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The Best Fat-Burning Breakfast on the Face of The Earth: Green Smoothie
Love the nutty creamy flavor hemp seeds give them! Hope to hear back from you soon! I count carbs daily… what a drag! Most mornings, this is my breakfast. Can I substitute some other protine powder from collagen..? There is good and there is bad cholesterol I believe everything that is mentioned in this recipe Are a good cholesterol.

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Gut-Healing Smoothie Recipe

I feel I do so much better that way than using Kale or Spinach raw. Not everyone with thyroid issues should take iodine. I had an abdominal hernia repaired! Dr said only fat made the golf ball sized lump so just sewed it shut! By then i have a very bad back ache and it feels like its tearing at my hip area.

I do have kind of a large colan and am 72 years old! Have worked hard my life, not ever sitting much but love being a dooer! I will try the greens smoothies, coconut oil trying to feel like my tummy and colan are not inflamed! I would cleanse my colon. Bone broth, magnesium oxide, high dose vitamin C, senna, stewed prunes, anything to get yourself going. Maybe ice on tie sore stomach will help. Hope you are doing better. Slippery elm tea and mashmallow root are great for intestinal health.

My husband was just given Levothyroxin 25 mcg and not told what it was for. I read somewhere that it was for overactive thyrol. What can he naturally take instead of this. Ask your pharmacist what that is. I believe it is a synthetic thyroid med. His blood panel probably came up low for Thyroid.

If he gets heart palpatations from that med there is a natural alternative called Armour. I recently began taking a Thyroid support vitamin which has corrected my Thyroid embalance. I believe Dr Axe makes one. My stomach cannot currently tolerate bananas or avocados. Any subs you can recommend for these in a smoothie? I myself take it. Too much high fiber will generally put me in a tail-spin. Essential oils are amazing and I use them all the time, but someone on here mentioned to possibly use them in ear.

You can place drops on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball in ear and they will get it just the same. Also you can rub them on the bone behind the ear and they get in that way as well.

You can rub oils around the eye and underneath if you need to ever use them for that. Just wanted to let you know. There is so much wrong with this that I dont even know where to start: Greger and his nutritionfacts. Org site for a really amazing rundown on proper gut health information.

My 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with moderate to sever crohns. I am trying very hard not to put her on the medications that they are offering but I feel like I may have no other choice. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate your help.

She has diariah alot. I am taking her to a diverse dr. Any advise or suggestions would be wonderful. Kim, I am so sorry to hear that you and your daughter are going through this. Would it be possible to post the nutritional information for all recipies going forward? Calories, sugar, fibre, carbs, protein, etc. It would be very beneficial. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, my team and I now include the nutritional information for all new recipes.

Here are the nutrition facts per serving for this recipe:. What is the name of the diet please? Axe Why bee pollen? I would like to know the recipes your mom used to beat cancer.

My food is boring. The smoothie is a 4 serving recipe, I was wondering how long the smoothie leftovers will last in the fridge? Hello Savannah, you should be able to keep this recipe in the fridge up to two days and a bit longer in the freezer.

Can the left overs be frozen and used the next day? Hi Dr Axe, in your webinar 2 days ago, you said that eating raw vegetables was very bad for leaky gut. And that we should only consume cooked vegetables. Which theory is correct please? Many thanks , Diana. Overnite I woke up with Guttate Psoriasis. My legs are ugly red and scaly most of the time. At first I thought I had an insect bite or a reaction to something. I eat fresh most of the time. Carbs get in the way especially that I am a cook and baker.

My age is I feel my legs are weakening and recently bought a cane. My Dermotologist gave me the news of Guttate Psoriasis. I stay away from fragrance creams. Praying this all goes away. To my observation I think I have a Leaky gut. You can refrigerate this smoothie for about two days, but I personally think the taste is better when made fresh.

I would recommend cutting the recipe in half to avoid keeping it in the fridge for too long. Is juicing ok to heal a leaky gut? I thought steamed veggies were better than raw. Such as cabbage I thought I should avoid sweet fruit and honey also. I have a stressed gut type. A friend recommends cooking an organic chicken in a pressure cooker for 4 or so hours to receive the same nutritive broth with the same release of collagen, aminos and minerals? How is the best way to make homemade organic bone broth?

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth about 2—3 minutes. Do your gut a favor and make this healing smoothie today. Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. JavaScript is required to post comments. Where do I buy bee pollen and what are the benefits of it? I love pastas, breads, rice, etc and have read how bad they are Reply.

Hi Zanira, Do you mind sharing your shake. Yes plesae, Zahira, will you share your recipe? It would help others, like me. Hi Victoria, You can contact a local beekeeper to see if they sell it. I just saw bee pollen at Walmart next to the chia sseds.

All grains are inflammatory. What are you considering a grain in this recipe? I found it at Whole Foods. Look for it in the fridge section where they keep probiotics. How did the Dr help your husband? I love your comment! This information will be really beneficial to me. Since it is 4 servings can I just refridgerate the rest for following days? There is a program called Inner Engineering that has helped many with getting rid of addictions.

Where can I find hemp hearts? And, what are they? Sprouts,whole foods any health food store Reply. Also Costco carries them: I use this same recipe except use baby spinach lemons aloe Vera juice and berry flavored stevia vs agave and kale I never mix fruit in my smoothies Reply. No idea where to get that! Goggle is my best friend Reply.

Can you drink this if you have candida? I have had IBS for years and have tried a lot of different things and nothing helps I am goin g to try this gut smoothie and will let you know the results I started in with IBS jean widdop Reply. I also do lemon water every morning.

Should have proof read bfore sending! Could you tell me what he does eat and any supplements he takes? What is the name of the diet? Arlynne, no honey for toddlers. Can i still drink this while one a candida diet?

I want my son-in-law to try this, but he gets diarrhea with bananas. What can I substitute? Hi I have leaky gut and am allergic to avacados. I agree wholeheartedly ………… Reply. Hi Beverly, I understand what you are going through. Can the smoothie be refrigerated since it is 4 servings? Thank you for your feedback, Bryan.

Hi, I have an overactive thyroid which is caused by Graves disease. Want to read more posts like this? Sign up for our newsletter below! Browse through recent recipes below: Coconut Water and Mixed Berries Jelly [Vegan] This recipe uses all natural ingredients like coconut water and nutrient rich mixed berries that include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and goji berries.

Savory Walnut and Mushroom Bolognese [Vegan, Grain-Free] This comforting, meat-free bolognese is a quick, easy dish that cooks in just 30 minutes. Click to read more. Register for this site! Sign up now for the good stuff. Make it for friends! Your email address will not be published. The delicious, irresistible, and now legendary Cashew Queso This 5-ingredient queso is a hall of fame recipe.

So, so easy to make and clean up. The story of Cashew Queso You know those little moments in history that, today, look like turning points? A fabulous, non-smoothie use for my Vitamix.

Oh, and the discovery of Nutritional Yeast. A key ingredient in several of our best recipes. My cashew queso is the best thing ever. And I should jar it and sell it.

But can I just show you how to make it? Watch me make it and get really excited about the steam Watch a kids video featuring this queso Summary We make this cashew queso weekly, religiously. A dip for chips or veggies.

A sauce on tacos or pasta. A recipe base beer cheese soup , for example. There are a lot of dairy-free cheese recipes out there. And, of course, it tastes incredible and has a nice little kick!

Go make this, guys. Go make this right now. Other Noteworthy Versions Detoxinista: Healthy queso dip Allyson Kramer: Add liquid ingredients to your Vitamix. Then add rest of ingredients. Start blender on low, ramp to high. This recipe requires a Vitamix.

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