Could My Toddler Be Autistic? Possible Signs of Autism in Toddlers

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Transitioning Your Baby (or Toddler) to Table Foods
Alisha on March 30, at Forgive my late responses- I was on vacation and have back logged! He absolutely will not make eye contact. Anonymous on July 22, at 6: Thanks so much for replying.

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A child with a poor appetite, erratic eating habits or a selective diet -- in other words, a very picky eater -- might need a daily supplement, says HealthyChildren. If your child has a problem swallowing pills, reduce the risk of choking by offering a chewable vitamin. Additionally, be careful of where you leave a pill bottle; it can look like candy to a small child. Video of the Day. Vitamins for a 2-Year-Old. The Best Supplements for Teens. Vitamins for My 1-Year-Old.

Which Vitamins Promote Growth in Children? A Healthy Diet for a Year-Old. The Best Children's Vitamins. Does this bed rail accommodate a king size bed? Sarah on May 15, The dimensions of the rail will not accommodate a king size bed. Product Reviews Tell us what you think about this item: What do you like about this item?

Enter your Pros, separated by comma. What do you dislike about this item? Enter your Cons, separated by comma. Debbie 07 It keeps my mom from wandering during the night. It's a great product for Alzheimer's patients. Would recommend it to all. What do you like about this item?: Ellyn 07 Longer length protects most of bed from accidental falls, See through fabric allows visualization of child without standing up to check.

Rail height provides safety if child sits up. I am impressed with this product. Willam 06 Used for grandaugthers bed,parents feel so much better since they got it. They feel safer at nite knowing its there. Bob 30 01 Bed Rails for Grandson who visits. Good product, Hide Away feature is ncie, just pull out from between mattress and box spring, snap up and done!

Just tall enough with pillow top mattress to keep him from falling out. Sally 08 It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. I would choose it again if needing another one.

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