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I'm high school skinny! But what about regular people? The film focuses on a trio of employees who plot to murder their titular tyrannical supervisors. The dark, sunken under eye area is slowly reversing. There are no forbidden foods. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest deals and reviews.


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Family of Smart's kidnapper won't take her in: Niece Days before het release from prison, fears about whether a woman who helped in the kidnapping of then-teenager Elizabeth Smart remains a threat and Florence's floodwaters may carry hidden dangers Floodwaters carry hidden risks that cause electrocution, injury and infection. Kids, teen, college student mental health problems on the rise A new WHO report adds to a wave of studies about teen mental health problems. Las Vegas shooting survivors, health care providers reunite Survivors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas have reunited with the doctors and nurses who cared for them at an area hospital after the massacre.

New US survey shows some progress against opioid crisis A U. Lawsuit aims to block Trump 'short-term' health plans Patient advocates sue to block Trump administration's 'short-term' health insurance plans. FDA plans meeting to discuss safety data on breast implants U. Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak that has killed 25, spread from capital.

Some Bob Evans sausage links recalled, may contain plastic The Agriculture Department says Bob Evans Farms is recalling nearly 47, pounds of pork sausage links because they might contain pieces of plastic. No progress as US, Cuba meet on mysterious 'health attacks' Cuba said Thursday the United States is continuing to withhold important information that could help in the investigation into mysterious incidents Funds for Florida health insurance helpers cut by millions The Trump administration has slashed funding for the second year in a row for counselors who help consumers sign up for health insurance through the Long-term effects of ADHD?

Study links disorder to Parkinson's, but don't be alarmed It's the first study to relate the conditions, but it doesn't prove causality. Inside the effort to protect the elderly Perhaps no other population is as vulnerable during a hurricane as older adults.

Genetically modified mosquitoes could eradicate malaria Since only female mosquitoes bite and transmit malaria, these lab-grown sterile male insects will not be able to multiply or spread the disease.

Amazing advancements against cancer, but not everyone benefits More people have cancer than ever before, but because of advancements in treatment, those people are living longer. Dozens of high fever deaths cause panic in northern India Health authorities are rushing medical supplies to northern towns and villages.

FDA calls e-cigarettes 'an epidemic' among minors The use of e-cigarettes has become an "epidemic" among children, according to the U. Food and Drug Administration. How to navigate the fertility apps, wearables that promise to help you get pregnant There are more than apps on the market for women tracking fertility. Nevada prisons drug buyer knew firms opposed execution use Nevada's prisons pharmacy chief says she ordered and obtained lethal injection drugs this year despite knowing drug manufacturers didn't want their I am hassled to death for payment, and another man is using my information, and his wife has my first name!

I cannot seem to stop him! It makes me so damn mad. But my credit with the utility companies, like phone, electric, and cable and other such companies is excellent.

I pay my rent on time, and have an excellent rental record!! But my credit history? I have a credit score of or something like that—it really sucks! I think credit cards are from Satan. At one time when I had an excellent job, I had more than seven credit cards, enough credit to charge up to half a million dollars—no balances on them.

I would just use them, pay them off each month! I had great credit. Then I went to college—wow! After my identity was stolen—my credit has never recovered! Even with a fraud alert—Fred Meyer still allowed some idiot to open an account using my information, and only when I could finally prove by demonstrating this person did not know my parents—or have their correct information—did they finally terminate the fraudulent account!

Thank God I now do banking at a small institution that knows my history—knows me by my first name, and has my accounts all marked. Anything funny happens, my accounts are frozen—and I am called immediately.

It can be a hassle, but better than losing my bank accounts to strangers. Good luck to all of you out there. I will only carry or use a Debit Card—and with the restriction that my bank will not pay any overages. NO money in the account—the card is useless! This IS the cheapest way to do banking, and no fees, no charges, no interest, and pain. Sign me, burned, but good in credit land. I have two cards that will soon roll into annual fee period, if I close them out after applying for one of the 7 best cards will my credit rating suffer.

I opened them about this time last year to improve my credit score. I owe nothing on them now but afraid to close out. There are 7 different cards. Capital One Secured Mastercard; 2: Barclaycard Rewards Mastercard; 3: I could not be happier that I bought this book. By MM on May 3, Such simple and easy to understand messages throughout the book. I'm a lifelong bicyclist, now in my early sixties.

I was skeptical about much of what I was reading, but I decided to try it. Grant's advice led me go from around pounds to now steadily That, however, is only half the story. My sustained energy levels are, to me, astonishing. I feel great and can ride or walk all day without ever feeling crazy hungry as I used to, even if I have to skip meals. I don't remember EVER being able to do that, even in my twenties. The reviews poo-pooing this information on the grounds that Grant is not a doctor or professional nutritionist are utterly comical to me.

It's the regurgitated inaccurate baloney from these "experts" that screwed up my health to begin with. I should add that I purchased this book, and have been following its advice, for nearly a year now. My annual physical shows me being healthier in every measurable way. By Cool Stuff on Amazon on June 10, I heard about this diet, where you cut out sugar and eat and protein. I couldn't believe it when I read about it and I couldn't believe it even more when my doctor told me to try it.

This is essentially the ketogenic diet developed at Johns Hopkins Medical School eons ago, and has now been mainstreamed for everybody. This book has a little bit of everything in it, from explanations as to how to use this diet, to exercises and even a few recipes.

The secret really is in cutting out sugar and actually exercising. Not just going for a walk or riding your bike, but real workouts that challenge you that you do in short spurts rather than in long, torturous sessions.

It tells you about the good fats, the bad fats, what coconuts can do for you, and even about the dangers of not eating enough carbs. I don't actually have that problem since I live close enough to a store that whenever I get an urge for a Reese's peanut butter cup, I can fix that craving in a flash. Seriously, though, this book is a great guide that explains everything. I found it enlightening and fun.

I've lost 23 pounds so far, and that's with eating bacon. I power walk, do fast work outs with weights, and am getting stronger every day. I highly recommend this book and this diet and exercise method. Wright on May 22, Nice no-BS summary of what you really need to do to lose weight, be fit and live long.

I'd couple this with The Case Against Sugar for more background on the science. By the way, my wife is a physician who's up to date on the current science, and agrees with the basic premise. Just as eating cholesterol doesn't raise your blood cholesterol, eating fat doesn't make you fat.

Eating carbs, and especially sugar, does. All of the so-called "lifestyle" or "western" diseases - ALL OF THEM, including obesity, heart disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, gout and high blood pressure - are caused by excess blood sugar and insulin in the bloodstream.

Fat is not our enemy. Sugar is our enemy, and fat - even saturated fat - is our friend. The type of fat still matters, though. Basically, it's exactly the opposite of what we've been told for decades. What little science we had that told us fat and saturated fat was bad has been shown to be tainted by sugar-industry money.

The pattern is shockingly similar to what the tobacco industry did, and in some cases it was the same people involved. Since then, long-term studies have failed to show a link between dietary fat and heart disease, diabetes, etc. This is why both Inuits with a mostly-animal diet full of saturated fat and the Japanese with a low-meat, low-fat diet have both traditionally had low rates of these diseases but are skyrocketing among their younger, "westernizing" generations.

What's triggering the change mostly isn't more processed food, or more fried food, or more meat consumption, but more sugar consumption. A lot of what I'm saying here is sketched out in Eat Bacon, Don't Jog, but covered in a lot more detail in The Case Against Sugar, which again I strongly recommend as a companion to this book.

EBDJ is full of good tips, eating ideas, etc. Minimal carbs, and not going overboard on protein which also ultimately raises blood sugar and insulin levels either. Also, GP provides a lot of good information on what we know about exercise: Short periods of intense exercise are the key, as is plenty of walking. By Northwest Dad on June 8, Great education, great book, we love the short pages per topic, easy to read and flip through. My wife has lost 7 lbs and me 16 lbs in the last month since getting this and following the process.

I have to say we're not starving ourselves, we feel great, have plenty of energy, my blood pressure's dropped. We've done Nutrisystem in the past and other fad diets, but this isn't a fad. It's common sense knowledge about what the human body needs for fuel. It's easy to understand, the light bulbs go off, and I'm getting an education on glucose, keytones, and I even went out and bought a set of kettle bells! This book doesn't go deep, but it's a great start.

I do like Grant Petersen's no-nonsense style. He might address topics as the "glass half empty", but in today's society it's refreshing and you really do need to sift through all the garbage out there to make some main points. He does a great job at this I also happen to be a long time bicycler and just recently bought his "Just Ride" book, which I like too.

Go ahead, eat bacon, ham, steak, chicken, fish, cheese, nuts, coconut, and most above-ground veggies but absolutely no corn! Just lay off the sugars, starches, grains, and sweets. Hard liquors are fine zero carbs , wine is okay medium carbs , so you don't have to give up as much as you think. Heck, bacon instead of torturous running? Who wouldn't make that trade off? By Lee DeCovnick on February 20, No Bull, This Program Works!! EBDJ is an effective way to contol your blood sugar and reduce your insulin dependence.

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