What Are Some Reasons for Kathy Levine's Departure From QVC?

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Kathy Levine Wedding
You have succeeded, you are at the top of your game and this is it. And now Lisa Berenson is also leaving. When will you be on QVC again wity your Jewels? It should NOT be wet and runny. Kathy Levine had it made in the shade, or so it seemed to the tens of millions of her loyal fans who watched her weekly as the face of home shopping heavyweight QVC.



She has a heart of gold. A choice she speaks candidly about and offers no excuses for. It was a life decision. A decision I made for a new better life, to get back a life and to pave a new path of my own. Every woman faces choice points in her life.

She either wants to get in or out of a relationship, she either wants to get back into the job market or she wants to leave a job, or retire. She wants to do something risky and she is afraid. So here I am today, happily married, traveling the world and with the love of my life.

What a great ride it has been—I now have a life much richer than I could have ever imagined. Kathy Levine can be contacted for Main Line and Philadelphia corporate speaking engagements and charity events via her website: Kathy,People still today miss you and still have hope you will come back to QVC, if only, for a little bit.

I enjoyed your article very much and feel that you are very happy in your life today. We will be celebrating our 50th year anniversary in March and our family and children are the best thing that ever happend to us.

We have been blessed and I believe you also have been blessed. I will always miss you but happy to know you are at peace with your life. So nice to hear that everything is just peachy with you. I look forward to every LaVintage show just to hear your voice and sometimes, buy! You are the real thing. Maybe you could advise QVC on how to really sell their products! Kathy was our guest speaker in Massachusetts back in May for an audience of over women. She was hilarious and kept everyone on the edge of their seat with her humor.

The other replies are correct. QVC has not been the same since you left. You were outstanding, and when you looked at the camera, you were looking at us, not starring at yourself. The outcry was enormous — I am not overly financially secure, but I knew I had to have my life back… So far, few understand or even attempt to — but for the first time in many years I feel like the sky is the limit.

Love the jewelry, by the way — and you look fabulous. When you did a show, I watched to enjoy your style, and gal, you got it!! Thanks for the interview!!! Kathy was a real treat and amazing interview. What you see is what you get, as I learned. Thanks Kathy for continuing to inspire so many women to pave their own path—you have a great gift.

Thanks for such a real interview. Kathy, I enjoyed this interview very much. I enjoyed very much your time on QVC and am glad that you are back with the jewelry. I quit watching QVC after Kathy left. I read her autobiography along time ago and I see that it needs a few new chapters: Happily ever after chapters: When will you be on QVC again wity your Jewels?

And now Lisa Berenson is also leaving. I miss each and every one of them and wish them nothing but the best. Congrats and God bless Kathy. Kathy, congrats to you. Glad to hear youve met your soulmate too. I recorded you on the Q, couldnt buy, card maxed, but took numbers and have watched you three times.

I wish youd come back to he Q but to be happy as you are is deffinity better. I was wondering if your little dog chelsey is still with us. Your jewelry line is the most gorgous I have ever seen. I hope I can get the nine pieces Ive numbered. Take care, keep giving us more of you and be happy.

Your are an inspiration. Best of luck in the future! Kathy, I miss you on QVC, but am so delighted you found the love of your life!

I found mine after a miserable 30 year marriage, and I know there is nothing better than having the right partner for your life.

Maybe Even Shop At Home? May God Bless You. The person who commented that hosts watch themselves is dead on. And the ones who have to talk with the models for approval and for laughs. You never saw Kathy do this. Increased sales on the Q…yes, because more people are shopping online. I wish she were back. Hey, Kathy, I miss you.

You truly give us single ladies a good picture of what life can be with appliation. You two make me feel all is right with the world. She has been an inspiration to me to keep trying even though some doors dont open. Would love to see her on TV. I wonder if Kathy Levine ever considered visiting Australia and give some motivational talks. Her story is unique and wonderful. QVC's Privacy Statement does not apply to these third-party web sites. All rights reserved Trademark Notice.

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Message 1 of 27 10, Views. Who is Kathy Levine? Message 2 of 27 10, Views. Former QVC host much revered by many. She surely hasn't done squat since her grandiose introduction there. Message 3 of 27 10, Views. Message 4 of 27 10, Views.

Message 5 of 27 10, Views. Jeff asked for divorce right before Judy was about to go on the air. You can imagine her reaction. Not long after this event Jeff had to live QVC because he and his ex-wife could not work together anymore. Kathy Levine wedding and personal life are not very popular. The fact is that we do not know many things about how she dated or who she felt in love with. This may be after all a good fact, because she always wanted to keep her personal life away from any scandal.

Not many celebrities decide to do so. That is way some of them are known and popular, because of their outrageous lifestyle. If Kathy and Jeff had ever had a relationship or not we can not know. It can be only the general public impression regarding their friendship and the fact that they were working together and were such well known TV hosts.

I think you should try to give more details related to the weddings when you post this type of articles.

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