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Using this cordless leaf blower was too easy. Reviews of both leaf blowers seem to point to the Husqvarna as the more durable one of the two, with fewer problems when it comes to maintaining the leaf blower because of its slightly more superior components. OE rubber leaf spring bushings are often too soft and do not properly engage the leaf springs, resulting in reduced vehicle control. Pregnancy and birth Packing for the birth Which? Find the right place for you to give birth Explore your maternity options and decide what's best for you with Which? Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Know your rights - energy Find out where you stand with Which?

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Leaf blowers

In our experience, performance was surely satisfactory — if not excellent in the end. However, the maximum airflow speed has been brought down to 60MPH. This may not be good if you are into high-end tasks. The brushed motor also comes with 3 Year warranty. With the minimal weight of 5. Other features include the Easy Start feature and multi-speed controller too. These are our best recommendations for your cordless leaf blower needs. Now, to give you a clear idea of selection, we will go through some aspects of selecting the best cordless blower.

Before that, however, we think we need an introduction to the functioning and advantages of a leaf blower. So, first to the introduction. Before we go to the details of a cordless leaf blower, you should know about Leaf Blowers.

Leaf Blowers are specially-designed devices for removing leaves and debris from places like lawns or walkways or driveways. You can also use them for removing dust and other light obstacles from your patio or sit-outs.

In the past few years, these devices have been a sure member of almost all homes. It becomes a kind of a necessity if your house is surrounded by plants or trees. In that case, you would surely have some sort of debris and leaves to clear. Instead of using the old methods of leave collection, you can simply use a blower and drive those leaves to a particular place. Then, you can do anything from that particular place. So, this is the basic function of a leaf blower machine.

However, there are different types of leaf blowers you can find. These can be classified with the help of many aspects. For instance, there are different power sources — Electric, Rechargeable, and Gasoline. Next, we have the comparison based on the type of connection it uses — corded or cordless. Now, we have chosen cordless from the duo, for obvious reasons. A Cordless Leaf Blower means that you can use the machine without having it connected to a power socket.

Even inside, there are multiple possibilities. Second, your machine may have a rechargeable battery, which can be charged after a particular time of usage. It needs to be noted that, when you move from gas to electric power source, there may be a slight change in the performance and speed. We hope now you have a clear idea about the working of cordless leaf blowers and its functioning.

We will look into the notable advantages of cordless leaf blowers. The following reasons are fine if you are looking forward to purchasing a cordless leaf blower. Of course, there are personal preferences, but we now have a general overview to go with.

So, these are the noticeable advantages of using a cordless leaf blower over the corded counterparts. However, in the course of time, you will be annoyed by the mess of wires and all. What happens is that people refrain from blowing away leaves just because they hate the wired structure. So, we have more and more reasons to go for the cordless type of leaf blowers. We shall have a quick look at them.

You have two options. First, you can go with one of the recommended products above. The second option is to go through the following aspects that should be considered for selection.

In fact, we have given equal emphasis for all the following consideration before picking the top products and contenders. This is obviously the top consideration for picking the right cordless leaf blower for you. Commonly, you can find two types of power sources — Gasoline and Electricity. Both have their own unique pros and cons. Cordless Leaf Blowers are available in the following three designs. Each design has been made for different types of requirements.

The final selection should be based on that too. Speed and Performance should be considered depending on a number of leaves you need to blow. Nissan North America, Inc. Nissan is recalling certain model year LEAF vehicles manufactured February 24, , to March 23, , and Sentra vehicles manufactured February 9, , to March 4, The wiring harness connector may disconnect from the dual-stage passenger air bag.

Nissan will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the wiring harness connector for proper engagement and, if necessary, replace the passenger air bag module and main body harness, free of charge. The recall began on August 9, Owners may contact Nissan customer service at In the event of a crash, if the front passenger air bag doesn't deploy properly, it can increase the risk of injury to passengers. Due to a manufacturing error within the air bag inflators, the passenger frontal air bag may not properly deploy in the event of a crash.

Nissan will notify owners, and dealers will replace the front passenger air bag inflator, free of charge. The recall began June 7, If the passenger frontal air bag does not deploy as intended in the event of a crash, the passenger is at an increased risk of injury. In these vehicles, the front seat passenger Occupant Classification System OCS may incorrectly classify an adult passenger as a child or classify the seat as empty despite it being occupied.

As a result, the passenger frontal air bag may be turned off and not deploy in the event of a crash. Nissan will notify their owners. Chevrolet City Express owners will be notified by General Motors. It took him about 6 hours due to having to torch the old out. The going in part for the new ones are never the issue. For those of you thinking its a quick job, think again.

The product came with ample amounts of grease and looked high quality. They fixed my clunking noise so hey whatever I think the bushings are great, well-built, and tough.

I expect they will last a very long time. I would like better instructions. The only thing I received was to remove the existing steel sleeve. There were no instructions on installation. There is a specific way to install them that I was not aware of until I called and talked to a tech person. Every bushing and sleeve fit perfectly.

Very easy to install and plenty of grease was included with the kit. My truck handles much better and has no squeaks! Chelsie D Schoolcraft - May 27, I was nervous at first that poly bushings would be too stiff and make noise going down the road.

Except for removing the stock oem bushings the install was a breeze. Very very happy with the smooth and stable ride these bushings gave me. If you own a ford super duty with leaf springs these bushings are a must have! Mark Spruill - July 26, HI, I had them Installed by a shop they give me a smooth Ride. They installed them in no time at all. Good 5 out of 5 Peter Hembre - May 29, Easy install on my 01 F Make sure to use a press.

Truck is way more stable!

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