Chanukah bash. Skye was married, until recently, to Adam Horwitz, Beastie Boy member. We have recently found that Ms.

Jamie Lee Curtis - Sexy star of many filMs. Father, Tony Curtis, Jewish. Mother, Janet Leigh, not. Her father is Jewish, her mother is not. She took her name from the 3rd wife of King Henry VIII-there were a lot of films about royalty when she took her stage name. Her aunt is Helen Suzman, legendary anti-apartheid activist. Has not acted on film or TV for many years. Elfman is her married name.

She was born Jennifer Mary Butala. A non-Jewish Greek American. Jennifer Connolly - Attractive actress who grew up in Brooklyn and began in music videos.

Our source, who knows her, says her mother is Jewish. Her father is not. Daughter of Joel Grey, actor. Grandaughter of Mickey Katz, legendary Klezmer musician. A few years ago she had so much plastic surgery she is almost unrecognizable. She needs a shrink, not a plastic surgeon. Her father was actor Vic Morrow, Jewish, from whom she was estranged.

Unclear, but unlikely that her mother is Jewish. She has been in a number of television series, but none seem to last more than a season. Guest shots on scores of series. She is married to actor Ron Leibman.

David Merrick was Jewish. Reported to be quite smart, she dated Henry Kissinger for a time. In a famous incident, Soviet Premier Breshnev reportedly squeezed her tushy at a reception. Joan Blondell - We had long heard one of our favorite actresses was Jewish, and it was confirmed by a scholarly biographical encylopedia.

Joan Copeland - Character actress born Joan Miller. Joan Rivers - Comedian and actress. Although her forays into acting have not been successful. Joanna Frank - She had one really memorable role. She is married to him in real life. Bochco certainly does not have an anti-nepotism policy. Joanna Gleason - Film and television actress. Yes, Monty is Jewish. Father, Eddie Fisher, Jewish. Mother, actress Connie Stevens, not Jewish. A veteran Israeli visitor to Jewhoo tells us that an Israeli paper reported her as Jewish and that both sets of her grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants to France.

We had reason to question this entry based on the fact that Ms. Light went to a Catholic H. Light said she went to a Catholic H. Refugee from Germany, her father was a rabbi. Nor is Liza Minnelli. Her father was Vincente Minnelli, film director, not Jewish. Very smart, despite dumb blonde appearance. Sadly, she died young.

Tuvim can mean holiday in Hebrew. Not an easy subject to research, we are almost certain that only her paternal grandfather was Jewish. However, her mother converted to Christianity when Julianna was a small child and Ms.

Margulies was more or less raised Christian her parents divorced. She says she does not consider herself a practicing member of any faith now. This is an unusual biography and accounts for confusing reports about her ethnic background.

Voice of Marge Simpson. See rock and roll for more details. One article said her mother is Jewish. Her maternal great-grandmother is Jewish. Lang seems to self-identify as a Jew, noting that she fasted one year on Yom Kippur.

Karen Black - Up with a big asterisk. Converted after she met and later married Steven Spielberg. Her father was well-known film and television director Boris Sagal. Both she and her father are religious Christians. The children working in her sweatshops probably know by now. Frank, you can send me the angry letter now.

Kathryn Grody - Character actress and playwright. Has appeared in about twenty films in supporting roles. Wife of actor Mandy Pantikin. Kitty Carlisle - Wife of famous playwright Moss Hart. Probably last person alive who dated George Gershwin. Kyra Sedgwick - Up with an asterisk. Lainie Kazan - Singer and actress. Has made a number of television and film apperances since. Unlike John Belushi, she cleaned up her act before it was too late and has been clean for a long time.

Lauren Bacall - Born Betty Perske. Bogart was, of course, not Jewish. Blacklisted for a long time for refusing to testify aganist her husband.

Her daughter is actress Dinah Manhoff. Lesley Anne Warren - Pretty actress who should have been in more good movies. Born Lily Peyser in Poland. Lillian Roth - Born Lillian Rutstein. Her career declined into alcoholism. Lilyan Tashman - Brooklyn-born Jean Harlow type bombshell who made the transition from silents to talkies.

Died of a mysterious ailment in None of her talkies are well-known. She was born and raised in Portland, Maine which has a small, but vibrant Jewish community. She was once married to actor Ron Leibman. She has continued to have a major career, starring in big budget filMs. Bonet was recently inteviewed by an Israeli paper. She was raised Jewish and loves kreplach, but not gefilte fish the sugar.

She is raising her child with Mr. Lisa Edelstein - Guest actress on many television shows. Lisa and David are Jewish. Courtney Cox is not. Matthew Perry is NOT. All we could find is that she was born in Toronto of Yugoslav parents. Therefore, we think it is unlikely that she is Jewish if her parents were post War immigrants. If anyone knows, let us know. Lori Capp - Born Lori Kopp. Once married to Woody Allen.

She was a non-conformist and few good parts subsequently came her way. She is still very much alive and appeared in a Hungarian film made in Once married to playwright Clifford Odets. Died in of ovarian cancer, which is the disease that killed Gilda Radner.

Like Gilda, she was funny and will be missed. The dialogue is a mixture of Swedish sounding English and Yiddish. Mae West - Its one of those maybe stories. Mother, maybe some Jewish ancestry-how much will forever be unclear.

Mother and West practicing Christians. Maia Morgenstern - Rumanian actress who works in the international cinema and Rumanian theater. Born in , she was with the Rumanian State Jewish theater between and She has been with the Rumanian State Theater since We note that this film, about a Greek filmmaker, is something of an international Jewish actors convention-starring Harvey Keitel, Morgenstern, and Erland Josephson, a Swedish Jewish actor.

Maria Friedman - British actress and singer who has been extremely hot in the British musical theater for the last decade. A visitor says she saw Friedman in concert and Friedman said she is Jewish. Friedman also sang some songs composed by prisoners of a concentration camp. Marisa Berenson - Actress and model. Related to the legendary art critic, Bernard Berenson.

Her father is Jewish, her mother not. Berry was married to Tony Perkins for a time. But they are now divorced and it unclear what her religious affiliation, if any, is. Mother Jewish, father not. Raised in both religions, according to our source.

Marla Maples - Well this one is almost too absurd. She is engaged to Michael Mailer, producer and son of Norman Mailer. She told the Post that she and her daughter, Tiffany Trump, are serious students of kabbalah Jewish mysticism. Marla has a few acting credits as well as a former career as a model.

Maureen Lipman - English actress. Not well known in the States, but well-known to English audiences. A lot of surgery later, she looks much more WASPish. Sister of Sara Gilbert. We do not know if Mr. Melissa Rosenberg - Daughter of Joan Rivers. Played herself in autobiographical movie about family. Her father is a reporter for the Canadian Jewish news.

She says that she was raised in a Conservative household and observed the major holidays. Michelle Pfeiffer - Not Jewish. The mohel to the stars, if you will. Pfeiffer, while not Jewish, wanted a very experienced hand. And the nature of his practice IS to make house calls. It is unclear whether they are still dating.

Tom Cruise is her ex-husband and both of them are active Scientologists. Her father, who lived through the holocaust, is Jewish. Her mother is not Jewish. Minnie Driver - Not Jewish. Jewhoo saw an interview with her in which she stated this.

Mixed English, French, and Italian non-Jewish background. She was an active opponent of the murderous ethnic divisions that boiled over into ruinous civil war.

She reluctantly immigrated to the US in Miriam Margolyes - English Jewish film and stage actress. She has appeared in over fifty films, mostly in supporting roles. Molly Picon - Yiddish theater star. Made many TV appearances as the cute little Jewish old lady. Natalie Portman - Actress and model. So, here are the straight Jewish facts: Her father is an Israeli physician and her mother an American Jewish woman.

Her family travels back and forth frequently. She speaks fluent Hebrew. She went to a Jewish High School. Her father, Aaron Braunstein, is a major boxing promoter and entertainment agent. The family lived in Israel for six years and her brother served in an elite unit of the Israeli army. Converted to Judaism ten years ago. Nina Hartley - Yes, this star of adult films is really and truely Jewish. Can you imagine taking her home for a Seder and your mother asking: She converted from Protestanism to Judaism when she married producer Irving Thalberg and seemed quite devout.

For non-horse racing fans, a trifecta is a type a bet in which you place money on three horses. Still very much working. Sister of David and Rosanna.

Paulette Goddard - Born Marian Levy. Wife of Charlie Chaplin. If she had, both Scarlett and Ashley Wilkes would have been played by Jewish actors.

Once married to Quincy Jones, famous music producer. Mod Squad had a great tag line: Mod Squad proved you could look and act hip, but still hit friends and relatives up side the head. It is now used as an educational film series in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street. Phoebe Cates - Born Phoebe Katz. Her father is a Hollywood Producer who changed his name. Phyllis Newman - TV and film actress. Wife of Broadway musical book writer and lyricist Adolph Green.

Betty Comden, his partner, has never been married to him. Piper Laurie - Born Rosetta Jacobs. She has stopped and started her career several times. She told the SF Jewish Bulletin: No one had ethnic names. I would love to still be using my name. But I was so young, and not assertive enough to say no. She was part-Jewish, what part precisely has always been unclear. Polly Bergen - Up with an asterisk.

Quite a few people have told us that Ms. Bergen converted to Judaism many years ago. We will try to absolutely confirm. Bergen has had a varied career. She also founded a multi-million dollar cosmetics company. We have confirmed that Ms. The marriage lasted six years. We do not know whether she still considers herself Jewish. Her real name is Rachel Levin.

By sheer coincidence, the daughter of the actress Rachel Levin is a journalist who has written about Jewhoo. A visitor tells us that she saw an interview with Ms.

Ticotin in which she states her father is Jewish. Her mother is Puerto Rican and not Jewish. Ticotin is married to actor Peter Strauss, who is Jewish. She, too, had a drug problem but overcame it and now lectures on drug abuse.

Rebecca Pidgeon - British actress and musician who is the wife of playwright David Mamet. Both she and Mamet have made Jewish practice a central part of their lives. Her murder led to changes in public records laws. Her father is an orthodox rabbi.

Ricki Lake - Actress and talk show host. She made about 15 films and then dropped a lot of weight. They reportedly went on TV and prayed for her. This evangelist is a faith healer, but has an obvious toupee. Apparently male pattern baldness is a tougher nut than paralysis, etc. Rita Zohar - Character actress who has appeared in a number of roles.

Sister of Patricia and David. Sit-com star and talk-show host who was raised in Utah. See also entry on Tom Arnold actors for more information. Her family went to a Conservative synagogue and, yes, she went to Hebrew School and was Bat Mitzvahed. She is now studying Kabbalah to deepen, she says, her ties to Judaism. Sandra Bullock - Not Jewish. Sara Gilbert - Young star of Rosanne.

Sister of Melissa Gilbert. Sarah Bernhardt - Legend of the French Stage. Considered one of the top 2 or 3 actresses of the 19thC. Her mother was a Dutch Jewish girl who became a very high class courtesan in Paris the mistress of the ultra-rich. In those days, fans of performers were like sports fans today.

Bernhardt vigorously supported Capt. Dreyfus during his ordeal and, of course, was attacked as a Jew. Although a print source said Ms. However, other reports say only her father is Jewish. Here is the last word in Gellar chazerai nonsense from us. Go to the site listed below you will need real audio.

Unless your a big fan, you only have listen to the last ten minutes. She was a comedy writer and the model for Sally, the comedy writer on the Dick Van Dyke show. Could you imagine the civil service exam? Sheeri Rappaport - Very attractive young actress who was born in Texas of Israeli parents.

Once bombshell but put on a lot of weight. Deadly boring on talk shows. Simone Signoret - Reknowned great lady of world cinema. Married to Yves Montand, who was not Jewish. We are quite sure her mother is Jewish, less confident about her father. She married a Jewish guy in a traditional Jewish wedding a few years ago.

For all we know, there is an all wedding video cable channel out there. She was the third person voted off the island. Three Jews are shipwrecked on a desert island. They quickly attend to their spiritual needs and build four synagogues: Stillman based on a source that anyone would trust.

This source made a good faith error. Stillman is not Jewish. Susan Cabot - An odd footnote actress submitted by a visitor. Her strange life ended when her son bludgeoned her to death. Cabot, he says, was so stupid that she dated Rock Hudson. But it has been pushed-back and may never be aired. She converted to Judaism a few years ago. The conversion was not associated with marriage.

Susan Strasberg - Daughter of Lee Strasberg. Anne Frank in original Broadway production of play. Died this year of breast cancer. Sylvia Sidney - s actress who symbolized the downtrodden Depression era waif.

Died in , just short of her 90th birthday. She was once married to George Clooney, who is not Jewish. Taylor Dayne - Former pop diva has apparently begun an acting career. Claimed to be an Arab princess, other things. Actually the daughter of a Cincinnati, Ohio tailor. Theresa Tova - Canadian Jewish actress who primarily appears on the stage. Yes she is Jewish.

Market Time activities have, for all practical purposes, sealed off the coast. Game Warden operations are increasingly denying the enemy the use of inland waterways. Thirdly, the riverine operation has no parallel in the history of warfare. All of these operations are unique innovations effectively adapted to the situation in South Vietnam. The fine efforts of the Navy should not continue to go unnoticed.

Repair Division - ET Shack -? DeWitt, MR2 verne eskimo. Robert Lynn Hampton, RD3 wildfire flash. Did you notice anything unusual before the incident?

I overheard one of the other guards mention that there had been a lot of SCP deliveries that day, but other than that, no. Well, until the klaxon went off, anyways. Then all the guards started scrambling for the doors into the rest of site. What any good boy scout would do: I decided to investigate the SCPs that nobody had yet bothered to pick up. Mighty careless of the researchers of those prospective projects to not collect them, but to my advantage.

The first was, luckily, SCP Well, feel free to not take a seat, then. Where were you when the incident began? Was just returning to its locker when something exploded a few aisles over and knocked the whole shelf full of lockers down on me. That's when I busted my coccyx. I was covered up to my armpits in lockers, and didn't want to be stuck there if something nastier than a bomb came by.

I'm just glad I'd had tissues in my breast pocket. Debriefing of Agent Lament by re: Agent Lament — Oh god…we were…we were in Gears' office…he was giving me a stack of things to check out, research materials he needed recovered…I thought he was pissed at me, but I guess he's always like that.

Agent Lament — About…four months, maybe? It's kinda hard to tell…he doesn't get out much, therefore neither do I. You know, I think I got him to chuckle once? Or he was coughing, I'm not sure, but it was right after I told a joke, so I think it's really possible tha-. Agent Lament — that he really might have….

Honestly, we didn't know what was going on for a while. It was just some muffled thuds and stuff, the dungeon is down pretty deep. Really, the first time we knew there was something actually wrong is when the back office wall gave out. God, the wall just crumpled in, all the rebar and crap shooting out, I was sure, SURE Gears was dead, I mean he just got his skull stove in wi-.

Agent Lament — With…oh, yeah. I mean, everyone calls it that, it's so…dungeon-y. He had a lot of items that he was working on there that day. After we came to from the blast, I could hear…things. It was like a monkey house for a while, then just…silent.

The silence was almost worse, really, even though some of those noises I KNOW were people being eaten or…worse. Gears was pretty bad off, but calm as always, even with his leg at that funny angle. I kinda helped him up, and said we had to book it for the surface, but he said no, that we'd be dead that way.

He…he said there was a secondary access area from this level, in case of high-priority staff being trapped down there, s-. O — Agent Lament, are you telling me a ranking member of The Foundation gave you a order to enter in to a area that was assuredly the subject of a multiple containment breach?

Agent Lament — So we…yeah. I mean, he said that the areas we had to slide through would be minimal, and that a lot of other staff might come this way too, if they got cut off from the surface level. I…I didn't know what all he'd been working on. I mean, I probably would have helped him down there anyway, but…I might have waited, or something….

Agent Lament — jelly, and then there was the wire…thing. It was like a web, but it didn't even need a spider…just wrapped them up and used them…I think it was getting smarter, a LOT smarter, because it was trying to hide and s-.

O — Did you or Dr. Gears attempt to contact site security for recovery? Or use secured lines for a SOS beacon? Agent Lament — We couldn't. We tried to call security, and we just saw 's face grinning on the screen, petting someone's scalp. The wire weed thing was fogging all the rest of the outside lines, we couldn't reach anyone! We tried, I swear! He insisted we had to get moving…you know…waiting for that blast door to open…that was as scared as I've ever been, even after the other stuff.

Just waiting, watching the doors roll apart…. Agent Lament - …That's the thing. We didn't have to worry so much about the people attacking. It's funny…it's like escaping a flood by jumping in to a burning house. Visibility impacted by smoke.

Figures may be identified only faintly. Voice recognition reveals Dr. Zurn returns to range of a. Zurn is coughing loudly, and moves out of range again, quickly. Approximately thirty seconds afterwards, a larger silhouette moves through the smoke, following Dr.

Study of video logs later indicate this is SCP, as identified by distinctive movement patterns. The placement of the explosive devices was determined to have damaged the site public address system and major communications leads. In addition to the resulting severe communications breakdown, this prevented detonation of the on-site nuclear device as a final fail-safe.

The situation was exacerbated by the unusually large number of artifacts in temporary containment at Site The combination of these factors disruption of command structure, loss of communications, physical damage from explosive devices, unusually large number of artifacts in containment resulted in multiple containment breaches combined with the loss of the final nuclear fail-safe.

The situation was further exacerbated at hours, when a number of unknown personnel from an unknown agency attacked the facility itself. Internal comms are down, I don't know why…".

Reach into my left jacket pocket. You'll find an ID card there. Emergency Clearance, Vice Alto Clef. It'll give you access to everything I can access. You're in charge now. Deal with the situation. My legs are blown to fuck.

In about sixty seconds, I'm going to pass out from the pain. If internal comms are down, this isn't a one-time deal. This is a coordinated attack. You're going to have to do it. Prove to everyone you're more than just an oversized pair of tits. I suppose they must have been. I didn't know who they were or what had killed them at the time. Of course I now know it was SCP They couldn't have even heard it. You know, from the reports you'd imagine it just hits a wall and eats its way through it, but it's more like a maggot.

A big, train-shaped, wooden maggot. I should rewrite that report. It was…it was eating the bodies. At this point it was about seven carriages long. There was no way I could pick that thing up. At this point, Dr. Honey entered a coughing fit that lasted forty-three seconds, due to the condition at time of interview.

I knew at this point something serious was going on. I decided to stay back in 's containment area. Laughs It's not like anyone was using it! Rights is still unconscious, and SCP has remained in the room. Zurn returns, and after a short coughing fit checks on Dr. Rights again, unaware of SCP in the room. After a cursory observation, he turns from her, and begins to leave the room. SCP then pauses in the doorway. Were it not for your heartbeat, even I may have not noticed you.

Don't touch my dear Doctor, danke. I will return shortly. We got through, and we're both still alive. The cannibal's a scary fucker, but the fuckers shooting at us were a bit scarier. Besides, Fernand ain't stupid.

Someone shootin' at him is a much bigger deal than a couple of guys what are just running through. Now, we're gettin' close to the armory. We're gonna get in there, grab some hardware, and then try and meet up with other agents.

Hopefully someone out there's still alive an' giving orders. Failing that, we keep the intruders busy. We steer them into dangerous skips. You ever see Home Alone? Agent Willhein is disabled in the process, and paralyzed.

SCP carries him out of camera range. Two figures enter the room, one of which is sloppily dressed in security helmet and flak jacket. Other figure wears no clothing. Figures identified as instances of SCP Subject remains in coma. Bullets strike upper arms of figure dressed in security armor. Figure returns fire with standard security firearm. Figures return to observation of subject.

Subject remains in induced coma. Joins other figures in observation of subject. Fourth figure enters room wearing white lab coat and administers unknown substances to subject. Subject begins to recover from induced coma. Four figures remain motionless in observation. Subject begins screaming in pain. Subject continues screaming in pain. Subject is served breakfast as scheduled. Life signs of the subject are within normal parameters.

A series of explosions is heard elsewhere in the facility. Seconds later, Security Breach Alarms are heard. Containment for SCP appears unaffected. Subject appears concerned; life signs show increased anxiety. Sounds of large numbers of personnel moving quickly can be heard intermittently.

Subject starts looking around in agitation. Flying insect population noticeably visible. Subject starts pounding on the door leading outside containment, screaming "Let me out of here! Camera shakes briefly due to another explosion, louder than previously.

Subject is shaken slightly, retreats underneath the cot in the cell. A third explosion is heard, much louder than previously. Entire containment cell is shaken for a full second. Subject remains underneath the cot. Life signs continue to appear normal for high-stress circumstances. Horseflies seen flying in containment. Subject slowly emerges from underneath the cot, approaches door to containment cell. Subject attempts to force the door open, fails.

Subject appears to appraise containment cell. Black ants seen swarming around feet of subject. Subject approaches floor grating at northwest wall, appears to inspect junction. Subject attempts to force up floor grating at northwest wall. Subject opens gap in the floor grating large enough to squeeze through, disappears down vacuum outlet. Figure identified as Prof. Bjornsen enters corridor from transportation depot, wearing SCP The bodies of several guards lay on the ground approximately 10 feet away from the door.

Unidentified assailant runs from behind the holder of the cell phone towards Prof. Bjornsen, screaming and brandishing a large knife in each hand. Two 2 cellulose tentacles emerge from SCP and grab weaponry from the bodies of the guards. The tentacles rapidly retreat towards Prof. Bjornsen and two human arms emerge to take the firearms. These arms immediately proceed to fire the weapons indiscrimately. Analysis of the recovered footage reveals that shots fired struck the ceiling, floor, both walls, the oncoming assailant and at least one round grazed Prof.

The holder of the cell-phone is apparently wounded by the weaponsfire and drops the cell-phone. Remaining footage is taken approximately twelve 12 centimeters from the base of a wall before ending.

Rights' office show SCP entering, moving to beneath camera range, and ends abruptly. Believed to be the work of SCP disabling the camera. Audio systems remain intact. SCP can be heard in the background, voice indistinct. SCP can be heard humming to himself, and SCP is believed to be the source of crying heard in background. A large piece of concrete falls on the desk, severely damaging the PA system.

Camera is jolted, but undamaged. They carry machine guns of unknown caliber and manufacture. They converse, although the details of their conversation are inaudible. Gunfire, screams, and sirens are audible. The individual is accompanied by a male in a humanoid SCP uniform, later identified as SCP , who appears to be carrying a suitcase.

SCP turns to face the individual. I saw many more severe cases in need of assistance on the way here. Are you sure this is the one you want healed? These are hardly ideal conditions, though. The patient will have their voice back, but I can't guarantee that they will live very long afterwards. The PA system appears to transform into a mass of flesh. The unidentified individual stands facing the door.

This has been determined to be the result of a scheduling conflict. Johannes Sorts and an animate clay statue a SCP replica wearing a burnt technician's jacket are standing on rubble and peering into the lens.

Five other SCP replicas are wearing assorted remains of security uniforms and carrying weapons, manning the security station. The alarms are off but I think I can…". Sorts are crouched within the security station. Just try not to kill - [inaudible] that's one of our [inaudible]".

Two members of unknown forces in full body armor hold position at far end of hall. Unidentified individual wearing a standard humanoid SCP uniform is moved down the hall and out of view by a third member of unknown forces. Sorts is attempting to give instructions to replicas. Security replica retrieves grenade and runs down the hall to the position held by unknown forces.

Replica takes several dozen rounds to the arms and legs and crumbles to inanimate pieces approximately two meters from the end of the hallway. Grenade rolls back into the position held by unknown forces. There is an explosion, both hostile agents appear to be killed. Sorts as he examines the hostile agents.

Sorts notes its arrival and tries to communicate. Security replicas are exchanging fire with two replicas that have taken the position previously held by hostile agents.

The two groups appear to be purposefully missing each other, one replica goes through the motions of aiming and firing without discharging any ammunition. Sorts is not on camera. No alarms are being sounded. We have a containment breach!

Sirens are heard along with sporadic gunfire. SCP is observed to be devouring a human corpse through immolation, victim unidentified. Fragments of audio logs reveal words. Hungry…hungry…burn…large burn…like sun…so hungry…want food…want fuel…hungry…. Zurn emerges from door, slamming it shut behind him. Faint shouting can be heard. Listen up, you lousy shits! Did you see what they did to Jacob? Not to me, fuck no!

You can escape if you want, but I for one…. I don't care about how stale your muffin was, get to the point of the explosion. So, I'm eating my muffin, right? And suddenly I hear this big boom and there's alarms blaring everywhere and I don't know what the fuck to do, I'm just looking after all the Misters, right? And then I get an emergency memo from the boss, and he says to me, "Evacuate all the Misters. So I put down my muffin, and I'm like, "Holy shit guys, we gotta get outta here!

So you were instructed by Dr. Hayward to evacuate his projects? Yeah, so I handcuff Forgetful to myself because, y'know, every 20 seconds he has no idea what the shit is going on. And then I handcuff Chameleon to Hungry, and Moon just kinda hobbles along with us on his cane. And it was a waning moon, so he was missing the majority of his face, yes? Yeah, he could only see through one eye. Everything else was covered. Transcript of Video Log from Hallway 21, outside designated "Misters" corridor.

Research Assistant Corbette turns around. Moon, catch the up! This is an evacuation, you lard-ass! Ok, does somebody have the braille book. I have no idea what this guy's saying. He says he can hear gunfire down the evacuation route with his one good ear. Ok, guys, we're gonna have to find another way out of here.

Um… anybody have a map? It is at this point that the situation escalated to a full-out Tempest Night scenario, as multiple containment breaches occured throughout the facility, causing near-complete loss of containment. Ironically, a significant portion of the containment breaches were caused by Foundation personnel themselves, in an attempt to stop the incursion by the unknown hostile force. Secondary containment breaches followed, resulting in the Foundation-Wide Alert Status being upgraded to Red.

The result was complete loss of situational control. Without a central coordinating authority, individual Foundation personnel were working at cross-purposes, interfering with and even counteracting each others' actions.

In at least one case, a Foundation scientist's heroic sacrifice in maintaining containment of a Euclid-Class artifact was immediately rendered null and void when another Foundation researcher immediately breached containment of said artifact with the intent to use it as a weapon against the insurgent forces.

The situation would continue until the re-establishment of intra-site communications by Secretary Adams. By that point, however, the situation had proceeded past the point of no return. Many of the SCP artifacts had broken through the site lockdown and escaped into the wild. Mission priority then changed from securing the breached artifacts to surviving the crisis. Locker A8 explodes on the far end of the room, knocking over several shelves and dumping their contents to the floor.

Research Assistant Harold Wachtel becomes partially buried under many containment lockers. For the next 45 seconds, only his head moves. Research Assistant Harold Wachtel nods to himself, then dons He reaches into his breast pocket and begins pulling out a paper tissue, then tears off a small piece of it.

He lifts the far end of one of the lockers on his chest with a grimace. Containment locker becomes made out of paper tissue. Scrap of paper tissue becomes a small shard of steel. Research Assistant Harold Wachtel tears off a small piece of the containment locker, then lifts up the end of another locker.

Scrap of paper tissue becomes a shard of rubber-lined steel. SCP begins oozing out of containment locker. He then proceeds to remove SCP, shove them in his right sock, and begin wrapping SCP in paper tissue from the lockers. I'd missed my check-in by then, and since no-one had come looking for me, I was assuming the worst.

I didn't want any hostiles getting their hands on it and exposing it to a dead body. Is that also why you took off your lab coat and trousers, and threw them in the incinerator? Why are you making an unhappy um? This hallway's also too short. I fucking hate Eschers. We'll have to improvise.

What do you think we been collecting all these years? Camera feed shows entrance to containment chamber of SCP Sirens are heard in background. A muted explosion is heard off-screen to the right, sounding like "popping a wet balloon". Blood splatters onto camera, presumably from unknown source of explosion.

A plump young female exits containment chamber of SCP, identified by name tag to be Researcher Min. She turns head in direction of explosion, appears stunned for a few seconds before withdrawing back into the containment chamber. Researcher Min exits containment chamber donning protective lab goggles, hurriedly running to the left of the screen. Quick, we need to hurry! They're going to flood the wing with bakelite in an hour.

Are we under attack? Are you an Agent? Why is the wall screaming? Explosion registered in this wing around hours, not sure who did it. Either way, we're under a full scale attack, command is shattered, and most of the skips are out of their pens. And unless you want to be 6 feet deep in bright yellow plastic, you'll have to come with me. Main atrium to the wing's crawling with those motherfuckers, we'll need to head to the basement.

Hopefully we'll find others there, and wait for the whole thing to blow over. If it's a skip, open it. At least we'll have some more firepower than this empty gun. If the temperature in here so much as rises a couple degrees we'd be crawling with those spiders by now. Camera feed shows minor stress fractures on south-east wall, overhead plaster sheeting has collapsed.

Sir, there's been some sort of attack, we have to get to a security station. Dier's face] Sir, you're injured. Security cameras , , register Dr. There were two men there, with guns. I couldn't see their faces, before you ask. I…no, I couldn't hear them properly. They left after a few minutes. At this point, I knew that the area wasn't safe, so I went to the cafeteria.

I hoped to find some people. Honey enters the room. Remains of several researchers and security personnel are present within. Honey reacts with shock, then pulls a gun out of a corpses holster. Honey takes a seat on the other side of the room, holding his head in his hands. Sounds of somebody approaching are heard. Honey takes the gun and holds it to his head. Give you my gun, are you crazy? I want to see your identification! Adams slides her identification card along the table.

Honey picks it up and examines it. Sorry, ma'am, I didn't realize. You can have the gun, I suppose. Adams ' identification and his gun back along the table. I'm not taking your gun, though. You may want to keep your gun close, and I don't mean for defense. I was outside Decon 6, wrestling with one of the arms, trying to pry loose the last of the guns. I'm pretty sure it was already out of ammo, but I didn't want one of the others to pick up a clip somewhere and reload it.

Decontamination Wing 6 is quite a distance from the transport depot or your designated containment breach evacuation point. Why were you there? The explosions had filled a lot of the hallways with rubble and I was trying to get to the containment chamber of SCP It was the only place I could think of that was reasonably secure, assuming that it hadn't been collapsed.

Decon 6 was on the quickest path to get there. I'd seen her in the cafeteria a couple of times before, once with Director Clef, so I figured she belonged.

She was headed straight for the doors into Decon, but I stopped her before she went in. I'd already peeked in there and it was fucking chaos. All safe or euclid class SCPs have to go through it, even if they're well-documented, but it's only supposed to be temporary containment and the explosions must've cracked some of the walls.

At least half the chamber doors were open and I saw about 8 or 10 people in what looked like riot gear, piling a ton of shit into some metal boxes. Paperwork, at least one laptop, and I think I saw a birdcage with something moving in it. Their gear didn't have any of the guards' markings on them, so I figured that they weren't part of the Foundation.

What do you think she did? She cursed and asked if there was any other way around it. She obviously found one, or we wouldn't be here. I told her to follow me and we took the long way around until we got to the security station outside the Safe Humanoids wing. It took us about 20 minutes, since we had to backtrack a couple of times when we hit blocked hallways or more groups of those riot-gear guys.

One time they were carrying something in a body bag that was struggling pretty fiercely. Not that I know of. I smelled something burning a couple of times and I was told later that there was a loose SCP made of fire. And when we finally got to the security station outside the Safe Humanoids wing, we found that all the guards had been decapitated and burned. Assuming that she didn't encounter anything else, she should've been there in about 10 minutes.

I went into the Humanoids wing. Unfortunately, it'd been pretty trashed too, although I don't know if it was from the explosions, from the invading force, or one of the escaped SCPs.