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Here, we study the mechanics of the simplest rope trick, the Flat Loop, in which the rope is driven by the steady circular motion of the roper's hand in a horizontal plane. Dosage rates are increasing because the drugs are not effective as claimed. What is disturbed heart rhythm or arrhythmia? Acids tend to be sour and corrosives, and bases alkaline compounds the opposite, and slippery. Certain viruses, bacteria, and authoritarian flag-waving fanatics are common examples of pathogens. Examples include dunes, deflation hollows, and sand-blasted outcroppings.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Around the world, they are grown more often and more abundantly than any other crop. Closest living relative to the whale: Like the Order Sirenia manatees and dugongs , the Cetaceans were never land animals. Although it secrets a resin that burns like gasoline, homes continue to be built in its potentially explosive thickets.

So far, this principle has not worked its way up the food chain into the dealings of nation-states with each other. Metalloproteins, for example, that work in the body with enzymes and iron storage. Ultimately, all forms of weathering have a hand in forming soils. The list of claimed benefits includes help for atherosclerosis and various kinds of vascular disease, decreased angina, nicer skin color, healing of gangrene, better blood viscosity and circulation, fewer free radicals, smoother cell and organelle functioning, heightened sensuality, healed ulcers, diminished arthritis, MS, Parkinon's, and Alzheimer's, and of course slower aging.

Proponents whose praises for chelation are ignored claim to be victims of the medical establishment, their clinking heavy metals chelated by a disbelief freely played if not always radical. Sprinklers are often used for this. Usually found in limestone nodules. A human with a mouse's brain would be an example, as would Frankenstein's angry monster.

In Greek mythology the Chimera--a fire-breather who was part lion, part goat, and part dragon--devastated the land until finally slain by a hero. Nevertheless, certain enthusiastic biologists are more eager to create chimeras than to read hints and warnings from ancient mythology. Aztecs and Mayans used this farming method. Although abundantly produced--almost as much so as cellulose--some insecticides prevent it from cycling. When released into the air and exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the upper atmosphere, they form a gas that opens holes in the ozone layer.

Symbiotic with mitochondria, as shown by biologist Lynn Margulis. Found in many insecticides carbamates, Parathion, Mestinon. Used in small doses to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Chromosomes are made out of chromatin. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 in all: Offspring acquire half their chromosomes from the biological mother and half from the biological father.

Each chromosome is shaped like an X, with a dot in the center the centromere and arms reaching out to the ends the irreplaceable telomeres that keep chromosomes from sticking together accidentally; their gradual shortening from replication after replication during cell division sets the biological limit to a life.

Circum-Pacific Belt Ring of Fire: Alpine glaciers generally start out from a cirque. Rather parasitic, the large ones, in that they take from all over without giving, bereft as they are of natural producers. Because of their exclusive emphasis on growth and productivity, they are locked into an ecological immaturity that wastes resources and widely and indiscriminately pollutes.

For all these reasons they are as unsustainable as the civilizations that spawn them. Energy from the sun drives climate, which sets limits on a biome's plant life and therefore on the animals that live there. The Koppen-Geiger classification sorts major climates into five types: Climax communities tend toward maturity because of having attained harmony with their surroundings through years of experimentation and adaptation.

The Earth is a closed system of finite room and resource. Nature knows no rigid categories. Mined coal provides most of the world's electrical energy. A popular compound in hell, it was once carried by thieves and cutpurses to avoid apprehension. Also, the blended expression of two alleles genetic variations , as when white carnations crossed with red carnations produce pink ones.

Formed by opposing cirque glaciers. Contrast with Hot Frame. They are found in hair, tendons, and about a fourth of the human body's protein. One year a radio microphone was set up at Mission San Juan Capistrano to convey the flappings of departing swallows to listeners all over heavily colonized Orange County, but the inconsiderate avians flew off ahead of schedule.

The missionaries had done something similar in when the mission was secularized. CFUs indicate the water's level of bacterial concentration. Australian farmer Hugh Victor McKay invented the first practical combine in ; as devout a Christian as Sven Foyn, inventor of the harpoon gun, he fought against the establishment of basic wages for agricultural laborers but lost that battle. James Morrow invented a similar threshing and stripping device around the same time that McKay did. Everything is connected to everything else.

Everything must go somewhere. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or everything has to go somewhere. Barry Commoner, biologist, Some combinations to avoid opponents: Competition tends to characterize less mature ecosystems.

Grass clippings, kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, and even certain kinds of weeds will serve when mixed with brown matter dry twigs, newspaper , but not animal fat, meat, oil, or cat or dog feces. A properly built, moistened, and aerated pile will gradually heat up as microorganisms break it down into humus; for faster results, shred the materials before composting, keep sponge-moist, and turn the pile every three days, shoveling undigested matter at its edges into its baking heart.

It is ready to spread on soil when flaky brown and no longer hot. A thin layer of soil on the pile gets it off to a start. A pile of less than three cubic feet may not heat up properly. Falling temperatures trigger it. Drops also form around silver iodide particles seeded into clouds to increase local rainfall.

Coniferous vegetation occupies the middle and high latitudes. Ocean floors are composed primarily of basalt. The crust's thickness varies from 20 to 75 kilometers.

The differences tend to be greater than in places closer to an ocean maritime effect. Active margins mark sites of heavy geological activity, including continental collision and subduction. Earthquakes, volcanism, mountain formation, and a narrow continental shelf characterize the tumultous active margins. Passive margins are the opposite, calmer and steadier, with flat land and wide shelves. In North America, the west coast is active and the east coast passive. The plates average kilometers of thickness and are pushed rather than pulled by currents in the mantle.

Including belts of cover vegetation between crops is known as contour strip farming. An intermediate stage in the development of what Lewis Mumford referred to as necropolis, an example of which is tenemented Rome around the time that the Western Empire fell.

Necropolis is the final stage in decadence, bureaucratic alienation, hatred of life, and urban implosion. Common along the equator and deep inside continents. Animals that live in similar surroundings often resemble each other, for instance. Wings in unrelated species of birds are an example.

Convergence Precipitation Frontal Precipitation: Evaporation from a creek, leakage from a pipe. Corals are perforate porous skeleton or imperforate solid skeleton. Colonial corals live in deep water, and reef-building corals in warm, shallow water where their zooxanthellae algae can receive sunlight. When corals die, their outer skeletons remain, growing the reefs layer upon layer see Atoll. This happens when carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas enters the water, cutting down reef production and leaving existing reefs vulnerable to erosion.

Cordgrass produces five to ten times as much nutriment and oxygen as a comparable acreage of wheat. Very useful for tidal marsh restoration because its roots hold the mud in place as the plants bracket incoming waves while filtering them for nutrients. Its currents generate the planet's magnetic field.

Roots die in overly compacted ground. Low pressure systems in the northern hemisphere turn counterclockwise clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Think of the apparent curve caused by a child trying to walk a straight line from the center of a carrousel to the edge as it spins. Usually a monocot, it does this through hot summers or cold winters. Planting it can grow a new plant. They store nutrients for the seed until it grows its own photosynthetic leaves. Also, steep flow of hardened lava.

Can be dug under to put nutrients back into the ground. Common cover crops include buckwheat, hairy vetch, Austrian winter pea, and various clovers. A major component of forest productivity. Lack of light and room to grow limits it called crown shyness.

A crash can often be seen a long way off in communities on a direct course to disaster through overuse of food and other vital supplies. Creationism renamed Intelligent Design: Creationism is a "working against nature" rather than a "working with nature" enterprise in its insistence that the divine stands apart from the natural in a relationship of domination supernaturalism.

Few scientists take Creationist claims of worldwide Biblical floods and inexplicable gaps in the fossil record seriously. In Henry M. Morris and John C. Firing, clearing, plowing, and cultivating destroy the colloids that hold soil together and trap nutrients. Similar to sand spits, but wider. Cuttings grow best from sunside shoots or branches with two nodes each. They are planted with the top bud just clear of the soil. They were among the first living things on Earth. The food-making chloroplast of plants is actually a cynobacterium imported long ago.

It can often be avoided by holding off on mulching until the seeds have sprouted. In politics, the end of the current geological age. Also, avid if heavy-lidded collectors of Jerry Garcia T-shirts, skeleton costumes, handmade jewelry, and hemp. Declination and Right Ascension: Because the Earth spins in space, right ascension is measured in time intervals rather than degrees of arc. Conserves water by cutting down on transpiration and nutrients by reducing what the leaves required.

Deciduous trees are useful in gardens because they give shade in summer, let in light in winter, and drop leaves that enrich the soil when decomposed. They are best transplanted when dormant late autumn to early spring. Most are bacteria, algae, and fungi. They fuel the nitrogen and oxygen cycles that support all life on Earth. Its two fundamental norms, irreducible to any others: Deep ecologists see identification--with plants and animals, places, the world--as the basis of empathy and relationship.

Fires on particular soils do this. This self-regulating dynamic helps prevent extinction. Dependent Co-Arising Paticca Samuppada: Buddhist theory of mutual causality, which in practice means the interdependency of personal and social activity. Joanna Macy links this to a sense of environmental responsibility: Also, a transformation from gas to solid as a result of cooling.

Because this requires a large amount of energy--normally provided by burning coal or oil--desalinization is normally used only in very dry areas. Some desertification is natural, but most is from erosion, climate change global warming , or overgrazing. Below freezing, called a frost point. Similar to metamorphosis, but with less depth and less heat. Usually leads to dieoff extinction.

The facts of nature cannot in the long run be violated. Penetrating and seeping through everything like water, they will undermine any system that fails to take account of them, and sooner or later they will bring about its downfall.

Can be natural or artificial. The opposite of Convergent Evolution. The molecules are made of linked nucleotides: These bases join like ladder rungs--always an A to a T and a C to a G--with the sugar-phosphate forming the outside "backbone" of the strand. The sequence of these nucleotides, with each group of three spelling one anino acid "codon," determines the kind of protein manufactured when translated by strands of RNA.

James Watson and Francis Crick discovered this structure in Everything living carries the same gene code, one reason scientists are so confident we are all related biologically. Some DNA sequences are identical in humans and bacteria, a fact that underlines our common biological origins. Coyotes are the next closest relatives. Used to prepare soil beds where plants have not been grown. Val Plumwood has named five features that characterize dualism: The meteorological equivalent of the Metrodome.

Sometimes associated with mountain-building. Formed by particles of gas and denser materials once ejected from exploding supernovae and gradually pulled together by gravity. It spread spontaneously to thousands of campuses and involved at least 20 million participants. Earth Day has become popular enough that politicians and corporate heads have started giving speeches on April President Bush tried it in , but the Great Smoky Mountains thundered and rained him out.

Both contrast with the more human-focused perspective prevalent in industrialized nations. The Laws postulate that living things seek to preserve their structure, grow toward climax maturity rather than entropy nonexistence , move into mutualism and wholeness, and survive and flourish through spontaneous, adaptive self-regulation. Dissatisfied with ecological analyses that leave patriarchy out of account, ecofeminists out parallels between how men in the West mistreat women and how they mistreat the Earth: A twist on this is the patriarchal habit of objectifying women while feminizing the environment; women are then seen as less mature or human because "closer to nature.

Salleh thinks that feminine bodily experiences situate women more closely to nature, whereas Roach critiques this for reinforcing of the old nature-culture dichotomy. Many ecofeminists have criticized deep ecology's emphasis on unity seen as a deemphasis on diversity and particularity and on the need for elaborate philosophizing; for Plumwood, who sees the Western exaltation of rationality as a suicidal expression of ecological contempt, "identifying" with nature is an extended egotism that replaces relationship with psychological fusion.

For Ynestra King, the tie with nature, though socially colored, should be celebrated rather than repudiated as "determinist" or "essentialist. Shorter food chains tend to lose less energy. The term was coined in by German biologist and philosopher Ernest Haeckel, famous also for his discredited but interesting dictum that ontogeny individual physical development recapitulates phylogeny the evolutionary development of its species.

As with deep ecology, ecopsychology insists that to be healthy, our relations with the Earth must be reciprocal, not exploitive. At its core, ecopsychology suggests that there is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being; that the needs of the one are relevant to the other. From this norm follow certain values like: A key premise is that everything living has an intrinsic value apart from its purely human use value.

One of Naess's models, Spinoza, was a lens-grinder. Haikai Tane's term for a hypothesized evolution of ecosystems, some changing in response to human-caused planetary changes. The term was introduced in by Sir Arthur Tansley. Social ecologist Murray Bookchin prefers the less mechanical word ecocommunity. Its components are not reducible to the interdependent relationships that emerge from it.

Howard Odum's hypothesis that ecosystems change not only gradually, but in the unpredictable starts, fits, and "pulses" characteristic of systems subject to chaos dynamics. Most greens consider ecotage inappropriate until, at the very least, actions like nonviolent resistance have proven futile. Dave Foreman of EarthFirst! Farmer-writer Gene Logsdon has wondered whether groups who resort to such acts ever think about protecting, say, vanishing topsoil.

Ecotherapist Linda Buzzell-Saltzman refers to the field as "ecopsychology in action. Often associated with shield volcanoes. At present the Periodic Table contains elements. Two or more elements form a compound. El Niño "the boy": As barometric pressure shifts over the Pacific and Indian Oceans the Southern Oscillation , floods strike some regions the West Coast of North America, for example as droughts bake others parts of South America. South American fisherman bestowed the name because the effect--which lasts eight to ten months--often arrives near Christmas, birth time of the Christ Child.

Emissivity and albedo help balance the global temperature. It is suspected to cause vaginal cancer, immune system deficiencies, and birth defects.

Examples of the resulting symbiosis include plastids, mitochondria, and chloroplasts. English evolved from the Anglo-Saxon tongues spoken by the Germanic tribes--Angli, Saxons, Frisians, Jutes--whose conscripts among the Roman legions had visited Britain later, Angleland, or England and found it inviting. They came around , the year Rome fell to the Visigoths and the Emperor Honorius decided from the safety of Ravenna that outposts like Britain were on their own.

With the Romans gone, the incoming Germanics blended with the indigenous Celts, and so did their languages: So matters stood until William the Conqueror invaded in and brought along a language spoken at court: Anglo-Norman, a dialect of French nobilityspeak thick with Latin words transplanted from the Roman Empire and its warlike clerics. Eventually Anglo-Norman mixed with Old English to make Middle English the language of Chaucer , but during the Renaissance, renewed interest in classical science and scholarship summoned another wave of Latinisms.

With these and an infusion of Greek terms in place, English grew standardized with help from the printing press. Today only about one-sixth of it is homegrown, the rest imported from other languages. Surrounded by the cogs and wheels of the Industrial Revolution, capitalists and scientists coined more new words from Greek and Latin formations that lent themselves to abstraction, classification, and measurement. Hence the need for glossaries like this one. For one more item, see Inkhorn.

It tends to increase over time. Both plants and animals have it. Tends to be the larger animals. See Opportunistic Success Strategy. The spring or vernal equinox is on March 21 or 22, and the autumn equinox on September 22 or Every time you see a dust cloud, or a muddy stream, a field scarred by erosion or a channel choked with silt, you are witnessing the passing of American democracy.

It divides two more or less even pieces of land. Conserves space, heat for frost-prone areas; enhances productivity. Thick with nutrients and organic matter, such zones are the highest producers in the ecosphere. Eliminating one removes the grasses needed by local fish, shrimps, snails, and other protein-rich organisms, deprives the are of a pollutant scrubber, and removes a key flood-control device.

With strong-arm help from the Army Corps of Engineers, about half of the estuaries in the U. Requires a lot of energy. A natural event, but can cause plants to lose too much water in dry times. Of two groups of plants, roughly 50 individuals in each group is fairly even; 2 in one group and 50 in the other would be uneven. Needle-shaped leaves retain moisture with less loss to transpiration.

Evolutionary operations and outcomes have been observed directly, today, as well as indirectly through field studies, DNA research, evidence-dating techniques, the fossil record, etc. The animal equipped with a new and helpful feature is likelier to live long enough to pass it down than an animal without it.

Eleph ants in China are more frequently born tuskless, now, due to pressure from poaching. See Speciation for an example of a family of Asian butterflies branching into different species today. Genetic mutations, which are rare and usually harmful, play less of a role in evolution than Darwin believed, and cultural forces that reinforce selection for certain characteristics a larger role. See Natural Selection and Sexual Selection.

According to biologist Richard Dawkins, the eye has evolved independently at least forty times, echo location four times, the venomous sting ten times, electrolocation several times, flapping flight four times, jet propulsion twice, and sound production for social puroses too many times to count. See Convergent Evolution, Taxonomy.

According to this chart, the highest form of life on Earth is the French poodle. The walls between "nature" and "culture" begin to crumble as we enter a posthuman era. Darwinian insights force occidental people, often unwillingly, to acknowledge their literal kinship with critters.

Called unloading when it happens in conjunction with uplift. Each exon codes for a specific part of the protein to be created. Not to be confused with Exxon, whose extra x symbolizes what it codes: Contrast with Effusive Eruption. Facilitation Model of Succession: Frequent in species that dwell in wetland uplands. Industrially warehoused beef cattle weigh about 1, pounds after the steady diet of protein and steroids they are forced to eat.

Felspars are found in almost all crystalline rocks. Fen peat usually comes from decomposing sedges, rushes, and other such plant matter. Baleen whales do this by forcing seawater past the baleen plates they use instead of teeth. Firn Limit Firn Line: First Law of Thermodynamics: Sunlight into tissue; motion into electricity. Salt does this with clay particles.

It can also be used to separate contaminants from wastewater. The detritus food chain starts when organic matter settles on the ground and breaks down. Because such linear food chains are relatively rare in nature, see Food Web. Foods that must come a long distance often require more preservatives and generate more air pollution from the petroleum products used to ship them. For this reason food packaging does not usually say where something is grown. Buying from a local grower or farmer reduces or eliminates such environmentally unsound practices.

Food web diagrams emphasize the circular complexity of feeding relationships. Cut down a forest and make a localized drought. Deforestation is a direct cause of spreading desertification worldwide. Parallel damage to the human psyche remains largely unexplored.

It was our Indian rule to keep our fields very sacred. We did not like to quarrel about our garden lands. One's title to a field once set up, no one ever thought of disputing it; for if one were selfish and quarrelsome, and tried to sieze land belonging to another, we thought some evil would come upon him There is a story of a black bear who got into a pit that was not his own, and he had his mind taken away from him for doing so.

Remains of their shells produces chalk. All told, these industries put tons of carbon dioxide into the air every second: Although none of these fuels carries much, if anything, left from the dinosaurs, these now-extinct saurons have come to symbolize them with an eerie persistence.

Invented in Concord by Henry French. Yields were very high compared to traditional agricultural methods. See Density Dependence, Predator Switching. Types include cold fronts cold air pushing back warm air--often bringing stormy weather , warm fronts, stationary fronts, dry lines air barriers separating moist from dry air--very common in the American Midwest , and occluded fronts when a cold front catches up with a warm one; the resulting rotations of air can generate cyclones.

Many birds and bats are frugivores. Their long hyphae filaments aerate and bind soils, aid water transport, cycle nutrients, decompose organic matter, and allow roots to absorb nutrients from the ground. The hypothesis was invented to answer the question of how certain environmental variables gasses in the atmosphere, ocean salinity levels that should be unstable remain in equilibrium.

Think about a population of rats in which all but one have striped tails. A catastrophe kills all but the one, who goes on to breed.

DNA duplication errors often create new genes. Gregor Mendel discovered genes and wrote about them--he called them "factors"--in , but his work was ignored for 45 years. Their chromosomal order controls physical characteristics. Divided into eons, eras, periods, and epochs. We are now in the Phanerozoic Eon that started million years ago when animals began to fossilize in large numbers, the Cenozoic Era started 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs blew out , Quaternary Period roughly 2 million years ago, when pre-humans appeared , Holocene Epoch 10, years ago, when the last Ice Age ended.

Geysers and volcanos are naturally occuring examples. Many contain cirques on the valley floor. Peat is a frequent result. In Russia gleization has been used to grow an organic "liner" to hold water in leaky ponds and dugouts.

The scientific emphasis has swung from whether global warming exists to how to minimize the damage it will cause. One example of many: If the Greenland ice sheet melts, sea levels worldwide will rise twenty feet. The tide rises in Tuvalu, but unnaturally high tides are not seen only in the Pacific. They are being spotted now all over the world. An energy source for both plants and animals; it breaks down from ingested carbohydrates.

Cellulose and chitin contain it. Most Americans do not realize that eating processed food almost always means eating something genetically altered, in part because the foods are not normally labelled as such. Similar to rift valleys. Also a geology term for land leveling by deposition and erosion. Used as an alternative from growing a plant from seed.

Grafting produces many hybrids. Global warming is believed to have cut world grain production by 93 million tons in alone. Rich in quartz and potassium feldspar orthoclase. Jared Diamond's name for the human artifacts, ornaments, paintings, and other symbolic innovations that appeared rather suddenly 40, years ago. The "higher" plants evolved from it.

It is usually applied before the second crop usually a food crop grows to avoid overheating it or depriving it of nutrients. This natural effect is amplified by growing quantities of greenhouse gasses--carbon dioxide, nitroux oxide, chlorofluorocarbons CFCs , ozone, and methane--that trap reflected radiant energy as it tries to leave the planet.

Some would see a tragic, bitter irony in using up topsoil, polluting the rivers and oceans, and blackening the atmosphere while unconsciously converting the entire world into a giant greenhouse. Ralph Metzner prefers the term "green psychology" because instead of sounding like yet another discipline or departmental specialty, it refers to what psychology should have been doing all along: In his book by the same name he notes, "The absence of any consideration given to the ecological basis of human life in textbooks and theories of psychology is startling: The resulting production techniques boosted wheat yield enormously, and their use in India and Pakistan saved millions of lives.

But because such production depends on irrigation which invites salt , heavy machinery which compacts soil , and chemical fertilizers and pesticides made from petroleum products, the long-term ecological consequences have been devastating.

Gross domestic product GDP -- Gross domestic product is a measure of the total production and consumption of goods and services in the United States.

Because it does not take resource depletion or pollution into account, the GDP gives a false picture of the wealth of nations. This would lend evolution a forward-looking or "teleological" capacity most Darwinians reject. Gardeners work diatomaceous soil into the earth in spring to keep grubs from eating plant roots. Planted around an orange tree: The guild is a version of companion planting. It separates warm surface air currents from cold downdrafts.

Because emission slows as the isotope decreases in radioactivity, taking half the life of its decay is more meaningful than trying to estimate the entire amount. Half-lives range from millionths of a second to millions of years. Most plants need less salty soil to grow in.

By contrast, most of the cells that make up the body are diploid: Takes about two weeks. Caused by clay compation, iron precipitation, or cementing by calcium carbonate precipitates. Growing plants like dandelions can loosen it up. Mining and agricultural machinery, for example.

Called a promontory when high and narrow. Healthy Planet Food Pyramid: Lawrence Buzzell-Saltzman's model of sustainable consumption of local food. Focusing on where we get our food, the pyramid rests on three levels: The average load of food must now travel 1, miles: Too much lead, zinc, nickel, mercury, arsenic, copper, or cadmium in soil can damage plants.

Cattails, rushes, and reeds are helophytes. Herbs are grown for seasonings, for medicinal use, and for attracting beneficial insects like bees into gardens. They do best in at least six hours of sunlight daily and are harvested as the first flower buds open. It offers a more compact growing space and protects the plants inside it from weeds and wind.

Insects are the most numerous herbivores. All fungi and animals are heterotrophs. A ten-dollar word for "self-correction. This is done to keep cream from rising to the top. Homogenized milk is suspected by some of contributing to several health problems, including hardening of the arteries and diminished resistance to cancer. We walk upright; so did early hominids. Recent evidence suggests a genetic component. The opposite of a Graben Fault.

Indigenous societies once believed on the brink of starvation until "civilized" by monoculturalists e. Using too much can burn plant roots. Most of the important micronutrients are cations; the most important anions are boron and molybdenum. Agribusiness companies produce and sell hybrids that do not reproduce in order to retain a monopoly on seeds. Any statistical justification of ugliness or violence is a revelation of stupidity.

Wittfogel coined this term to apply only to Oriental despots, its practice is worldwide, as in the Los Angeles water wars of urban expansion and assimilation and Israel's diversion of the Jordan, a project that led to the Six Day War of The definition could be broadened to apply to enterprises like OPEC that monopolize vital resources. It alters with changes in the water table. Petroleum, natural gas, coal, and methane are examples. Of the fresh water in rivers, streams, reservoirs, etc.

Salt, glycerin, ethyl alcohol. In crabs, pepper spot disease occurs when the flatworms that infect the crab are infected by a parasitic protozoan. An excess of nutrients eutrophication from fertilizer runoffs, air pollution, sewage, soil erosion, and other sources can spark enough algal growth to deprive the water of oxygen and kill off fish and other organisms that need it.

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock. In urban areas the resulting storm runoffs spread pollution and waste, erode whatever soils they reach, and threaten communities with flash flooding. Moss sometimes means a lot of acid in the soil, for example, although to a seasoned eye, most plants can serve as indicators. Sometimes used to mean a species that moves into an ecosystem from outside. Inhibition Model of Succession: Thomas Wilson's rant appeared in , his cry unheeded by generations of researchers who emulated a Latin-speaking priesthood by locking away their concepts in sacred verbal sacristies: Among all other lessons this should first be learned, that wee never affect any straunge ynkehorne termes, but to speake as is commonly received: Some seeke so far for outlandish English, that they forget altogether their mothers language.

And I dare sweare this, if some of their mothers were alive, thei were not able to tell what they say: According to integral theory, every phenomenon can be studied either individually or collectively, and from the inside or the outside. Integral ecology applies this by exploring the subjective, measurable, cultural, and developmental dimensions of a given ecological situation or problem rather than staying solely with one angle of attack.

When done properly interplanting provides a natural mulch or ground cover and inhibits pest infestations. A radioactive cloud drifting halfway around the world demonstrates an ecologically significant linkage between its point of origin and its destination; "everything is one" is verbal gas.

As Charles Manson liked to put it, "If all is one, then nothing is wrong. Ions play a key role in many biochemical reactions. For a segment of crust, buoyancy depends on its thickness and density. U has the same number of protons, but not neutrons, as U, but U will not fission itself into an atomic chain reaction when lumped together.

Such layers form the bottom of the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. Worldwide population growth, for instance. The two polar jet streams are the strongest. They seem to play no role in anything genetic. Kaolinite Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide: Common in clays everywhere, including China, where its name comes from. Used to make paint, rubber, ceramic, plastics, and the glossy stuff they put on magazines.

Left by a chunk of melted glacier. Under pressure it turns into a tarry hydrocarbon. Named after German chemist Hans Krebs, who discovered the cycle in See Glycolysis, Carbohydrate Catabolism.

K is the constant for carrying capacity in terms of population growth. This used to be true for whales before their environment was changed. Symptoms include bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. People of Northern European descent tend to suffer it less because of an evolutionary transformation brought about by milk-drinking, a practice other humans have traditionally given up after infancy. Laminar Flow Streamlined Flow: The air over land is of higher pressure because the land, heated during the day, is warmer than the water.

La Niña "the girl": An intensification of normal conditions in North America, stormy in the northwest and dry in the southwest. The opposite of an El Niño. Triggers huge landslides in recently deforested areas. Laterites rich in aluminium oxides are mined for their aluminium ore. An east-west line connecting places of the same latitude is a parallel. Latitude is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds. In other words, life gets richer toward the equator and less so nearer the poles. According to Bill Mollision see Permaculture , cultivated lawns go back to the British Empire and the country estate, both in the business of taming the natural world.

Their demand for water is second only to that of agricultural irrigation. Many require petroleum products to maintain and to fertilize, and pesticides to keep pristine despite their ecological vulnerability. Pesticides, fertilizers, poisons from mines or feedlots, and wastes from industrial plants sometimes leach into groundwater.

Leaching also refers to washing the salt from soil to increase its fertility. All legumes contribute to the nitrogen, phosphorus key to flowering and seed formation , and potassium nutrition of the crops that follow. Alfalfa is the heaviest nitrogen producer. Levees built to containn floods can actually accelerate floodwaters by narrowing natural channels.

Used to make rattan. Ynestra King's term for politics grounded in care and relationships, in eros rather than logos only. The alga makes sugar through photosynthesis, and the fungi fills out the organism while holding it to a surface rocks, bark, etc. Lichens pioneer harsh or sparse environments, provide food for grazers, and break down rocks through chemical weathering.

Hart Merriam in to classify environments by temperature and rainfall. There are eight major life zones: Limestone is often added to cement and other construction materials, including blocks and facings. Limnology is the study of lakes and ponds. With proteins and carbohydrates, membrane-strengthening lipids provide cells with their structure. When earthquakes trigger it, walls, dams, buildings, and foundations are liable to collapse. Frequent near coastal developments and areas of poor drainage.

Its erosion forms "cat steps" that slide off each other. A frequent component of fertile topsoil. A line connecting places of the same longitude is a meridian. It is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds. Unlike latitude, longitude cannot take the poles and equator as fixed points of reference. It must rely more on time, which is why accurate long-voyage navigation had to await the invention of an accurate timepiece.

Soils lacking one or more of them are sometimes given amendments to add what's needed. It might have evolved from scrapie , a similar disease that infects sheep and goats. In Britain, the practice of feeding cattle with the remains of other cattle not known to have been infected helped spread the disease in the mids.

Given how the meat packing industry treats them anyway, no wonder the cows are mad. Lava is exposed magma. The poles occasionally switch, also, which last happened , years ago.

It shields the Earth from the highly charged plasma mostly hydrogen particles of the solar wind that emanates from the sun. Vandana Shiva's term for what usually goes by the name of development and in actuality results in widespread poverty and ecological destruction. Maldevelopment contrasts with "realwealth," the actual richness and diversity of a community. Why does progress so often look like destruction?

About 5, species in all, and all descended from a common ancestor of the anteater, platypus, marsupials like the kangaroo, and placentals. The extinction of the dinosaurs Their trunks block wind, and their roots provide habitats and a barrier to erosion.

Limestone marble is white. Marbles like those played with on street corners were once made of marble; the common method of shooting one is called fulking no kidding. It's considered impolite to fulk with another person's marbles without permission. It tends to soften temperature extremes. Used as a fertilizer or a source of lime for lime-poor soils. The mass extinction now underway threatens more than half the animals on Earth, some of whom have already vanished; others, like the great apes, are about to.

For a tribute to what no longer lives, see the Altars of Extinction project online. Tends to occur at higher elevations. Contributes to soil cohesion and the formation of helpful colloids. Its larvae also eat vegetables and nuts. Yellow-brown with reddish purple eyes. Chemical sprays do not control them effectively because of the brief time it takes the adult to lay eggs below the surface of the offspring's future food source. Braconid wasps and other parasites seem to do a more thorough job see Biocontrol.

Lewis Mumford's term for a mechanical sequestering of human energy into rigid social hierarchies. His examples include the labor force that built the Pyramids and the armies of both World Wars. The macrofauna like fish depend on them for food. Because each must contain half a future offspring's DNA one set from the father and one from the mother , the kind of cell division mitosis used elsewhere will not work--it would double the amount of DNA needed.

To prevent this, meiosis turns a cell containing 46 chromosomes into four sex cells containing 23 chromosomes each haploids through an initial extra stage that mixes chromosomes. Aside from that stage, meiosis is like Mitosis.

Recent research supports Susan Blackmore's theory that the human brain evolved rapidly to make itself a better habitat for human memes. Such memes would be available for sexual selection. Different sorts of meristem make the various tissues some for bark, some for leaves, etc.

Merophytes build much of a plant, the leaves and stems in particular. About half of mesocyclones spawn tornados. All the physical and chemical factors in the production anabolism and breakdown catabolism of protoplasm and energy.

Metabolism is the fire of biological life. Called prograde metamorphism when the change agents are intensifying, and retrograde when they are decreasing. A frequent occurrence below the Earth's surface. Metamorphic rocks make up most of the planet's crust. Although local groups might die out, the migrants keep the species alive.

Term coined by Richard Levins, Can be used to offset too much heat, light, or cold in the surrounding area. Which implies that the two are as separate as self and world were thought to be another Cartesian gem. A more profound philosopher spoke to this centuries before Descartes and his coordinate-plane approach: When you wrack your brain trying to unify things without knowing that they are already one, it is called "three in the morning.

So he said, "How about four in the morning and three in the evening? Over 2, varieties have been discovered.

In archeology, the replacement of fossil bone with water-borne minerals. The implied dualism is older than Descartes. Mitochondria also regulate bodily heat and refine the oxygen that would otherwise poison us.

They look like upturned pillbugs. Some tiny marine protozoans are mixotrophs. Chemistry is the scientific study of molecular reactions. The measurements are more physically precise than the Richter Scale it replaced. See Polyclimax Theory for a less capitalistic perspective. Caused by sedimentary rocks bending over a fault line. This generally requires large quantities of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, nematocides, and other potentiall toxic measures to kill bugs and increase yield.

Even with these chemical aids, monocultures are prone to disease outbreaks and pest infestations. Wes Jackson New Roots for Agriculture: Monoculture invites pests, diseases, erosion. Common near the Indian Ocean. Wetter than a heath but drier than a bog. Often acidic, cold, and rich in carbon content.

They prefer dark, moist locations. The tunnel reaches downward until it spreads over the underlying bedrock. In the case of Greenland and Antartica, moulins are lubricating the remaining sheets of ice from below, making it easier for them to snap off and melt in the sea.

Even compost is basically treated mulch. Mulching a garden reduces erosion, conserves soil moisture, inhibits weed growth, and provides the soil with organic matter.

Can be symbiotic or nonsymbiotic. Similar to a virus. The fungus is nourished and housed by the roots it transports soil nutrients into. Almost nothing green would grow without this symbiosis. Masanobu Fukuoka's method for letting roots till the soil instead of machines. Decrease cultivation and you decrease weeds. Leguminous cover crops and mulching instead of fertilizer.

Fukuoka practices what he calls the "no-plowing, no-fertilizing, no-weeding, no-pesticides, do-nothing method of natural farming. His rice yields have been impressive. He reads like kind of a nut: The bat that hears better than the rest stands a better chance of living long enough to pass on that kind of hearing. In this way certain favorable genes--favorable to adapting to environment pressures--gradually become more numerous in a given population.

Discovered by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in rather, discovered years earlier by both; Darwin beat Wallace to the press in Whether the environment shapes completely passive life-material or interacts with an emerging and ever-more-conscious creative potentiality is a most interesting current debate. Because the sun and moon stand at right angles to each other, their tidal pulls partially nullify each other, resulting in a lesser tide.

Contrast with Spring Tide. She was a "health nut" who insists her diet was the best in the world, but her low-fat diet made them them both fat, just like the obesity epidemic plaguing all English-speaking countries. Their daughter became obese and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. His doctor put him on a cholesterol-lowering drug because his LDL was "a little high. William had a heart attack followed by a quadruple artery bypass operation after being on the cholesterol-lowering drugs for five years.

The cholesterol drugs did not prevent his heart disease because heart disease is not caused by cholesterol. William had two strokes after the bypass surgery, suffered terribly and died several months later.

His doctor never tested him for blood glucose irregularities. His doctor agreed with his low-fat diet but totally misunderstood the disastrous health effects of the low-fat diet. Sixty-five percent of diabetics die from heart disease because insulin causes heart disease, not cholesterol or saturated fats. William's wife hasn't faired too well on her low-fat diet either. She has also been diagnosed with diabetes that has progressed to the point were drugs are not sufficient.

She will soon be taking insulin shots. She has also had cancer surgery twice, had her gallbladder and appendix removed, and suffers from inflammatory bowel disease and degenerative spine disease. Wow, best diet in the world? If you think LDL cholesterol causes heart disease, you have been brainwashed.

What is a heart attack? What is heart failure? What is angina pain, heaviness, or tightness of the chest? What is hardened arteries? What is hypertension, high blood pressure? What is disturbed heart rhythm or arrhythmia? What is heart muscle disease? What is congenital heart defects?

What is a ischaemic, blood clot or blockage, stroke? What is a haemorrhagic, ruptured, and bleeding blood vessel, stroke? Relative value of multiple plasma biomarkers as risk factors for coronary artery disease and death in an angiography cohort. Most health authorities claim that sleep apnea can lead to heart disease. This analysis is backwards. Sleep apnea is caused by an existing heart disease problem.

A weakened heart function results in a reduced amount of oxygenation of the blood during slow breathing while asleep. The blood with reduced oxygen reaches the brain, where it causes the suffer to awake gasping for air and breathing heavily. A person with sleep apnea should be checked for heart disease. The commonly recommended blood tests to evaluate heart disease risks are almost worthless for truly determining the risks.

Doctors will obtain a common cholesterol test that measures only the total cholesterol CT , high density lipoprotein HDL , and triglycerides TR. These measurements are used to calculate the low-density lipoprotein LDL which then becomes the main focus. Medical authorities have set the limit for LDL lower and lower as cholesterol-lowering drugs have failed to have any positive effect on the rate of heart disease.

The lower limit for LDL was , but people continued to develop heart disease at an increasing rate. Now the limit has been lowered still farther to This unreasonably low limit makes everyone in the world a prime candidate for the cholesterol-lowering pharmaceutical drugs. The Smart Heart Page. Lipids by James Mold, M. Generally, LDL cholesterol is not measured directly. The LDL is a calculated value in most test results according to the following formula: The blood tests to accurately evaluate heart disease risk must include all of the following measurements.

Unfortunately, most doctors will not request all of these test, and insurance companies may be reluctant to pay for them as routine preventative diagnostic measurements. To make matters worse, many blood testing laboratories may lack the equipment and skills to perform the tests. One blood test you can perform yourself at home may be a more important indicator of your heart disease risk than the standard cholesterol test requested by your doctor.

You can easily take your own blood glucose measurement at home with a simple, inexpensive glucose meter available at any pharmacy, but most doctors neglect this important heart disease risk factor unless testing for symptoms of diabetes. The atherogenic factors below are believe to increase heart disease atherosclerotic plaque risk. Fasting insulin - A therogenic - This is the number one risk factor, but doctors rarely measure it.

Fasting glucose - A therogenic - This is the number two risk factor, but doctors rarely measure it. Homocysteine - A therogenic - An amino acid often considered as the number one risk factor.

Triglycerides - A therogenic - Fat in the blood that promotes plaque formation. Fibrinogen - A therogenic - A protein molecule that promotes clotting and thickens the blood. LDL - A therogenic - Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

The total LDL reading is almost worthless as a risk factor. The LDL subfractions must be evaluated separately, consisting of the following: IDL - Atherogenic - The intermediate density lipoprotein.

VLDL - Atherogenic - Very low density lipoprotein cholesterol consisting of the following subfractions: VLDL 3 - More atherogenic. HDL - This is the "good" cholesterol. Values below 40 are an increased risk factor. Values above 50 are protective.

High density lipoprotein cholesterol consisting of the following subfractions: HDL3 - Less protective. This is not a risk factor as commonly claimed. This indicates that previous artery damage has occurred. My Personal Test Results. Blood test readings for kidney function and liver function were all within normal ranges in all test cases.. Remember, these awesome cholesterol results require a strict dietary program.

Feeding the Irrational Fear of Cholesterol. The Cholesterol Myth by Thomas J. Increase the number limit when HDL is above Less than 40 increases coronary risk and above 60 gives protection. Less then 50 increases coronary risk and above 60 gives protection.

The impact of low serum triglyceride on LDL-cholesterol estimation. Most clinical laboratories directly measure serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, and high- density lipoprotein cholesterol. They indirectly calculate low-density lipoprotein cholesterol value using the Friedewald equation. Two hundred thirty serum samples were assayed during a one-year period. On each sample, total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride were directly measured in duplicate and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol measured directly and calculated with Friedewald equation as well.

In patients with low serum triglyceride and undesirably high total cholesterol levels, Friedewald equation may overestimate low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration and it should be either directly assayed or be calculated by a modified Friedewald equation. Using linear regression modeling, we propose a modified equation. You can elect to have a physician interpret the results at additional cost or interpret them yourself from information on the report.

Other websites as listed below provide information to assist you in understanding your test results. Any test result out of the normal range will be indicated and should be reviewed with greater concern. HealthCheckUSA will also have a trained professional visit your home to take the necessary samples at additional cost, if desired, and you will receive the report with your results in the mail.

All of this can be done without leaving your home. An appointment and a hour fast are required before the blood is drawn.

Simply make the appointment in the morning and hold breakfast until afterward. HealthCheckUSA affiliates have nearly 10, centers strategically located in all 50 states. Many of these laboratories are used by doctors to conduct health screenings for their patients. Because HealthCheckUSA helps hundred of thousands of health-conscious consumers throughout the USA, they can offer health screenings at some of the most affordable prices in the nation.

You simply order your tests online and take the order to your nearest testing center. The following are website that give helpful information for interpretation of your results. People with the experience and training in self-administering drugs can purchase drugs online without a prescription for personal use on the following International websites.

The FDA does not prevent importation when the drugs appear not to present a serious risk. Previous orders placed with these pharmacies have been completely satisfactory. Ask for EMS shipping. Ask for quotes from several manufactures for evaluation. Pay with Western Union. Are Internet Drugs Safe? The manufacturer of a drug that can be purchased over the Internet should be reviewed to insure the quality of the company.

Search for the manufacturer's website before placing the order. The drugs received should be packaged in special bubble wrap packages with the manufacturer's name, drug name, and dosage clearly printed. The complexity of the package and the printing indicates authenticity. Receiving tablets or capsules that are packaged loose in a plain bottle or simple box is totally unacceptable. Avoid all drugs made in China. Are Prescription Drugs Bad for Us? Most people have become extremely resistant to taking prescription drugs until they are faced with the choice between taking a drug or certain death.

Most doctors hesitate to prescribe antibiotics based on the false logic that drugs create drug-resistant bacteria. The doctors would rather sacrifice the patient for what they feel is the higher good of society. Another example is the hesitancy of most doctors to prescribe an antibiotic when the patient is suspected of having common food poisoning. The physicians use the false logic that the patient's immune system is sufficient to make him better in a few days.

The doctor may also fail to test for the pathogen which could later be found to be deadly. A common e-Coli bacterial infection can cause permanent liver damage and death. Food poisoning causes 4, deaths in the United States every year. Some prescription drugs have been found to cause death, and many have been pulled off the market by the US-FDA. Other drugs have serious negative side effects, but the bad drugs should not be used as a blanket to label all drugs as unacceptable.

Many drugs are awesome. As an example, I ate some raw green pepper for lunch one day that was contaminated with a pathogenic bacteria, and resulted in typical food poisoning symptoms.

I immediately took one mg Cipro tablet. Some doctors avoid prescribing Cipro because of negative side effects; however, the food poisoning symptoms soon dissipated, and I ate a full prime rib dinner without any recurrence of the symptoms. Placing a blanket rejection label on all prescription drugs can be dangerously unhealthy.

Are Generic Prescription Drugs Safe? Generic drugs purchased from your local drugstore may not be as safe as Internet drugs even though you purchased them with a doctor's prescription.

In some cases you may not know the origin of manufacture. The drugs are handled in bulk rather than safety bubble wrap. They may have come from China where impurities in food, supplements, and drugs are common. They could contain heavy metals, carcinogens or toxic trace chemicals. Don't assume you are getting the best quality drugs simply because you purchased them with a doctor's prescription from your local pharmacy on your health insurance.

Although MDLiveCare uses LabCorp as their preferred laboratory, you can ask for a direct copy via fax or mail so you can go to the laboratory of your choice. Call the laboratory to see what the requirements are, but an appointment is generally not necessary. Simply find the nearest office and walk in with your prescription and insurance card. The video conferencing doctor will also send the drug prescription to your local pharmacy. You can present your insurance card when you pick up the drugs.

This test gives a breakdown which are called cholesterol sub-fractions. The reference websites are: Welcome to Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. If you don't have insurance, the best approach is to purchase the lab tests online at a discount through HealthCheckUSA and take your order to the LabCorp office.

This procedure is much less expensive than simply walking into the LabCorp office. Prescription Drugs for Treating Hypertension The following drugs may exhibit fewer and less severe side effects than many of the other drugs given to reduce blood pressure. Tekturna is a kidney renin blocker that can be taken in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast. Avapro is an angiotension 2 receptor antagonist or blocker that can be taken with lunch.

Your doctor many suggest than be taken at separate times rather than together. Blood pressure control medications are known for inhibiting libido reduced sex drive. These two drugs appear not to have this negative side effect, which is rare among blood pressure reduction drugs. It works by decreasing certain chemicals in the body, which cause blood vessels to narrow and sodium and fluids to be stored in the kidneys.

Tekturna generic name aliskiren hemifumarate. Renin cleaves angiotensinogen to form the inactive decapeptide angiotensin I Ang I. Ang II is a powerful vasoconstrictor and leads to the release of catecholamines from the adrenal medulla and prejunctional nerve endings. It also promotes aldosterone secretion and sodium reabsorption. Together, these effects increase blood pressure. Ang II also inhibits renin release, thus providing a negative feedback to the system.

This cycle, from renin through angiotensin to aldosterone and its associated negative feedback loop, is known as the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system RAAS. Whether aliskiren affects other RAAS components, e. Heart disease is cause by eating plant-based foods that increase blood glucose and thereby increase blood insulin levels, and foods that contain a significant amount of polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids. Fruit and fruit juices. Whole grains and refined grains.

Legumes hard beans but not green beans. High fructose corn syrup. Sugar, glucose, fructose, and honey. Vegetable, seed, and nut omega-6 polyunsaturated fats and oils. Hydrogenated vegetable, seed, and nut oils, called trans fats. Starches like potatoes and yams.. Cows' Milk, goats' milk, rice milk, soy milk, and yogurt. Excess consumption of calories from any food. The onslaught of carbohydrates in the diet over many years causes glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

As we can see from the list, whole grains give a double hit at causing heart disease. Whole grains are very high in carbohydrates that raise blood glucose levels and polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids that enter the artery walls where they become rancid and inflammatory. People shopping in supermarkets can be seen with carts loaded with whole grain products and a wide assortment of fruit.

These people are at high risk of developing coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease as proven by the ever-increasing epidemic of these diseases. It is a scientific fact that fructose sugar in fruit causes insulin resistance that increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes.

See the following truthful study that proves fructose as found in abundance in fruit and fruit juice is one of the root causes for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Metabolic syndrome includes high triglyceride levels, a low HDL good cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and a high level of glucose sugar in the blood.

Eating fresh red meat does not contribute to heart disease in any way. Many health professionals attempt to label red meat as unhealthy because it contains saturated fat within the tissue that cannot be easily cut away. Vegetarians label red meat as unhealthy simply because eating animal flesh is a religious issue. Vegetarians will propagate any distortion or lie about red meat in hopes it will persuade others to abstain from eating animals' flesh.

These lies are successful in deceiving and brainwashing many people. However, the science against eating fresh red meat does not exist. It is all conjecture or based on falsified studies. Some studies find fault with high-salt, high-sugar deli meats and then attempt to paint fresh red meat with the same faults.

These studies are a fraud. Fresh red meat is an excellent food and very healthy. Eating fresh red meat provides complete nutrition for healing and building a strong body. All saturated fats have molecules with all of the electron bonds occupied.

Because of this, saturated fats cannot be oxidized. Saturated fats cannot be attacked by other molecules or free radical ions. Saturated fats cannot be glycated. For these reasons, a saturated fat such as lauric fatty acid in coconut oil can be left on the kitchen counter without refrigeration for a full year without turning rancid or degrading. The primary fatty acid in beef fat is monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fatty acids are considered much healthier than polyunsaturated fatty acids that have multiple free electron spaces for easy oxidation.

This is the reason polyunsaturated fatty acids as found in vegetable oils are unhealthy. Vegetable oils as found in grains, seeds, and nuts increase the risk of coronary artery disease. Some studies claim that eating saturated fats increases the percentage of LDL in the blood and thereby increases the risk of heart disease.

These studies fail to realize that eating saturated fats causes the LDL molecules to become the larger, less-dense variety that do not increase heart disease risk. Eating saturated fats from animal or plant sources does not contribute to heart disease in any way. Proof Saturated Fats Are Healthy. Ron Rosedale - pdf. If you think red meat and saturated fats causes heart disease, you have been brainwashed. Nanobacteria do not cause arterial plaque or heart disease.

Some researchers claim that a small crystalline molecule is a miniature bacterial times smaller than regular bacteria.

They claim nanobacteria are living organisms that cause plaque to accumulate in heart arteries. These claims are false. Nanobacteria are simply calcium phosphate crystals that can form in organs of the body. These crystals tend to propagate, not reproduce. Products to treat or rid the body of nanobacteria are a fraud.

Evidence continues to accumulate indicating that bacterial and viral infections can cause arterial plaque heart disease. Doctors have been treating infections of the heart muscle and blood vessels for decades. However, the new studies in Germany and elsewhere have shown that bacterial and viral infections can also cause the formation of arterial plaque. Parts of dead bacteria were found in arterial plaque in the early s. The immune system fights the infection of the artery by attacking the invader.

The invader that has penetrated into the arterial wall is killed and encapsulated, resulting in inflammation and arterial plaque that restricts the blood flow in the artery. This condition can also occur in other arteries including the carotid artery in the neck, which causes a stroke, and arteries of the legs, which causes peripheral arterial disease. Some of the typical infections that may place a person at risk for heart disease include: Helicobacter pylori, which can cause stomach ulcers.

Chlamydia pneumoniae, which can cause pneumonia. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, which is another cause of pneumonia. Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, which cause cold sores and genital herpes. Cytomegalovirus, which is another herpes virus.

Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mononucleosis. Hemophilus influenzae, a bacteria that causes ear and upper respiratory infections. German Study Links Infection, Heart Disease Studies have reported associations between heart disease and chronic bacterial and viral infections. Infectious aetiology in acute coronary syndromes - Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology - To ascertain the relationship between seropositivity to chronic infections with Helicobacter pylori, Chlamydia pneumoniae and Cytomegalovirus CMV and acute coronary syndromes and association of each of these infective agent with biochemical parameters and cardiovascular risk factors.

The cases were aged years and they were compared with age, sex and socio-economic status matched controls without evidence of coronary artery disease CAD.

Seropositivity in normal subjects for H. No significant association of infective agents and coronary syndromes was observed. Higher levels of lipids, lipoproteins, C-reactive protein and higher percentage of coronary risk factors in patients seropositive for H. Several authors have reported association of coronary artery disease CAD with gram negative bacteria Helicobacter pylori and Chlamydia pneumoniae and with certain herpes viruses Cytomegalovirus.

Endothelial injury or dysfunction, smooth muscle proliferation, local inflammation,7 chronic inflammation, cross reactive antibodies or changes in cardiovascular risk factors are proposed mechanisms for the reported associations between infections and CAD.

The possible mechanisms by which H. Endovascular presence of viable Chlamydia pneumoniae is a common phenomenon in coronary artery disease - Journal of the American College of Cardiology - Doctors and researchers in the United States will never seriously investigate bacteria and viruses as a cause for coronary artery disease. The constant mantra against cholesterol, saturated fats, and red meat as the causes of coronary artery disease is absolutely overwhelming.

Pharmaceutical companies making cholesterol-lowering drugs, carbohydrate food manufacturers, and vegetarians swamp the media with their lies. Agents from these organizations infiltrate universities, medical societies, and government agencies in order to protect their sponsors. Medical schools fear losing research grants from the drug and food manufacturing companies. True science has been blocked, and heart disease rages as the number one cause of death. Vegetarians spread lies about beef.

An example is the common claim that protein causes gout. Many people are brainwashed in their belief of these lies. Gout is actually caused by carbohydrates in the diet. Heart Disease Can Be Reversed. Maryanne was 63 years of age when she felt a sharp chest pain, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness while working in her yard.

She immediately diagnosed herself as having a heart attack. Unlike many others, she sought help immediately. A close friend drove her to the hospital she preferred. The initial evaluation showed nothing. The routine electrocardiogram was normal. The physician on duty suggested she return home and call immediately if anything changed. She refused to leave and insisted that additional tests be performed. She was certain she had suffered a heart attack.

Further tests did show the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque. A coronary X-ray angiogram was performed in which a thin, long, flexible tube called a catheter is threaded into an artery in the forearm or groin. The doctor guides the catheter toward the heart using a special camera. Once the catheter is in position, dye is injected to show blood flow inside the coronary arteries and to identify any areas that are narrow or blocked.

She was treated with the standard assortment of drugs and given the standard low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to follow. Maryanne knew this treatment comes with no promises, and the incidence of worsening heart disease is common. Since she was interested in finding alternative treatments for her heart disease, she investigated the low-carbohydrate approach as recommended by Dr.

Michael and Mary Dan Eades. Maryanne began the low-carbohydrate diet immediately. She took the blood-thinning drug and the cholesterol lowering statin drug prescribed but quickly developed unpleasant side effects she attributed to the cholesterol-lowing drug.

Warfarin Coumadin to help prevent blood clots by decreasing clotting proteins, blood thinner, or anti-coagulant. Clopidogrel Plavix to help prevent blood clots by anti-platelet effects to keep blood flowing smoothly. Maryanne discontinued the statin drug because of horrible leg cramps and began taking the product listed below with red yeast rice an herbal product with cholesterol-lowering properties , but she discontinued it because it raised her blood pressure.

Her periodic checkups showed continued success, and her doctor was very pleased. He didn't ask what she was eating, and she didn't tell him she was eating lots of fatty red meat and eggs, those same foods he had told her to avoid.

She told him she had reduced sugar, fruit, whole grains, starch, legumes, and total carbohydrate consumption. He acknowledged that reducing carbohydrates was helpful. However, his agreement was contrary to the standard high-carbohydrate diet he had recommended previously and continues to recommend to his other patients. Maryanne did not exercise after her heart attack.

She was involved in an automobile accident a few months before her heart attack and suffered from a leg injury. Her overall activity was much less than that of the average healthy person. Exercise does not prevent heart disease and does not reverse heart disease as claimed. Maryanne had a major checkup three years following her heart attack. The results were excellent. Her heart specialist said all of her heart arteries were "perfectly clear.

Her doctor was overjoyed. Maryanne is confident her special diet and supplement program will keep the stent in her artery clear. Plugging of stents is a typical occurrence. CT - Total Cholesterol. Dropped from to Soared from 34 to Her low HDL had been a death sentence.

Plunged from to 96 to beat her doctor's goal of less than Dropped from 35 to All of her cholesterol readings moved in the good direction. Her doctor asked her what cholesterol-lowering drug she was taking. She repeated her answer, "None. She eats eggs and all the fatty red meat she wants. She avoids all of the high-carbohydrate foods that were recommended by her doctor. Saturated fat prevents coronary artery disease?

Dietary fats, carbohydrate, and progression of coronary atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women. Maryanne gave up the two food categories most often recommended as wonderfully healthy - fruit and whole grains. Giving up the fruit was most difficult. Fruit is highly addictive, but the fructose sugar in fruit is deadly.

It causes insulin resistance and raises the insulin level. Whole grains are bad because they keep insulin at a level higher than desirable. Insulin has been proven to cause plugged heart arteries. Together, fruit and whole grains are a deadly combination that is only slightly less dangerous than the famous killing duo, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Maryanne told friends and relatives of the wonderful reversal of her heart disease.

They responded exactly like her doctor - total disinterest. People rarely bother with a follow-up question. One would think that others with partially plugged heart arteries would be most interested to know how she cleared all of the plaque from her heart, but that is not the case.

They have been told so many lies about nutrition and health by "professional experts" that the general public has simply tuned out. People have given up and are resigned to suffer without any hope of improvements in their health.

They just don't believe the professional experts or government recommendations anymore. Maryanne also had a breathing test performed by her asthma specialists. He found her lung capacity to be perfectly normal. He asked which asthma drug she was on, and she responded, "None.

This is an update on Maryanne. She had a complete heart checkup in May, , four years after her heart attack. The results show her artery stent remains perfectly clear, and all of her heart arteries are perfectly clear. She has reversed her heart disease by eating the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet program shown below. This diet is the exact opposite of the low-fat diet her doctor initially recommended and continues to recommend. Her attitude has greatly improved as well. She is cheerful, optimistic, and planning the future with lots of excitement.

Coronary Heart Disease, Exams, and Tests. Computed tomography has potential to offer accurate, safer method for detecting artery disease. Medication errors continue even in highly computerized hospital. Coronary heart disease in women is under-diagnosed, under-treated, and under-researched.

Saturated fats don't cause heart disease and never did. David's low-fat diet has caused his hypoglycemia, heart disease, and degenerative disc disease. This is the true story of an acquaintance who has been living according to the recommendations of the American Medical Association AMA , American Heart Association AHA and the American Diabetic Association ADA , but still got hypoglycemia at age 52, plugged heart arteries at age 59, and degenerative disc disease at age This is the story of a real person.

Australians more obese than Americans, study finds - June 19, David is a doctor employed at the local hospital. His wife, Susie, also works there. They always picked the low-fat selections in the grocery store and ate lots of "healthy" fruit and whole grains. They did recognize the necessity of eating meat, but they always selected the low-fat cuts, removed the visible fat on their plates, and always removed the skin from chicken. David and Susie were "health nuts. The switch was then made to hiking the mountain where they live and riding bikes on the mountain roads.

Exercise was a major priority. They ran the local 10K race every year. When Susie could no longer run because of her knees, David continued to run the race religiously. It was the highlight of their health activity. David nor Susie was ever fat or overweight. They never went on yo-yo diets because it wasn't necessary. They never smoked or drank alcohol which was very much against their religion and health rules. They didn't eat many simple carbohydrates like sugar and white flour.

They presented bodies that appeared to be the optimum in health, but inside they were sick, sick, sick. By age 52 Dr. David was having blood sugar metabolism problems. His blood sugar would surge when he ate his normal high-carbohydrate meals but plunge later giving the typical symptoms of someone who is pre-diabetic. Being a doctor, David followed the recommendations of the American Diabetic Association ADA by snacking on peanut butter and crackers between meals in order to keep his blood sugar stable.

David's biggest disadvantage was being a doctor because he believed the nonsense put forth by the above professional societies. The low-fat diet is always high in carbohydrates and produces high blood insulin levels. David is suffering because he believed the " big fat lies " about the low-fat diet. David was complacent about learning nutritional facts and didn't question recommendations put forth by his professional societies. He didn't do his own research into the history of heart disease.

If he had, he would have discovered that heart disease was so rare in it was not listed in the medical books. He didn't realize the cookbooks of the era show people eating lots of saturated fat in the form of pork lard, beef suet, butter, eggs, and coconut oil. Eating the skin from chicken and turkey was considered the "best part of the bird. David still doesn't realize the low-fat diet is an attempt by vegetarians to discourage the eating of animals and has nothing to do with healthy nutrition.

He doesn't realize how deadly carbohydrates like fruit, bread, whole grains, cereals, sugar, flour, rice, legumes, potatoes, and soy really are. David and Susie were proud that they considered themselves health and diet extremists. They followed the popular exercise and diet recommendations to the letter. They still think the USDA Food Guide Pyramid is a healthy way of eating because it is fully supported by his professional medical societies.

David is now forced to decide which mechanical method to use to unplug his heart arteries. He doesn't believe diet and exercise can help. What can he eat? He has been on the recommended low-fat diet for many years. His exercise has been unrelenting. His lifestyle was in perfect accordance with all the recommendations. His doctors will no doubt recommend the same diet for the cure when actually it was the cause of his heart disease.

David is in big trouble. What does a doctor do now? His erroneous training had double-crossed him, and he doesn't even know it. David's declining health hasn't stopped there. He developed degenerative disc disease in his back that required the fusing of two vertebrae.

He and Susie still eat lots of fresh fruit, dried fruit, and yogurt with fruit as recommended by his profession for healthy bones. Now she has been diagnosed with cancer and has had a heart pacemaker implanted in her chest.

They do not realize their high-carbohydrate diet is slowly killing them. Metabolic syndrome prevalent in heart attack patients. The Framingham study also found that those who ate the most saturated fat, the most calories, and the most cholesterol were the most physically active.

They also weighed the least and had the lowest levels of serum cholesterol. The people who ate the most saturated fat were the most healthy and had the lowest risk of heart disease. These were fixed with stents 4 total , and when I was told in October that the next procedure would be a bypass, I decided to explore other health remedies.

I had already stopped smoking, lost a lot of weight through calorie restriction lbs down to lbs and did multiple vigorous cardio workouts each week after my first June heart attack, but I was still eating low fat and high carb until October when my last blockage occurred by the way, my last two attacks occurred after vigorous exercise.

It was at this time that I discovered your website and tried the diet you recommend. My cardiologist was supportive except for the high fat part, of course , and my blood work was awesome after a month on this diet, and I was allowed to discontinue two cholesterol medications, an anxiety medication and my beta blocker blood pressure medicine.

I also believe the magnesium supplements, a reduction in hard cheese and the potassium chloride salt substitute have corrected my atrial fibrillation. Notice that this gentlemen continued to suffer heart artery blockage even after following his doctor's recommendation of a low-fat diet, stopping smoking, exercise, good weight loss and taking many drugs. It just didn't work. My triglycerides were dangerously sitting at so I took his advice, stopped drinking so much pop, started eating what I thought was a healthy diet, and I eventually quit smoking.

I'm 28 years old, and I had chest pains for at least 8 years. In the last few years I started getting the same sharp pains in my head. At one point I even quit eating meat because of the chest pains, but they were always there. One day I ran into your website while searching for something that would clean blood clots, and from that day forward the sharp pains faded. It's been about 45 days on this diet, but the pains were completely gone within days. I honestly haven't felt them since that day when I ate a package of bacon and a about 3 pounds of hamburger.

I ate lots and lots of fatty meats, real butter, eggs, green beans mixed with butter and started feeling a lot more energetic and positive. I always use to day dream in school, and now I know that was caused from sugar withdrawals. I am now sugar free. I've lost 15 pounds after years of being stuck at no matter what I did.

I will always remember you as someone who saved and changed my life forever. Thank You very much. The Merck Manual states that taking a treadmill or exercise stress test causes 1 in persons to suffer a heart attack or death. This is said to be "a small risk," but in fact it is an outrageous rate. If one person in had a heart attack or died while mowing the lawn, the daily death rate in the United States during summer would in the hundreds of thousands.

Keep in mind that a high percentage of those taking the treadmill stress test have mild or no heart disease and are not at risk whatsoever. The test proves they didn't have a heart attack at that energy level. Others who have artery blockage severe enough to be detected by the test are at an extreme risk of heart attack or death on the treadmill.

A test that shows a positive result upon death of the patient is absolutely ridiculous. The doctor tells the family members of the deceased, "Yep, he had heart disease all right.

Medical treadmill stress tests can place an enormous load on the heart. This is especially dangerous for a person who has been diagnosed with heart disease or is suspected of having heart disease. The work load on the heart is a function of the heart rate pulse time the blood pressure differential. The following formula shows the typical heart overload on an elderly man who was in fairly good shape.

The top numbers represent heart rate times blood pressure differential during the treadmill stress and the bottom numbers represent the same at rest. The overload of the heart during the test was 8. This overload on the heart of the elderly person was outrageous. A massive class action lawsuit should be brought against the professional medical community by relatives of those people killed as a result of a medical treadmill heart stress test.

This class action lawsuit would be similar to that brought against the tobacco industry and the asbestos fiber industry for causing cancer in people exposed to those products. Nearly everyone has heard of a friend, relative, or neighbor who went to his heart doctor for an examination that included a treadmill stress test. In many cases, the patient is aware of a heart condition and has been suffering from symptoms of heart disease. The standard medical procedure for the treadmill heart stress test is to stress the heart to the point of damage that is confirmed by the instruments.

The typical instruments are electrocardiogram ECG or echocardiogram. The patient is then told he has a heart problem. The point of damage is actually a mild heart attack.

Many times the patient has a very serious heart attack right on the treadmill, collapses, and dies soon thereafter. More commonly, the patient goes home where he suffers a serious heart attack within hours or days and often dies. His death was caused by the doctor's unnecessary and dangerous test. The death is easily dismissed because the patient was suffering from heat disease.

This practice is not unlike the past medical practice of draining blood from the patient until he finally succumbed. Never, never, ever take this kind of treadmill heart stress test. A treadmill heart stress test does not rule out coronary artery disease. It does not measure the amount of plaque in the heart arteries.

A person can be given a good report by the doctor while having several arteries half plugged with plaque without either of them knowing it. Treadmill stress test is not definitive, and it is dangerous. The name for this test is a Radionuclide Imaging or Radionuclide Angiography.

This test is more predictable if the condition of the arteries has already been determined by an angiography , magnetic resonance angiography MRA or multislice spiral computed tomography MSCT.

Even so any treadmill stress test is dangerous for the elderly. A nuclear isotope treadmill stress test is an accurate method for measuring blood flow to all areas of the heart during rest and under stress.

A radioactive isotope is injected in a vein of the arm while the patient is at rest. The patient then lies horizontally on the table of a machine, where a detector rotates about the chest area of the body. The arms are placed above the head in a position that becomes very uncomfortable for the minute duration.

The device takes a second exposure before rotating in increments for a total of 30 exposures. The radiation from the heart creates a picture of the blood flow.

The radiology exposures give a very precise picture of the blood flow in all heart arteries and heart muscle. It shows the exact amount of artery blockage caused by plaque, artery fat, or other defects. It also shows areas of the heart muscle that may have been damaged by an earlier heart attack and the exact extent of the resulting scar tissue.

The resting test should be evaluated to determine the extent of the artery restrictions before proceeding to the treadmill stress test, but it rarely is.

The report for the resting test and the stress test usually follows by a day or more. The treadmill stress test cannot be postponed because the radioactive isotopes have a very limited life. Therefore, one of the other tests should be done in advance to determine the condition of the arteries before taking this or any other treadmill stress test.

The patient is then taken to the treadmill, where ECG sensors are attacked. The maximum rate is calculated as minus the age. The patient is injected with another shot of the radioactive isotope one minute before the treadmill is allowed to be stopped. He is then taken immediately back to the radiology machines for another minute session of 30 pictures. The resting pictures and stress pictures are read analyzed by a radiologist who prepares the report.

This test is often used after placement of a stent or after artery bypass surgery as a tool to determine the effectiveness of the treatment and the condition of the heart. It can also be used several years later for an ongoing evaluation of the patient's heart condition. It is a tool for detecting if stents, bypass arteries and other arteries are becoming plugged. However, the test could cause the patient to have another heart attack if any artery problems exist. Insulin is a Heart Disease-Causing Hormone.

Insulin is a hormone made by the beta cells in the islets of langerhans in the pancreas. Body cells require insulin in order to use blood glucose.

Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone. The word anabolic means to build up, and insulin certain does this in a powerful way. Insulin pushes blood glucose into cells, where it produces energy in the form of work and heat. Insulin is needed to convert excess blood glucose to triglyceride fatty acid. The insulin moves blood triglycerides in body fat cells for storage primarily as saturated fat. Most people don't understand that carbohydrates in low-fat whole grain bread and orange juice can be converted by the body to saturated body fat on the tummy and hips.

Carbohydrate intake is correlated with biomarkers for coronary heart disease in a population of overweight premenopausal women. Insulin packs glycated LDL cholesterol, glycated proteins, glycated hemoglobin, and oxidized polyunsaturated omega-6 vegetable fatty acids into arteries of the heart, neck, and legs peripheral arterial disease , causing blockages and death. Deposits in the neck arteries cause strokes. Insulin causes heart disease. A high level of blood insulin causes many unhealthy body reactions which eventually lead to diseases of all types.

Glucose from the excessive consumption of carbohydrates is turned into body fat by insulin. The insulin also deposits glycated LDL cholesterol and oxidized polyunsaturated omega-6 vegetable fatty acids into the arteries of the heart, neck, and legs causing heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and other diseases. High blood glucose signals increasing insulin production until the pancreas becomes fatigued after many years, making diabetes seem age related. Glucose rises uncontrollably when insulin production drops.

The high level of blood glucose causes diseases of the eyes, kidneys, blood vessels, and nerves. Every step of the way, insulin's got its fingers in it and is causing cardiovascular disease.

It fills it with plaque, it constricts the arteries, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, it increases platelet adhesiveness and coaguability of the blood. Any known cause of cardiovascular disease insulin is a part of. It influences nitric oxide synthase. You produce less nitric oxide in the endothelium.

We know that helps mediate vasodilatation and constriction, i. I mentioned that insulin increases cellular proliferation, what does that do to cancer? And there are some pretty strong studies that show that one of the strongest correlations to breast and colon cancer are with levels of insulin.

Hyperinsulinemia causes the excretion of magnesium in the urine. What other big mineral does it cause the excretion of? Over many years the onslaught of carbohydrates in the diet causes glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Carbohydrates drive insulin production, causing cardiovascular heart disease CHD. Many heart attack patients first learn they are diabetic in the hospital emergency room, but they may not be told about the close relationship between their two conditions. Blood insulin reaches high levels and remains high as one progresses from hypoglycemia to Type II diabetes in which insulin production collapses.

Insulin is a very strong anabolic hormone. It pushes blood glucose into cells. Insulin also pushes omega-6 vegetable fatty acid molecules into the artery wall to start the process of atherosclerosis. The omega-6 vegetable fatty acid molecule is pushed between the "gap junction" of the endothelial cells where it gets stuck.

The omega-6 vegetable fatty acid molecules become oxidized and attacked by free-radicals. The immune system attacks the decaying omega-6 vegetable fatty acid molecules causing inflammation, and the body deposits cholesterol at the site in an attempt to patch up the injury.

Animal research with insulin proved many years ago that the artery will plug with atherosclerosis just downstream from the point of insulin injection. Insulin turns blood glucose into triglycerides and stores them as body fat. Insulin causes glucose to be chemically combined with cell membranes, LDL lipoprotein, blood hemoglobin, and other cells in an unhealthy process called glycation.

This process is similar to the caramelizing process in making candy. Insulin stimulates the unhealthy growth of artery smooth muscle cells causing arteriosclerosis hard, thick arteries and hypertension high blood pressure.