Is this 15 ton bunker buster the bomb to destroy Iran's nuclear arsenal?

Is this 15-ton bunker buster the bomb U.S. will use to destroy Iran's nukes?

Could a 15 ton bunker buster that blows apart ft of concrete be the bomb that stops America's adversaries from developing nuclear weapons? September 7th, 0 Comments. Comments Share what you think. Novichok suspects' drug-fuelled night of 'cannabis and September 5th, 0 Comments. Not only can IsaPro be added anywhere in the diet to boost daily protein intake even right before bed to work as a Bedtime Belly Buster , but it really is the perfect post-workout shake. For a short period of time after a workout the body is unusually sensitive to nutrients and muscle is hungry for protein that will stimulate its growth and recovery.

The Science Behind The ‘Bedtime Belly Buster’

The majority of the protein in IsaLean Shake comes from undenatured whey, the form of protein optimal for torching fat and building lean muscle 1;2.

In response to accumulating evidence supporting the ability of whey protein to increase fat loss and prevent age-related muscle decline, IsaPro was launched. Unlike IsaLean Shake, which is a complete meal replacement, IsaPro is a protein supplement with one scoop containing 18 grams of pure undenatured whey protein concentrate and being virtually free of carbohydrates and fat.

To create a meal replacement even higher in whey protein, Isagenix users began adding one scoop of IsaPro to one and a half scoops of IsaLean Shake. Containing a whopping 36 grams of protein primarily from whey, this hybrid shake permitted even greater fat burning and muscle retention, helping users break through stubborn weight-loss plateaus and maximize gains in hard-earned muscle.

IsaLean and IsaLean PRO Shakes are ideal meal replacements because they contain the right type and amount of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals to promote healthy weight management and muscle maintenance, curb hunger, and provide long-lasting energy. Although undenatured whey is the main type of protein in the shakes, they also each contain undenatured milk protein concentrate, which together form a winning combination for eliciting weight loss and preserving muscle.

Whey is the superior form of protein for burning fat 1 and triggering muscle growth 2 , but the milk protein concentrate made up mainly of casein is more slowly absorbed from the stomach, providing a sustained release of protein to inhibit muscle breakdown and help a person stay full longer 3.

Maximizing satiety and preventing muscle breakdown over an extended period is a key function of a meal replacement, since time between meals can often exceed four hours.

The combination of dairy proteins in IsaLean and IsaLean PRO Shake does exactly that, with satiety and prevention of energy crashes being further promoted by the low-glycemic carbohydrates, 8 grams of fiber, and healthy fats from sources such as flaxseed and olive oil. So how do you decide which shake to use as your meal replacement? The answer to this depends partially on taste preference and personal goals.

Both shakes will provide quality protein and prolong feelings of fullness. But IsaLean PRO Shake is a more specialized meal replacement option for those interested in reaping the benefits offered by additional dietary protein. Diets higher in protein are particularly beneficial for athletes interested in maximizing muscle, older individuals wanting to preserve or build muscle, and those looking for extra assistance in curbing hunger and breaking through weight-loss plateaus. By Lee Moran Updated: Could a 15 ton bunker buster that blows apart ft of concrete be the bomb that stops America's adversaries from developing nuclear weapons?

Air Force has unveiled the Massive Ordnance Penetrator - dubbed the Big Blu - and speculation is already mounting that it may be used in airstrikes on Iran or North Korea. Scroll down for video The delivery of the super bomb comes as U. President Barack Obama today said America would act firmly against any nuclear proliferation activities by North Korea. And it is in the same week an International Atomic Energy Agency report renewed calls for a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

In a speech to the Australian Parliament, Obama said the transfer of nuclear material by North Korea to other nations would be 'considered a grave threat to the U. The delivery of the super bomb comes in the same week an International Atomic Energy Agency report renewed calls for a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

B-2 Stealth Bombers pictured will use the six metre long GPS guided rockets to hit underground bunkers and tunnels suspected of containing weapons of mass destruction. He said he would hold North Korea, which has tested two nuclear devices since and is believed to be working on a long-range missile designed to reach the U. The multi-billion pound drug trafficking trade in Iran has been seized by its Revolutionary Guard Corps, former regime officials claim. They say RGC members are using it to establish links with a global crime network and further its goal in undermining the West, say former regime officials.

The alleged smuggling of heroin, opium and meth is in complete contrast to the Guards hard-line reputation as defenders of the Islamic Revolution. Sajjad Haghpanah, who worked for Iran's domestic intelligence unit, said trafficking was endemic. He told the Times: They have their own ships, aircraft and haulage companies. His warning came amid efforts to restart negotiations with the country on dismantling the nation's nuclear programme.

Meanwhile, the IAEA's report focused on Iran's alleged efforts to fit a nuclear warhead on a missile. It led to the U. Obama refused to rule out a military option to prevent the country from making nuclear weapons and said economic sanctions against the country, aimed at halting its nuclear threat, were having 'enormous bite'.

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Air Force takes delivery of eight Big Blu bombs 6m long weapons contain 2. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Is this 15 ton bunker buster the bomb to destroy Iran's nuclear arsenal?

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