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Nutrition and Dietetics majors only. Each year, there are approximately million cases of malaria worldwide, most commonly among children and pregnant women in developing countries. However, the use of artificial nutrition and hydration at the end of life is a complex and controversial intervention that is influenced by clinical, cultural, religious, ethical, and legal factors. Maternal health and Reproductive health. Eat bland, soft, easy-to-digest foods rather than heavy meals.

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In fact, some microgreens appear to contain even more beta-carotene than carrots: The researchers who analyzed the beta-carotene content of microgreens found that these super-nutritious greens also provide other carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Back in , a team of scientists from Yale University showed that young pea seedlings grown in light contain significant levels of tocopherol vitamin E.

Similarly, the researchers responsible for the microgreen study found substantial amounts of tocopherols in the tested greens. The amount of alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol combined ranged from 7. For adults, the recommended daily allowance for vitamin E is 15 milligrams of alpha-tocopherol, meaning that eating just a small amount of daikon radish microgreens would cover your daily requirement for this important antioxidant vitamin.

The Yale study on pea microgreens — or young pea seedlings as they were called back then — also discovered that the seedlings started to produce large amounts of vitamin K when they were exposed to light. But that's hardly big news. Vitamin K functions as an electron acceptor when chlorophyll — abundant in all green plants including microgreens — absorbs sunlight to produce carbohydrates and oxygen during photosynthesis.

Vitamin K also offers health benefits for humans by promoting normal blood clotting and preventing excessive bruising. Vitamin K also plays an important role in maintaining strong and healthy bones. The microgreen study analyzed the levels of phylloquinone the type of vitamin K produced by plants in different micro-sized greens, and found the highest levels of vitamin K in amaranth microgreens Red Garnet variety.

The researchers observed marked differences in vitamin K concentration between different microgreens, with the values ranging from 0. To reap the health benefits of microgreens, eat them immediately after harvest. Microgreens, like most other superfoods that are consumed fresh, begin to lose their nutritional value rapidly after harvest.

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