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What Are Infoceuticals?
Open your BioSync Software if you need to install it, please following the instructions above by double clicking on the BioSync icon on your desktop. This places your body in the right state to make full use of other treatments. An infoceutical offers a precise treatment based on information gathered via digital devices. The update process will take a few minutes. This is an English version release only - translations for the update will be available in the near future.

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This places your body in the right state to make full use of other treatments. How about an example? You may experience slow progress because your energy flow prevents your body from making the best use of the nutrients that come from this plan. An infoceutical can change this. By rewiring your energy patterns the infoceutical makes it easier for nutrients to get to where you need them.

This means the treatment can speed up the results of other therapies. The science behind infoceuticals separates it from traditional allopathic medicine. She works at the University of Teeside in the United Kingdom.

The study found that infoceuticals can help in the treatment of several chronic conditions. Each participant noted improvements in his or her condition.

The majority chose to continue with infoceutical treatment once the study had ended. The proper use of infoceuticals requires a great deal of expertise. Do not accept the treatment from anybody who cannot show you their certification. I have just watched The Living Matrix.

Who is a practitioner of infoceuticals close to me in Palm Desert California? Thank you 4 the enlightened work you are doing. Please check out Practitioners near by at our Practitioner Locator: The Basics An infoceutical is a treatment that addresses the biochemical issues your body experiences.

How Do They Work? How Does This Help Me? What about the Science? How Can I Get Infoceuticals? This update allows clients, scans, notes and recommendations to be synced with the Portal, enabling clients to view the scan screens selectable by practitioner , the addition of client-friendly help files, summary screens, recommendations and the order status of Infoceuticals. This is an English version release only - translations for the update will be available in the near future.

After updating and running the latest software you may be presented with a message stating, "This software requires the. Only clients in ProVision with an email address not duplicated will be synced with the Portal. Note that an email address is required to allow clients to log in and see their scan results. Portal and ProVision clients will need to be linked before the syncing can proceed. When syncing clients between the Portal and ProVision for the first time, it may take a while to complete.

This is dependent on the number of clients and scans you have in both the Portal and ProVision and your Internet speed. If possible, the sync should be completed for the first time before ProVision is used for scanning, especially when installing ProVision on a new computer and syncing a large number over of clients from the Portal.

Alternatively, copy and paste this link into your web browser: Please fully read the instructions prior to downloading. For Windows XP users: This information will be uploaded anonymously to our server so that it can be analysed in the future and provide statistics that we can promote. Aluminium, Nuclear Radiation and Blue Light now displayed in the correct order in the report screen Report screen fixes for page scrolling when comparing more than three scans Changes required to allow ProVision to display correctly on Japanese Windows ProVision Animal 4.

The BioSync software is used for the update of the NES miHealth devices by either practitioners in their clinic or clients at home. The software also includes the functionality for allowing clients to remote scan from home. Alternatively copy and paste this link into your browser which can also be sent to your clients: Click this link to download the Mac version of BioSync: Open the downloads folder, wait for the download to complete.