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This variable, if defined in the outer-level makefile, is passed down through the environment; then it serves as a list of extra makefiles for the sub- make to read before the usual or specified ones. Hutson Department of Chemistry, University of Durham. All variables that appear within the variable-assignment are evaluated within the context of the target: In addition to target-specific variable values see Target-specific Variable Values , GNU make supports pattern-specific variable values. Likewise, you can use unexport by itself to tell make not to export variables by default. Rule Syntax , Previous: Particle Physics Code - Dr.

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The drivers are generated automatically by ruby script. Created one complete sample of how to use the code. Enhanced the report, and usability. Switched from make to rake. Now I can handle a lot of automatically generated code stuff. This project has a complete build system. Added features such as rSpec. This is pretty powerful, if you put that into your process.

Then your requirement document, test plan, test report can be automatically generated. These are mainly integer routines, and integer to character and vice versa conversion routines. There are also some routines for changing the endian of entities. Purple Sage Computing Solutions. Pyfort - Python-Fortran Connection Tool.

A tool to allow the extension of the Python language using Fortran routines. A Fortran 90 tool is in development. Requires Win 95, NT 3. No usage restrictions, compilation is copyrighted. Due to mature and innovative compilation technologies, the more convenient and user-friendly HPF programs achieve an efficiency comparable to corresponding message passing programs. Function Parser - Uncommented source code which parses mathematical statements including standard operators and basic Fortran intrinsics.

PIPS - a free, open and extensible workbench for automatically analyzing and transforming scientific and signal processing applications. Centre de Recherche en Informatique, École des mines de Paris. Format Converters Fixed to Free, Tidy up, etc. Standard extensions to FORTRAN 77 like extended source lines of arbitrary length , long object names, and in-line comments starting with an exclamation mark are implicitely assumed.

FLIC Fortran Loop and Index Converter - John Michalakes a parser-based source translation tool that automates the conversion of program loops and array indices for distributed-memory parallel computers. It extracts specially formated comment headers from the source file and puts them in a separate file. ROBODoc thus allows you to include the program documentation in the source code and avoid having to maintain two separate documents.

It is even possible to include parts of the source code with funtion names that point their the documentation. ROBODoc works with many languages: Fortran Aware Editors [Top]. Xemacs - a powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation and since kept up to date with recent versions of that product.

Crazy-Fortran - An example of programming fun i. No new features have been added. Ernst Hairer, Université de Genève, Section de mathématiques.

Moonbase - a simple graphics library, written to provide basic facilities to Fortran programs under X. Currently the only noteworthy feature aside from Fortran bindings is the use of threads to reduce the delays caused by communicating with the X server.

Moriplot - Masatake Mori, University of Tokyo. RGB color scheme used True Color mode supported. Compile in DVF 5. Mathematical Physics, Institute on Physics, St. Its name is an acronym which stands for platform independend library.

Currently, pilib is under development, but it is already possible to create working programs with it. Some features are still missing, others may not work in certain circumstances or even work not at all. This means that full output capabilities, including workstation-independent segment storage level 2 , and full synchronous input capabilities level B are implemented. Interfacing with Hardware [Top]. Interfacing with Other Languages [Top].

Ascalaph Designer - Ascalaph Designer provides methods to build molecular models. The minimum construction tool is available in Ascalaph Graphics.

It allows you to move the whole molecular models in space or to merge two models. Ascalaph Designer adds new tools: CacheProf - A cache profiling tool by Julian Seward. Cacheprof is designed to help programmers quantify and understand the cache behaviour of programs and algorithms. With this knowledge, you might be able to modify your code to be more cache-friendly and thereby faster. Cacheprof will run your program, simulating a cache of your choice, and will annotate each line of source code with the number of memory references and the number of cache misses caused by that line.

It will also print summaries per-procedure, and for the program as a whole. Finally, it will count the number of instructions executed, which can be very useful. CheckDate - A simple date format check routine. Year range supported is AD. An Introduction to Cluster Analysis", by L. The complete program package can be downloaded. Program sources, examples and a manual are available as well.

Program sources, examples, manual and k-point sets are available as well. CTAGS - Beta of an application development tool that generates source code index files which can be used by many source editors and which allows the editor to instantly jump to where a language construct is defined. Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. F90 - Command line interface for Visual Fortran for Win Easier to use than CreateProcess.

Four arguments, a wait value in milliseconds, command string, argument string, and return code. The visual animation of a parallel program is based on execution trace information gathered during an actual run of the program on a message-passing parallel computer system.

The resulting trace data are replayed pictorially to provide a dynamic depiction of the behavior of the parallel program, as well as graphical summaries of its overall performance. The same performance data can be viewed from many different visual perspectives to gain insights that might be missed by any single view. PDF - Parton Distributions. Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computation - A suite of uni- and parallel-processor codes for solving large-scale problems modeled by partial differential equations.

PSLAM - code used to compute a steam power plant's performance using the exergetic analyisis pertaining to the second law of thermodynamics. A set of Fortran 77 procedures for relational data management. ShareBufferWin32 - A library of routines for shared memory communication under Win32 using file mapping. TINKER - a complete and general package for molecular mechanics and dynamics, with some special features for polypeptides.

Jay Ponder Lab, Dept. Three arguments, a logical file number, a byte integer array, and a return code. This version calls the Win32 API cocreateguid instead of the command line utility. The argument list contains the UUID in an array of 16 8-bit integers. For improved portability, V1 would be more easily modified to function on a wider array of platforms i.

ADIFOR - Automatic Differentiation generates an augmented derivative code that computes the partial derivatives of all of the specified dependent variables with respect to all of the specified independent variables in addition to the original result - Argonne National Laboratory.

ASAD - a software package developed for creating and integrating chemistry schemes in atmospheric models without the need to write any FORTRAN code to solve the chemical rate equations. ASCA - Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells Analysis - a computer program dedicated to the numerical simulation of the internal electrical behaviour of semiconductor optoelectronic devices with special emphasis on amorphous silicon structures. ATLAS - Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software that provides for automatic generation and optimization of numerical software for processors with deep memory hierarchies and pipelined functional units.

Boik and James F. Includes makefile and dependency generator. A program designed to analyse mixtures of densities from the exponential family. Code for "Computer Simulation of Liquids" F. The symbolic analysis and transformation library consists of components for analyzing general Fortran models and automatically generating the information required when using modern numerical algorithms.

Usage restrictions apply free for scientific endeavors. DVERK - A public domain Fortran 77 subroutine written by Hull, Enright and Jackson for the numerical solution of systems of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations. EMMIX - An implementation of an algorithm for the automatic fitting and testing of mixtures of normal components to multivariate data.

FEM2DLib - a Fortran module with set of data structure definitions that behave more or less as "objects" , functions and subroutines that can be used to solve simple problems with ordinary and partial differential equations using the Finite Elements Method FEM. Kalaba and Leigh Tesfatsion, implements a generalized flexible least squares GFLS method for the smoothing and filtering of systems described by approximately linear dynamic and measurement relations.

Hankel Transform Code - Anthony E. Ginzton Laboratory, Stanford University. These data have the form of a multidimensional array S q,w,p, Hutson Department of Chemistry, University of Durham. ITXGEMM - is an implementation of matrix-matrix multiplication that builds on some recent theoretical results of ours that show how to take advantage of all layers of memory hierarchies on modern microprocessors.

Jacobi-Davidson Method for Eigenproblems - an iterative subspace method for computing one or more eigenvalues and eigenvectors of an eigenproblem developed by Gerard Sleijpen and Henk van der Vorst, Mathematical Institute Utrecht University.

LAPACK - routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. In other words you can add and edit recipes in multiple locations and the changed recipes will be replicated to your other instances of Living Cookbook.

OCA's occasionally connected applications are a class of software applications that store their primary data locally i.

Many Living Cookbook users have unreliable Internet connections or they take their computers to locations with no Internet e. We also wanted to make Living Cookbook resilient in the sense that both the desktop and web databases be left in a valid state if synchronization were interrupted for any reason e.

And even if there is some sort of problem e. I have been avidly waiting for an update to Living Cookbook The wait was worth it. This new version is fantastic. Importing recipes, planning menus, controlling my standard inventory items and creating grocery lists from recipes work seamlessly.

Being able to manage my growing recipes collection was the reason I selected Living Cookbook back in The ability to scale the recipes for my husband and I resulted in substantial weight loss for both of us.

Anyone who has dietary issues should run all of their recipes through Living Cookbook , taking time to link all ingredients, and see what it comes up with. I have been fortunate to see major innovations that have drastically changed diabetics lives… one is the glucometer, two is the insulin pump… and the Living Cookbook should be 3, as the carb counts are spot on for my insulin pump.

I was looking through some of my old cooking magazines and found some recipes I wanted to keep but I really didn't want to have to type them all into the computer. I went into Living Cookbook, typed in the recipe name and was able to bring up the recipe and download it. What a timesaver plus I got the picture to go along with the recipe. I have been using the Living cookbook for years but this is the best edition yet.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product. Folks, I just moved my Living Cookbook software from my old Dell XP to my new HP Windows 7, and it was so easy, thanks to the extreme care you take to provide detailed info on your website, and to make things work as promised. I wish every software company were as well-run as yours. To be honest, I think you could charge a little more. IMHO, your software is worth two to three times what you are charging.

I think Living Cookbook is the best recipe application available today. As a professional software developer myself I can see the time and effort that went into this product. Their development team has been very responsive to any issues I've encountered and their support staff has been top notch.

The new version includes web technologies that will allow for future features such as mobile apps, etc. Best of the best! This should be the software by which all other recipe software is measured.

It's standard Windows-type format makes it a snap to learn, and the options you have with this program are unbelievable, especially for the low price! Cannot recommend too highly! The best Recipe Software around. I checked out other cookbook software and settled on Living Cookbook. The cost is very reasonable. There are many more features than I need. There are a few improvement I would like to see but there is a good chance that they will be included one day as the program is regularly updated taking account of user's requests.

What I most like is that the developer is very responsive. Points raised in the forums fora? The best recipe software available. I've used living cookbook for a couple of years and it outperforms every other recipe package I've used. It greatly simplifies capturing "internet" recipes. I recommend this software to everyone who cooks. This software is critical to my catering business. Great and flexible software! This is a great piece of software.

I reviewed several before I tried this one, and it is the best. Entering recipes is easy, and the nutritional analysis is great. I especially like how simple multiplying or dividing a recipe is, and the cloning feature makes it easy to set up a base recipe and then create numerous variations without having to enter everything all over again. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who collects recipes, or is watching their nutrition.

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