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2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid First Ride: Hyper-Hybrid
Building Safety Tip 1. Bird strike and engine fire reported at KORD. Snow time at KBOS. You will definitely want to incorporate fresh produce, though, as I think you would get tired of only eating their pre-made meals, and you will want to mix in a salad or something on most days just to get the health benefits from the fresh produce if nothing else. A geared fan may reduce the number of required LPT stages in some applications. The airplane was almost completely destroyed, but miraculously, both occupants walked away from the crash. The Essence of Being Human.

Four-seat homebuilt crosses the Atlantic to show its stuff.

Pilatus PC-6 Porter

So in time I expect it to be scrapped. Richard Church kindly provided the following detailed history: The registration was cancelled on 13Oct There was severe damage to the port propeller and engine and write off of fin and rudder. Fortunately it was repaired, returning to service on 11Sep98 and reported on 20Jan00 flying with Air Malawi.

But on 08Apr02 Intensive Air ceased operations. It was reported wearing the name "Pudding" during late Intensive Air ceased operations on 08Apr These details on its history were again kindly provided by Richard J Church. Unfortunately, people required to obtain ramp access well, most people for that matter were at home enjoying their weekend.

I could not get behind the fence, bummer! I drove to the offices of Phoebus Apollo but again I was disappointed: The guard did allow me to take a quick peek on the ramp as you never know what the weather will be like in a few days time It certainly wetted my appetite and I promised myself to return here during office hours.

Next Sunday, again with exquisite weather, I toured to Lanseria and was surprised by its modern infrastructure and terminal. Unfortunately it seemed that was all that I was going to enjoy: Fortunately this time "no" was less drastic and I got a quick walk on the ramp. I did find all hangars closed, though. Upon commencing a civilian life it remained in S.

Air-Britain's books on the DC-3 draw a complicated picture: Three years later -in it operated for Avia Air Charter. This was on my visit 11 days later 29Apr04 and meanwhile this CTP had seen various decals been applied. In more recent years it has been registered to Speed Air Services , but since it has been operating in relief operations and was seen wearing titles "United Nations Humanitarian Air Services" in Dec Cn returned to Rossair's maintenance base at Lanseria during Dec02; due windshear somewhere in the Sudan it ended up off the runway with damage to engines and lower parts of the wings and fuselage.

It seems fully repaired now and ready for more relief operations. I counted myself lucky to return to Lanseria at the end of my holidays as before I had not been able to find out which one this is. A visit to the offices of Rossair solved that mystery: It seems to have been registered to the National Test Pilot School, but ownership by Rossair was confirmed to me when I visited their office.

Rovos Air operate some really immaculate propliners! It is fully configured with a cabin pressure system, 44 deluxe leather seats and hot food galleys; it caters to the nostalgia flights which connect to deluxe traintravel through the country.

It may have still been parked in the desert when it was registered as N for R. Smirnow, who bought it on 24Jul The registration was cancelled in and later that year it was bought by Lineas Aereas Canedo CP It changed hands again when Jorge T. Lavadenz bought it for sightseeing flights in the Caribbean from Caracas and had YV applied as tailnumber. But it moved back to Bolivia or maybe did not go at all and it retained its CP registration. Canedo during May Hopefully Rohan Vos will remain true to the vintage propliner, though signals are not good: Its history is nicely listed here: Convair Propliners in South Africa.

Tragedy struck on 10Jul!!! During takeoff from Wonderboom Airport, the aircraft was seen trailing smoke from the no. Eyewitnesses also reported observing flames. The pilot flew a circuit for an emergency landing back ton runway It went down about 6 km to the east of the airport. The aircraft impacted a shed and broke up. One of the crew members sustained fatal injuries as well as a person on the ground. The aircraft had been donated by the owner, Rovos Air, to the Dutch aviation theme park Aviodrome.

It carried the colour scheme of the former Dutch airline Martin's Air Charter later renamed Martinair and was to be ferried to the Netherlands with an expected arrival at Lelystad Airport on July 23, The accident flight was the final test flight before the planned dstart of the ferry flight on July It took place about 1km east of the N4 in Derdepoort and about 8km east of the Wonderboom Airport. He added that the ER24 Oneplan helicopters were currently on the scene to airlift any critical patients to hospital.

A buyer registered it as N in July but it probably never wore that registration. Good to see these Convairliners get to the skies again for new owners. Originally manufactured as , it was re-issued msn because of duplications. Records show it served with 25 Squadron on 19Oct68 until at least March By the end of the s it flew with 35 sqdn. Was she named "Southern Belle" at that time?

The name is still there behind the cockpit. On 02jul99 it was seen at Lanseria with Air Zambezi titles. And so it sits at Lanseria; I noticed it had no tailnumber on the rh-side of the aircraft but it was present on the lh-side together with small "People First"-titles. Returning to Johannesburg-Rand at Germiston first thing monday morning, formalities were efficiently taken care of by the ravishing Sam Mendoza and under kind escort of the Fire Service I finally stepped onto this tarmac, an event I had been looking forward for some years.

No, not really, read on Florida Aircraft Leasing Corp. Tailnumber 6Y-JKM was apparently its new identity, but the owner remains unknown It was "moving or scrapping" in when socalled "Corrosion Corner" had to make way for a new airport expansion at Miami. Service Air bought it in Dec96 and the now familiar 9Q-CGZ entered the books, only to see it parked idle at Rand for a number of years now.

The tailnumber 5H on the lh-side of the plane was put there for filming purposes at some point. After years of service, it found itself discarded and stored at Copenhagen-Kastrup in Apr It was converted to a freighter, a DC-6B F. It "transferred" whatever that have meant to Hemisphere Aviation Services 3 months later and was leased that month to Guyana Airways. Those were the days in Florida!

Without much success as it was parked and stored at Miami,FL. A buyer presented itself: American Rockwell in Nov The edition of the DC-3 reference book by Air-Britain claimed this DC-3 became nicknamed "Delaney" but this has been proven not to be true. Alexander Avrane supported this: Karl Jensen, who gets to fly DC-3s in S. Africa regularly, wrote me: Changing regulations by the Dutch Government prevented success in this endeavour.

During I received an email from someone who wants to remain anonymous; he offered the following additional info: In fact, nicknamed 'Spook' in the SAAF certainly remained in service and was operational for many years during the Angolan war; this aircraft was used extensively for electronic surveillance over northern Namibia, Angola and western Mozambique.

It was involved in major operations such as Operation Protea and Daisy. Finer details are surely buried deep in SAAF archives; maybe they will be released some day. Africa since its arrival here in An update 15Mar17 by www.

Initially it was hoped to have the aircraft airworthy again in early The aircraft was leased to Skyclass Aviation. Not sure if it was flown after and if so, how much. In is usefulness ended and its career continued as an aerial firefighter for the Province of Quebec ; it carried '15' and ' during these duties.

C-FPQO was again advertised as for sale, meanwhile its firefighting equipment was removed and its blisters put back in place. In Sep99 it departed for Rand, S. Africa and joined its new owner: For a movie the attractive yellow and blue colours were removed and it was replaced by an overall light blue colourscheme.

By the end of the present paintjob was acquired: It is supposed to have been entered in the Kingdom of Swaziland register, as 3D-PBY, but no registration has been applied to the aircraft.

David Legg, well known for his commitment to Catalina's wrote: It duly arrived at Rand and has remained there ever since, firmly ground-bound. News recently came in that the aircraft has been acquired by Steve Hamilton and John Seibold.

Steve advised the Editor that current plans are for some new fabric to be installed on control surfaces before the aircraft leaves South Africa and that it will also receive some new paint. Steve also mentioned that he needs to source some new blister glass. He anticipates that operating the Canso will be a lot of fun but 'he will now need to own an oil well to keep it fed!

My partner in it is John Seibold who flies a Ford Trimotor. Always wanted a truly expeditionary airplane. After years of restoration it left South Africa and arrived in San Diego during jan. From the Propliner Editor of Scramble magazine www. The airplane is owned by Jim Slattery and will become part of his new yet to open museum, called 'Greatest Generation Naval Museum'.

This Catalina is already his 46th airplane for the collection! The Catalina was restored merely to be ferried and will not be brought to a more permanent flying status wile at the museum in Southern California.

One-time 9J-RDR is seen preserved like this,protruding from the Phoebus Apollo building, a nice touch but I don't think I could persuade my wife to do something similar It was deployed to India in It may have been registered to Rhodesian's CAA during And in its state of affairs was as such that it was destined to be preserved, being no longer airworthy. During July it was reported lying derelict in Lusaka.

And in Nov99 it was reported at Rand, merely a fuselage without a cockpit. I think they did a nice thing with it at Phoebus Apollo. Gil White Rip wrote an excellent history on this aircraft. Douglas bought it back on 14Nov45 and converted it to a DC-4 conversion no. Then came the identity change N became its tailnumber when James A Cunningham bought it in Mar Pacific Aero Lift was noted as a new operator even naming it "Ruth 2" but never took effect. Instead it was stored at Hamilton,NZ!

Next year, during Sep93, Roberts Hawaii Inc became the new owner. Only to store it at Wonderboom arriving 13Nov96 near Pretoria! But again standing idle was its main activity and it was put up for sale during for USD I hope a buyer will come along!

This Carvair Video on YouTube. Gil White wrote an excellent history on this aircraft. Previous identies of 9J-PAA, click on the thumbnail for a larger image: It has been undergoing a slow but thorough rebuild since arriving at Rand from Mozambique in , but is only worked when personnel can be spared from keeping the company's other aircraft in the air that explains the procrastination!

Mr Delport's long-term plan is to equip the Dak with a luxurious seat interior. Maybe the oldest DC-3 around if they ever get it back in the air!! With construction number this DC-3A is truly a vintage transport!

After years of service as a mainliner it was bought by Leeward Aeronautical Service on 10Aug Continental Airlines leased it for a while and the Lesavoy Foundation saw use for it Sep The next step we know was it being registered as N to U. Date of this event would be 05Jul Caprivi Airways leased it during and the next operator would be African Air Charters. It was apparently damaged on 29Aug82 at Lanseria. It had been used for famine relief and had acquired bullet holes in the rear fuselage!!

Meanwhile, registration N was cancelled in Apr It has been owned and operated by Phoebus Apollo Aviation since Nov97, but when this restoration commenced and what caused it is unknown to me.

N has a brief appearance in a YouTube video I was allowed until Through email I was informed about the identity of some of the planes and hope to do better on a next visit.

It was transferred as to the SAAF and served with no. Restored by SAA to static display in Brendan Odell and John Austin-Williams. Cassel wrote me in Mar. Back in I flew out to S. Africa to start my flying career, it did not materialize as planned , but I did not want to return to the UK and I managed to get a job as trainee camera operator.

It took a month to complete the job. As a junior I was tasked with looking after the aircraft grubby jobs , which included frequent topping up of oil to the port engine if we had flown. A very nice guy to have known. I only worked for A. A wonderful experience for a young man: I feel very very lucky and privileged to have those memories. Withheld for official use by the South African Railways Administration.

Returned to SAA and withdrawn from service in I tried turbo shakes with other companies and they gave me lots of gas…lol Thanks if this gets to you. Hi Jim — sorry, I missed this comment at the time you posted it. I would also recommend looking at BistroMD https: Diet-to-Go has some really good plans that sound like they could work for you.

Both are going to be a bit more pricey than Nutrisystem, but sound like they could be a better fit. My husband and I are considering NS. We also do not want to purchase ANY other food if possible. Hi Lynn — I replied to Ray with a couple of other options BistroMD and Diet-to-Go …I would recommend checking out those reviews if you think they may be something that would work for you and your husband. There are definitely some ways to keep the costs down though. You will definitely want to incorporate fresh produce, though, as I think you would get tired of only eating their pre-made meals, and you will want to mix in a salad or something on most days just to get the health benefits from the fresh produce if nothing else.

Hi Pete — the frozen food is an additional charge, but can be included in your 4-week order or as an ala carte item.

Many are on a fixed income and I am one of them … an older woman, a widow, and on a very fixed income. With the profit your company surely must realize, might you consider offering your program free to a few deserving people men and women who would benefit from it as well? Just something you might consider … it just might be of benefit to your company in another way … good will! The Costco purchased gift cards can definitely be used and there is a space at checkout to put them in. You will just have to make sure you put the gift card in a few days before the processing date for additional deliveries.

I just went through this whole process and received my order today. Thanks for the very thorough cost information. Helped make my decision a lot easier. I agree, too, the frozen meals are definitely a nice bonus — especially the desserts!

There are some costs with buying your own fruits or vegetables to consider too, but overall it seems fairly affordable. Anyways, thanks for the detailed pricing breakdown, really appreciate it.

Is it organic or are there a lot of preservatives in It. Hi Isabel — Thanks for visiting. Hi Arlene — Thanks for visiting. I have always found it to be very easy to opt out. As long as you stay on the program for at least two months, you should be able to cancel without paying any type of penalty if you need to cancel after month 1 I mention one way to avoid the penalty in the review above , and customer service has always been very easy to deal with when I have needed to call them.

I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Where in Canada can I join. Are the costs of the meals increased to take in the difference between the American and Canadian do. Also what about duty and taxes, as well as shipping fees.

I am a woman ,77 yrs old and need to lose at least 25 lbs. Please try to enlighten me. Thank you very much for your assistance. What exactly is in the Turbo Shakes? Are the ingredients identified on the package? Best of luck — Norm. Hi Obie — I added a picture of the nutrition fact label on our Nutrisystem Shake page.

I have limited freezer space and feel that the frozen foods would be the way for me to start and continue a controlled size appropriate diet. Does anyone offer three or four shipments monthly? If you get the Basic plan none of the foods are frozen, so that may be another option you could consider. Diet-to-Go has a weekly shipment option — we have a review about them here: Hope that helps — NS.

I have used your plan several years ago and did loose weight, but have gained some back. I am 81 yrs old and on a fixed income now. Having to buy extra food is not feasible me.

Any suggestions how I can use your plan without extra purchases? Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Happy to help Tod…Thanks for reading! I adore this site — its so usefull and helpful! Thanks, glad you find it helpful! Great, detailed price breakdown.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mario. Happy to hear you found our information useful! I like it when individuals get together and share opinions. Great site, continue the good work! Thanks for the feedback, Antione! Thanks, Tara — happy to help! Hope the diet goes well if you end up trying it!

Happy to help, and best of luck with month 1. Thanks for the heads up about the auto-delivery as well. Also, do we need a lot of freezer space? Does the 4 weeks worth of food include frozen food too? Very well-written blog, I like it a lot. Thanks for the detailed info! Thank you for your time in helping me learn about all the costs involved. You bet, thanks for the feedback! Costco has nutri system gift cards.

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