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11 Common Words with Very Specific Meanings on Food Labels
A review published by several United Nations agencies concluded that "There are no adequate data relating to carcinogenic, reproductive, or developmental effects, hence it is not possible to evaluate the risk to human health for these endpoints. As a condition of approval, a sponsor may be required to conduct additional clinical trials , called Phase IV trials. Carbon dioxide, a harmless gas, is responsible for the bubbles in beer, soda pop, mineral water, and the like. The safety tests of ace-K were conducted in the s and were of mediocre quality. All-cause mortality was also similar between groups. Many people have gone to emergency rooms for treatment of Quorn-related reactions.

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Oz, a TV personality made famous by Oprah Winfrey. The fruit is known in India as gambooge. It is apparently also an ingredient in some weight loss products as hydroxycitric acid. Oz promoted it and continues to assert that garcinia cambogia is an effective aid to weight loss. The claims for weight loss are nothing short of outlandish and there is real science that suggests the whole thing is a hoax.

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